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(No Comparisons, No Hard Feelings)

Of course everyone was shocked by this huge reveal. Some of them even asked Fei Fei in secret, "Fei Fei, all of them inside…are they real?"

As surprised as Fei Fei was, she nodded, "I did have a look and they are real. Anyone who knows slightly more about gems would know that the authentic jewelry’s unique shine can be distinguished easily from the fake ones."

"Oh my god…This is too shocking..."

"Did Glory World prepare all these for Ning Xi? Glory World is so willing to spend on her! Staying in a Regal Riveria unit with the best view is already amazing, now what more with a closet that’s bigger than someone's house! They really think highly of Ning Xi!"

Everyone present knew who this "someone" was.

Some of them who did not really like Ning Xueluo started to speak up, "Ning Xi really has class! All of them are from the legendary brand GE! Unlike Ning Xueluo’s closet which looks like an beginner's closet. She just bought whatever brand that’s mainstream!"

"Yet she still kept on forcing Ning Xi to take her clothes! Ning Xi probably doesn’t even care!"

"I bet she was trying to make Ning Xi look bad. Too bad…Tsk tsk, if they had gotten along, there wouldn’t be any hard feelings now!"

Ning Xueluo did not expect this. The moment she asked Ning Xi to receive her clothes still lingered in her mind, and now this huge walk-in closet…

She was still frozen in front of Ning Xi’s walk-in closet, listening to all the whispering. Her face felt hot, as if she had just been slapped…

Damn it! It was all Fang Ya’s fault!

Why had she suddenly suggest everyone to visit Ning Xi’s place?!

If they had not come here, her plan tonight would have been perfect!

Great, now everything was ruined!

Just as she was trying to save her image, it was crumbled again…

Fang Ya did not expect things to turn out this way, and she looked mean in front of everyone. She got frustrated and scolded Ning Xi, "You should’ve just said so if you didn’t need these clothes! Was it fun looking at us running about for you? Try to be more grateful!"

Ning Xi folded her hands and leaned on the door, her eyebrows raised, "Are you sure I didn’t mention it? It just seemed that someone couldn’t understand the human language."

"You…" She was speechless for a while then mumbled jealously, "No matter how many pretty things you have, they aren’t yours!"

Ning Xueluo took a few deep breaths to suppress her emotions, then she tried to act generous and said, "Let it be, Xiao Ya, we were just trying to help and not expecting anything in return, it’s great that she doesn’t need my clothes. Ning Xi, if you were to change your mind, let me know anytime!"

Her words clearly tried to imply that her company might be supporting her now but they could also stop doing so one day...

The only person in the room who could still think rationally was probably Guan Xiaoqi. Sure, she was shocked for a while, but she quickly recovered and gloated over Ning Xueluo and Fang Ya, watching the two clowns make a fool of themselves.

"It was worth the trip tonight! What a great show! I’m tired now! Time to go home and sleep!"

Then she left…

People started leaving following Guan Xiaoqi’s departure, especially those who had mocked Ning Xi.

Finally, everyone left.

Ning Xi was too tired to think, so she just slid into her bed and slept...



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