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(All Of Them Are Real!)

Fei Fei started to study the gems carefully. Because there were so many of them, she spent quite a long time on it.

Time passed by. Everyone stared at Fei Fei and waited, including the confused Ning Xi.

She wanted to tell them the truth just now, but it was already too late. Fei Fei had already started verifying the crystals. If she spoke up now, she would be misunderstood as trying to save her face, so she kept her mouth shut…

After a while, Fei Fei took a deep breath, then she looked at everyone and said, "I’m sorry, guys, there are just too many gems on this and I couldn’t verify them all, but all the ones that I’ve checked are real!"

Ning Xi’s expression changed, everyone else was dumbfounded as well.

"That's… impossible…"

"How could it be!"

"But Fei Fei can’t be wrong…"

Since Fang Ya expected to see Ning Xi make a fool out of herself, she felt humiliated, "Fei Fei! You’re mistaken! How could this be real! They look just like glass!"

Others did not believe it as well, and chimed in, "Fei Fei, check properly again! The gems look cheap!"

"Yeah, try looking again!"

"We know that you’re a professional, but this is impossible!"

Facing everyone’s doubts, Fei Fei blinked innocently and assured everyone, "I might be mistaken if it was just one, but there are so many of them. I couldn't possibly have mistaken all of them, right? All of these gems are real!"

However doubtful they were, they had to trust Fei Fei’s confidence.

No one spoke a word, especially the people who had been mocking Ning Xi for being cheap. They hid themselves in a corner and kept silent.

Even though she owned the dress herself, Ning Xi was the most shocked among them all.

All. Of. Them. Are. Real?

What happened to, "It's not worth much, it’s just a gift from a friend"?

Lu Tingxiao lied to her! And she had actually believed it!

Guan Xiaoqi looked at Fang Ya, laughing at her in a sarcastic tone, "Hehe, I remember someone saying if the dress is real, she’s going to crawl out of here?"

Fang Ya was frustrated, "So what if it’s real? This must be something rented by her company, it’s not even hers, what’s so great about it!"

Some of them started mumbling, "It’s a fact that Ning Xi has bad taste in clothing and wears outdated clothes!"

"Right, we’re just trying to help!"

Fang Ya followed the flow and pushed all the clothes into Ning Xi's arms, "Ning Xi, you should just keep these! Even if that dress is gorgeous, it’s more of just a decoration, you don’t even know if you’ll ever have a chance to wear it!"

These sort of dresses were usually worn at award ceremonies and for important events, so it was clear that Fang Ya was cursing her to never be popular.

Ning Xueluo added on, "Ning Xi, please keep these clothes, take it as a token of apology from the misunderstanding caused by my assistant the last time."



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