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(Examining The Authenticity)

As soon as Guan Xiaoqi said that, she walked over to take a closer look of the dress.

Fang Ya had on a look of disdain and said, "It's just a cheap dress, what's there to see?"

Guan Xiaoqi did not bother with Fang Ya as she looked at the dress for a long while, then she saw that the collar had a humble and simple embossed pattern of the brand "GE". She solemnly looked up to Ning Xi and said, "If I'm seeing correctly, this dress is a creation of fashion designer genius, Gabriel Elvis. He became instantly famous because years ago, the award-winning Joshua Larson wore his design when he received a prize at the Oscars. Later, the entire entertainment scene wanted a piece of Elvis's work for themselves. Ning Xi, this dress of yours should be the one that Elvis donated for bidding at a charity auction five years ago. It was one of his finest works, and was auctioned off at an astronomical price! Ning Xi, I'm right, am I not?"


Guan Xiaoqi had suddenly blurted out a historical explanation of the dress, yet Ning Xi did not understand a single word of it...

Fang Ya was first stunned, then she started to laugh hysterically, "Haha, this too funny! Why would a dress that was auctioned off at an astronomical price appear here? Guan Xiaoqi, you can't just spout nonsense to help Ning Xi just because you're both from the same company."

"Pfft...Guan Xiaoqi actually said that..."

"Who is the Elvis she's talking about? I've never even heard of him! You're telling lies now, aren't you?"

Naturally, no one believed her. Some of the crowd asked Guan Xiaoqi how to spell the designer's name and looked him up online on the spot.

Alas, they really did find the historical dress!

"There really is such a designer! This designer is really freaking awesome. His fame was really short-lived however, he suddenly disappeared midway. That's why not many of us who came after know about him. In fact, look at this related photo, the dress in the image is exactly the same as Ning Xi's!"

Fang Ya briefly skimmed and was slightly startled by the information. Then, she continued dismissively, "This must be a cheap imitation of the real deal!"

"You're right, this dress has been auctioned off privately, so why would it appear here? The more I think about it, the more it seems impossible."

"It's the same dress, I'm sure of it!" Guan Xiaoqi said with a tone that was firm and confident, even looking at Ning Xi to seek for confirmation.

Ning Xi was dumbfounded herself, and had nothing to say in return. After all, wasn't this a worthless model?

Fang Ya laughed uncontrollably, "This is too funny! If this dress is the real deal, I'll crawl out of here on my hands and knees!"

"I'll take your word for it!" Guan Xiaoqi grunted, then she turned to everyone and said, "Actually, to determine the authenticity of this dress is easy. Elvis' design's most prominent feature is the embellishment of gems, with every one of the gems being authentic. If you don't believe me, then come examine it for yourself. Oh, wait, don't bother coming over if you're going to pretend to know things when you don't!"

"Guan Xiaoqi, what are you trying to say?!" Fang Ya was so angry that she turned red.

"If the shoe fits, wear it."

Those who were knowledgeable in the industry would definitely take interest in the dress. Thus, as soon as they heard Guan Xiaoqi say so, some came forward from the crowd...

"How about I take a look?" A quiet-looking girl from the back made her way to the front.

When everyone saw who she was, their eyes lit up, "Yes, yes! Fei Fei, you take a look! You're an expert!"

"Fei Fei is a premium jewellery appraiser! The last time I was almost scammed, she helped me verify the items!"

"If it's Fei Fei who's examining, there definitely won't be a problem!" Fang Ya too indicated that she had no comments, and gloated at Guan Xiaoqi and Ning Xi, waiting to take pleasure in their mishaps. "Now that we have an expert with us, I'll see how your story holds up!"



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