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(Cheap Flea Item)

Everyone got over their shock upon seeing the magnificent dress.

Fang Ya held the clothes in her hands and stood in awe in front of the opened wardrobe. She mumbled in shock, "How could this be...this is impossible..."

Everyone else too looked at each other with a mixture of surprise and suspicion, "This...this must be could Ning Xi own such a high end apparel?"

"You're joking! This dress is clearly expensive, it may even cost up to hundreds of thousands!"

"It's so pretty! If only I could wear it once, I would die with no regrets!" a girl in the crows exclaimed, unable to hide her admiration.

This was when Fang Ya casually held up a part of the dress and said with a condescending tone, "Hah, at first sight, it does look quite pretty. But if you take a closer look, don't you think that it's pretty plain?"

The female actress who invited Ning Xi earlier added on, "I don't think so! It looks high end...would Taobao sell such dresses?"

Fang Ya rolled her eyes at her and then looked to Ning Xueluo, intentionally asking, "Xueluo, do you recognize the brand of this dress?"

Ning Xueluo pretended to be in deep thought before she shook her head and said, "I haven't seen it before. It doesn't look like the style of any particular luxury brand..."

When Fang Ya heard this, she was immediately delighted and perked up, "Xueluo is very knowledgeable with all the big brands' limited edition items, plus she actually collects them. Even she hasn't seen this before, so if it isn't a random brand's product, then where could have come from? A flea market?"

To show that they knew the fashion industry well, everyone else started to echo Fang Ya's words, "This lace does look a little too outdated. Even the gems on it feels very cheap! It must be glass!"

Fang Ya scornfully looked at Ning Xi and said, "Ning Xi, it's okay if the outfit was from last season, but this comes down to the brand. You would actually wear a flea market item like this? I bet, that this dress doesn't cost more than $200!"

As soon as Fang Ya finished her declaration, she unexpectedly threw the dress to the ground.

Ning Xi's face turned venomous when she saw the dress on the floor.

She did not mind Fang Ya messing around with all her other clothes, or that she had to pretend to be okay with it, but this was a dress gifted by Lu Tingxiao, and she felt herself filled with rage.

Ning Xi immediately walked over, bent down, and picked up the dress. She carefully brushed it with her hand and shot Fang Ya a sharp look.

Fang Ya did not know what was happening, but she did feel fearful of the antagonizing look Ning Xi gave her. She took a few steps back and then laughed mockingly, "Ning Xi, do you have to exaggerate? It's only a $200 flea item, do you have to be this tensed?"

When she saw that Ning Xi's reaction, Ning Xueluo cheered up again. She looked at Fang Ya and said, "Xiao Ya, don't say that! This dress does look quite nice, Ning Xi must like it very much. Of course she would be upset!"

"How can she not like all the high end brands, but fancy this sort of rubbish? Even if she was dirt poor, her taste can't be that low, can it?" Fang Ya proclaimed fearlessly, emboldened by Ning Xueluo's prodding.

It was at this very moment that someone from the crowd quickly walked up to Ning Xi and said, "Wait...this dress...why does it look so familiar?"

The person who spoke was the artiste, Guan Xiaoqi who had previously substituted Jia Qingqing's third female musketeer role, and was from the same company as Ning Xi. Because she had only joined the team for a short while, Ning Xi had only bumped into her once or twice, and they were just "hi-bye" acquaintances.



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