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(A Gorgeous Evening Dress)

"What Xiao Ya said makes sense. Even if I had to go on a diet, I absolutely have to shop for clothes! It's so important. Imagine if I let the media photograph me wearing last season's outfits, how embarrassing would that be!"

"Exactly!" When she heard people echoing her sentiments, Fang Ya nodded delightedly. Then she cruelly said to Ning Xueluo beside her, "Xuelo, you have so many clothes in your house, why don't you pass Ning Xi a few! Any one of it would be better than these!"

Ning Xi replied resentfully, "No, thanks."

"Hey Ning Xi, don't reject the offer. We're all a team anyway and we should help one another. You aren't still holding a grudge against Xueluo, are you? Xueluo was just telling us that she has long gotten over it!"

Ning Xi was speechless. To debate with an idiot such as Fang Ya was such a painful chore...

When she saw that Ning Xi was not saying anything, Fang Ya pushed further, "It's a good thing Xiao Wei is still upstairs. Xueluo, why don't you tell her where it is and get her to immediately send some over!"

"Okay," Ning Xueluo nodded, and called her assistant on the spot.

Within three minutes, Xiao Wei had brought a bunch of clothes. panting as she ran over, "Sister Xueluo, I've brought over the clothes you asked for!"

Ning Xueluo looked at the clothes satisfactorily, and then said in a concerned tone, "Ning Xi, just accept them. Consider this a gift from me, even though they aren't the best I've got, but at least they're all from this year's latest season!"

Once Fang Ya heard that, she widened her eyes and exclaimed, "What do you mean they aren't the best? Each piece here probably costs tens of thousands! With Ning Xi's income from shooting the entire drama, she could only afford one of it at most!"

"Exactly! These clothes are all so expensive! Xueluo, you're too generous!"

"Ning Xi, just accept them, alright? You don't need to be too polite!"


Ning Xi massaged her temples as she started to run out of patience. All she wanted was to just come home for respite and get a night of proper sleep. She could not believe that Ning Xueluo would bring a group of morons over. Had she known, she might as well have stayed at the hotel...

"Ning Xi, don't be courteous! Come, let me help you put them into your wardrobe. Such precious clothes shouldn't get soiled!" Fang Ya said, while ignoring Ning Xi's displeasure and invading her privacy, as she flung open the wardrobe.

As she was about to put the clothes in, she was taken by surprise.

Everyone behind her was just as stunned...

An evening dress hung sophisticatedly in the middle of the wardrobe. It oozed dreamy vibes with the elegance of the arctic light. It was covered in a mosaic of gems akin to a star-strewn sky, and the huge ruby in the middle of the collar stood out. It was a dazzling sight, blinding everyone in its presence...

Even Ning Xi herself was stunned. Wasn't this the branded dress that Lu Tingxiao gave her?

Before she left that day, she had simply allowed Butler Yuan and Wan Wan take over moving the clothes in. She was just wondering where all the clothes had been placed, but who knew that her favourite dress would appear in her wardrobe?

Could it possibly have been because Wan Wan saw that she really did not have space for too many clothes, that she only left behind her favorite one?

The more Ning Xi thought about it, the more she knew it was possible!

When she saw everyone's shocked expressions, she was not surprised. The first time she saw the dress, she cried just looking at the spectacular handiwork. She thought it must have cost a ton, but after Lu Tingxiao explained, she found out that this was the original prototype and it was one of a kind. The materials used to create it were actually cheap substitutes, but she thought it was already gorgeous!



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