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(Trouble Came Knocking)

The doorbell kept on ringing repeatedly, interrupting Ning Xi's slumber.

She took out her phone to check the time and realized that it was almost midnight already.

Who would look for her at this time of the night? She hoped that it was not something urgent…

Ning Xi got up quickly and opened the door.

She was dumbfounded when she saw who was at her door. Dozens of people stood in front, all of them the actors and crew from the drama team, and leading the posse was Ning Xueluo in a gorgeous dress, together with Fang Ya hanging onto her arm eagerly…

In her sleepy phase, it took her a few seconds to remember that someone had told her that Ning Xueluo was having a party tonight.

So, why were all these people here instead of at Ning Xueluo’s place?

Ning Xueluo sounded apologetic, "Ning Xi, did we wake you up? We’re really sorry, we didn’t expect you to sleep so early. We’re having a party tonight, and since you didn’t come, we all missed you. Knowing that you just stay just upstairs, we decided to come by and say hi!"

Without waiting for Ning Xi’s reply, Fang Ya went on, "Xueluo, I’m pretty sure Ning Xi doesn’t mind, right, Ning Xi? Everyone, let’s go in! Let's not block the entrance!"

Both of them stepped into the house, followed by everyone else.

Ning Xi just stood there, looking upset. Since they had already decided to come in, what else could she say?

This Fang Ya was a fence-sitter, who would side whoever had the advantage. When Ning Xi had just been signed with Glory World, Fang Ya tried to get on her good side, but Ning Xi doubted the sincerity of her intentions, so she ignored her.

By the looks of it, she now sided with Ning Xueluo.

After they entered the house, Fang Ya kept on complaining, "Eh, Ning Xi, why is your place so small? There isn't enough place to stand!"

Actually, Ning Xi’s space was not small at all. It was suitable for living and there were just too many of them. The fact that the whole living room was now filled with the unexpected guests made the place look small and narrow.

Without bothering to ask for permission, Fang Ya opened up Ning Xi’s closet. With hesitation she exclaimed, "Ning Xi is this your closet? It’s so small!"

Everyone who was trying to please Ning Xueluo played along with Fang Ya.

"Yeah, it’s really small! Let’s not talk about your living room or bedroom; the most important thing for an artiste is their closet. Surely you wouldn’t have enough to wear with a closet this small!"

"I was wondering how rich Glory World was, but it’s so underwhelming! I could barely live here."

"Hey guys, don't be so insensitive. Not everyone can stay in houses like Xueluo’s!"

Ning Xueluo felt tremendously smug hearing everyone criticizing Ning Xi, although she acted kindly and said, "Ning Xi’s unit is in a good location and it's got a fantastic view!"

"What good can the view do? We don’t really stay at home much anyway!"

As she was speaking Fang Ya went through Ning Xi’s clothes that were hanging outside, and tsked in pity, "Oh god! There’s not even anything that’s presentable. Isn't this from last year’s Chanel line? And this Prada, it’s so outdated…Ning Xi, you really need to put more effort into this. It doesn’t matter how good your acting is because acting skills should not be your priority. The most important thing is the packaging you come in!"

Ning Xi stood beside her closet, realizing what their purpose was of coming here tonight.

They were all here to deliberately cause her trouble and laugh at her, weren't they?



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