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(Every Woman's Dream)

Ning Xi had heard people talking about Ning Xueluo’s walk-in closet before. It was said to have a large collection of garments that were out of stock.

She did not really have much interest in luxurious branded items, only buying them for the sake of blending into the industry.

Actually, a lot of the branded designs were pretty normal and she preferred to find some more creative personal branded items. A good example would be Lu Tingxiao’s friend’s design, she loved it, and felt that it was a lot better than those famous brand designs. She remembered she was just casually praising the brand’s designs to him, then the next day her closet was full with clothes from that brand...

"Ning Xi, do you want to go? She invited all the actors from the crew! I’ll let everyone know!"

Ning Xi gave her a smile, and rejected, "I’m sorry, I’m pretty tired today and want to rest earlier, you guys have fun."

The excited actress suddenly remembered about the incident between Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo, so she did not pursue further, "Alright, you go home and rest well then!"

After removing her shoes back in her apartment, she immediately fell asleep on her bed.

She had barely gotten any sleep the night before when she was with Lu Tingxiao, plus with her fatigue from a whole day of acting, she was beat.

At the same time, a lively party had just only started in Ning Xueluo’s apartment downstairs…

To increase her popularity and expand her network, Ning Xueluo had put in a lot of effort. This time, she invited all the actors from the crew to her house.

The unit she was staying at was the largest among the whole of Regal Riveria Hotel. Half of the space was used for a walk-in closet, which was filled with branded items, and was truly every woman’s dream.

Most of the people who came were female actresses, naturally interested in the collection of clothes and bags. The first thing everyone asked her was about her walk-in closet.

"Xueluo, where’s your walk-in closet? Quickly bring us there!"

"Yeah! I heard there’s a lot of clothes that they don't produce anymore. The kind that are so exclusive, even the prices skyrocketed!"

"Of course it’s a must-see! You must visit her walk-in closet to say you've visited her house!"

As she listened to all the praises, Ning Xueluo replied indifferently, "The magazines have exaggerated it, it’s nothing much really."

"What exaggeration? It was in the top selling 'Fashionista'!"

Ning Xueluo gave in, "You guys, don’t be disappointed when you see the real thing!" She led them to her walk-in closet as she spoke.

At the end of the corridor, she opened a door and said, "Here it is."

Everyone was amazed when the room opened, "Chanel, Herm├Ęs, Donna Karan, Prada, Guess...all of them limited editions! Oh, my god!"

"I feel like I’m in heaven! I never want to leave here!"

"I’m really envious! Xueluo, you’re so blessed! I heard that your boyfriend collected them for you from all over the world!"

Ning Xueluo looked at the envious expressions from everyone and glowed. She humbly said, "I didn’t really collect them on purpose. I didn't even realize that they just accumulated to become so much!"

It was party time after the walk-in closet visit, but no one could forget about it and it was the talk of the town.

As the party came to an end, everyone still did not have enough of it, and quite a number of them fawned over Ning Xueluo all over again, gushing over her wealth.

Suddenly, the actress who was playing Princess Shu, Fang Ya asked, "Eh, didn’t Ning Xi come today?"

"I invited her, but she said she was tired and wanted to get some rest," someone replied.

"Speaking of which… Glory World Entertainment arranged Ning Xi to stay in Regal Riveria Hotel as well, didn't they? I think she’s just right above Xueluo’s unit! Why don't we visit her place as well?" Fang Ya suggested.

Ning Xueluo was delighted at the suggestion. If everyone visited Ning Xi's place after hers, by comparison they would know that the place that Ning Xi stayed at was nothing compared to hers. She faked a troubled expression, "But there are so many of us, should we really go?"

"Right, I don’t think Ning Xi’s place is as huge as this," someone said this on purpose to get on Ning Xueluo’s good side.

Fang Ya knew how badly Ning Xueluo wanted everyone to go, so she stood up and said, "Let’s just go! It’s just upstairs and we’re just gonna say hi, it should be fine!"

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