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(You're In Love With Him)

"Hah, it's Lu Tingxiao, isn't it?"

Ning Xi stiffened when she heard him say Lu Tingxiao's name, "If you dare do anything to him, I won't let you go!"

"So you’re not worried that he might hurt me instead?"

"He won’t."

At least, she still had faith in Lu Tingxiao but she was not so sure about this fellow with a twisted mind. Moreover, Lu Tingxiao did not even know who he was!

"Tsk, what a cold-hearted person…"

Although the man sounded casual, Ning Xi knew that he was actually angry.

Ning Xi calmed herself down for a bit, then said, "Firstly, I have nothing to do with you, and secondly, I do not have anything to do with Lu Tingxiao either. I’ve already said that I won’t get together with anyone!"

"Honey, the point is, you're in love with him."


Damn that bastard. He was hundreds of miles away from here, so why did it feel like he knew everything?

At Platinum Palace.

Lu Jingli approached his brother shortly after Ning Xi left, then politely asked, "Bro, how was your sleep? Feeling better? Can I report to you now?"


Probably because he was still seated on Ning Xi’s bed, his expression was gentle, and it seemed like he was thinking about something.

"I’ve gotten a little info about the people in charge regarding the few companies that’ve been opposing us recently. They are all from overseas, what should we do now?"

"Let’s lure them out."

Ning Xi dragged her luggage back to her apartment and was preparing to leave after she dropped them off. As she was rushing, her doorbell rang.

Butler Yuan and Wan Wan stood in front of her door with a respectful bow, along with a whole row of maids, all of whom were carefully holding one piece of garment each.

"Miss Xiao Xi, we’re here to deliver something."

Butler Yuan spoke to her politely, as though he had not framed her, acting like nothing had happened before. He was definitely experienced in such games, based on his composure.

By comparison, Wan Wan was too young to handle this. She dared not look her in the eye.

Ning Xi did not want to make it awkward for Wan Wan, so she gave them her spare key and said, "Just put it anywhere you see fit. I’m in a rush, so I’ll be leaving first."

"Understood, Miss Xiao Xi."

After Ning Xi left, the group entered the house.

Ning Xi’s closet was already full after she had put her things in and it could not fit any more clothes inside. Wan Wan then walked over to the dressing table and moved a candle decoration on it.

Some sort of mechanism was activated and the wall opposite the dressing table opened up slowly. There was another huge walk-in closet inside.

Butler Yuan gave his orders, and the maids arranged the clothes and bags in an orderly manner.

At Movie City.

The first thing she did when she met the drama crew was to apologize to the director. First, she was late to the set, then she had applied for a half day leave. In the end, she had taken a whole day off. For someone who respected work ethics like Ning Xi, what she had done was unforgivable.

Luckily, Ning Xi had kept a good record for all this while, so not only was Guo Qisheng not angry, he even comforted her, "You’re always so uptight, Ning Xi. Being professional is good, but you’re stressing yourself too much. It’s normal to have an emergency sometimes! The shooting is coming to an end already, and we’re way ahead of our progress, so why don't you take a two day break? Go on and relax!"

"Thank you, director!"

Ning Xi was relieved. As for her situation right now, she really needed some time to adjust. After the shooting at night, she went back to her apartment instead of the hotel since the director had given her a 2 days break.

Just as she was about to leave, an actress called out to her, "Ning Xi, Ning Xi, Ning Xueluo is having a party at her apartment, let’s go together! I heard that her house is really pretty, especially her gorgeous walk-in closet. All the clothes and bags inside are limited editions, a dream come true for all us women! It even got featured in a magazine last time, now we have a chance to see it for ourselves!"



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