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(Take Little Treasure Away)

It was a good thing she still had the car she borrowed from Ah Ka. After Ning Xi briskly changed her outfit, she made her way to the old residence.

She followed Lu Jingli’s advice to drive to the back door of the old residence. She could see from afar that Lu Jingli was waiting for her, anxiously walking back and forth.

“Xiao Xi Xi, you’re finally here!”

“Where’s Little Treasure?”

“In the house! Come with me!”

“Can I really just walk in like this? Will anyone find out?”

“Don’t worry, my father has gone outstation today and will only be returning tomorrow morning. I’ve already dismissed the maids and butlers. Actually, my mother is no longer against the both of you anymore, she just wants Little Treasure to be happy. It’s just my father; he’s still too hard-headed and I can’t seem to get through to him just yet…” Lu Jingli went on and on as he showed her the way into the house.

In the garden, Ning Xi suddenly stopped midway and looked up.

“Xiao Xi Xi, let’s go! What are you looking at?” asked a confused Lu Jingli.

“Nothing…I just keep having the feeling that someone’s watching me…maybe I’ve just been a little bit paranoid lately…” said Ning Xi, before she continued following him.

Lu Jingli, on the other hand, was relieved. He subconsciously looked up and thought to himself, Xiao Xi Xi, you aren’t paranoid, you’re just too alert!

His brother was up there evading her.

Lu Jingli brought Ning Xi to Little Treasure’s room, “Dun dun dun! Little Treasure, look who has come to see you!”

Little Treasure was zoning out on the bed, and despite hearing Lu Jingli’s voice, he did not react at all.

“Uhh…” Lu Jingli awkwardly rubbed his nose and let Ning Xi pass through, “You go!”

She was slightly nervous. On the way here, she wanted to travel at the speed of light. Yet, now as she faced Little Treasure, she did not know what to do or say.

Her mind flashed the little man’s melancholic question repeatedly in her head, “Aunty Xiao Xi, Little Treasure has been very good, Why don’t you want Little Treasure?”

She underestimated the feelings Little Treasure had for her, and cruelly thought that he was only a child, that he would forget her eventually as the days go by. She didn’t know that she would inflict such harm onto his emotional well-being.

“Baby, I’m so sorry…” Ning Xi lightly held the little bun’s hand. It had only been a few days since she last saw him, and already the little bun had lost some weight. It had not been easy for her to plump him up.

Little Treasure only blinked slightly, but there was no other reaction.

Ning Xi fell silent. Apart from apologising, she did not know what else she could say. She knew she was unable to keep any of her promises, unable to promise him that she would accompany him forever, unable to irresponsibly use such words just to coax him.

But she had to find a way to cheer him up.

Lu Jingli started to be anxious as he looked at Little Treasure who remained stiff and not reactive, then looked at Ning Xi who was silent.

This was not what he had expected at all. Why was Little Treasure still so motionless? I hope it’s not because Little Treasure’s illness is so severe that even Ning Xi cannot help him feel better?

“Second master, I have an unorthodox request,” Ning Xi suddenly said.

“Ahh? What is it? Just say it!”

“Can I take Little Treasure away tonight?”

“What? You want to take Little Treasure away!?” Lu Jingli was flabbergasted.

“Yes. If I stay here long, I would have to be on alert all the time, and I can’t communicate properly with Little Treasure. Besides, if I’m guessing correctly, Little Treasure has already been in here for quite a number of days, right? What he really needs now is a change of atmosphere to lighten up!”



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