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(Only You Can Protect Her)

Lu Jingli could not bear to break the bad news in front of Little Treasure and only nodded after much hesitation. "I've said all that I could have, but she is really determined this time. The worst part is, she managed to guess that our parents have found out about her identity and their sentiments towards her..."

"Give me your handphone," said Lu Tingxiao, holding out his hand.

"What? Why do you want my handphone for?" Lu Jingli begrudgingly handed over his phone.

Lu Tingxiao picked up Lu Jingli's phone, entered the password, and took a picture of Little Treasure's room. He then opened his message inbox, searched for Ning Xi's contact number and sent the picture to her.

"Jeez! Bro, how did you know my phone's password? That's too much! It's like I don't have any privacy at all!" Lu Jingli complained and snatched his phone back.

Almost immediately, a new message came in. A reply so soon?

Lu Jingli immediately opened it to see what Ning Xi had said.

All he saw was a whole lot of exclamation marks—

[Lu Jingli! You asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fine! I'll come right over!]

"Woah! Xiao Xi Xi, why did you scold me? Bro, what did you send her? I'm completely innocent! It was you but now I have to take the blame. How unfair can this be?" Lu Jingli whined, and then quickly opened to see the picture, curious about what was it that prompted such a quick response.

After seeing it, he finally understood.

His brother had sent Little Treasure's blank drawing canvas that only had those few short sentences to Ning Xi.

If not even Father Lu could stand seeing this, what would Xiao Xi Xi's reaction have been if she saw it?

It was entirely predictable...

Jeez! He said so much to her but to no avail, yet all her brother did was send a picture over to her and she immediately changed her mind!

If that was the case, why didn't he just send that picture right from the start?

What followed was another message from Ning Xi: [Your he at the old residence too?"]

Lu Jingli was about to subconsciously reply with a "yes", when the phone was taken away by Lu Tingxiao. He immediately sent: [No.]

Ning Xi immediately replied with: [That's good then, I'll reach within half an hour.]

"Uhh..." Lu Jingli silently felt sorry for his brother again.

The three words: "That's good then" was so heart-wrenching to hear!

No reaction could be seen from Lu Tingxiao's expression, and with a poker face he said, "I'll avoid her later, you just let her in."

"Oh okay, understood!" Lu Jingli nodded.

After Lu Tingxiao finished explaining to Lu Jingli, he walked to Little Treasure's bedside and said, "Little Treasure, there are a few things I need to explain to you."

Little Treasure did not react.

Lu Tingxiao continued, "It's about your Aunty Xiao Xi's safety. You too know that her visiting you tonight would result in bad consequences if your grandfather found out."

Little Treasure still did not open his eyes.

Lu Tingxiao knew he was listening, so he carried on, "What I'm about to say, you must remember. Now the only person who can protect her is you, only you..."

At the same time, at Jun Lai Hotel.

Ning Xi was crying as she ran out.

When she clearly saw what Little Treasure had written, whatever principles and whatever determination she had not to be shaken, every bit of her preventive efforts, were all wiped out in a heartbeat.

Darn it! She really wanted to kill that Lu Jingli!

Why did he have to show her that drawing!?

She had to muster a lot of determination to suppress her urge of visiting dearest Little Treasure!

Now she just wanted to do something a little illegal, like secretly bring Little Treasure home with her...



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