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(A Rapid Change Of Style)

After Ning Xi left, Ning Xueluo gathered herself before giving Su Yan a call.

"Yan, when your meeting’s over, can you come fetch me?"

"I’m sorry, Xueluo, I have a dinner meeting tonight, it might end quite late. How about I get the driver to fetch you? Hello? Hello?"

The other end of the phone was silent, only quiet sounds of held back tears were heard. Su Yan immediately asked, "Xueluo, what’s wrong? Are you crying? What’s happened?"

Ning Xueluo choked on her tears and said, "Yan, I’m really sad...everyone in the drama team is ostracizing me. They’re all fawning over Ning Xi and Jiang Muye, no one will speak to me…

"Just now, I was just asking Ning Xi out of concern about her and Jiang Muye. I told her that if she needed money she could ask from me, that she shouldn’t do anything stupid. She said many mean things in return instead, and even said that I don’t deserve to care about her…"

Su Yan sighed and said, "Xueluo, rumours about Xiao Xi and Jiang Muye’s scandal have already been making rounds recently. Your question might come across as an interrogation, that’s why she’s unhappy about it. You even asked her if she needed money, clearly implying that she’s getting her money from Jiang Muye."

Unexpectedly, Su Yan just gave such a casual reply, causing Ning Xueluo to clench her first further. "Yan, you’ve changed! Just because of that incident, now no matter what happens you’ll only believe Ning Xi, won’t you? She and Jiang Muye’s scandal has already been photographed by fans, plus they are usually already so close within the drama team, who wouldn’t know about their relationship? Need I say more?"

"Xueluo, it isn’t I who has changed, it’s you who has a problem with your mentality. You’re such an understanding person, why can’t you try to be on Xiao Xi’s side and choose to believe her? Even if she really did have anything going on with Jiang Muye, can’t it just be normal dating? If that is so, we should wish her the best!"

"Yan, I…"

"Okay, I have to go back to work now. I’ll talk to you again when I’m free."

When Ning Xi returned to the room, everyone had already finished eating and were singing.

"I can never look back, I will write my own rules. The fierce flashing eyes of the werewolf…"

Jiang Muye made everyone cheer with his song. When Ning Xi returned, he quickly called her over to sing, "Ning Xiao Xi, sing us a song! Your favourite is still ‘The Boundless Sea and Sky’, right?"

This was a must-sing song for Ning Xi every time she went to the KTV. Every single time she had to sing, "Forgive me in this lifetime for I won’t let love be free".

But today, Ning Xi waved and said, "I’ll choose by myself!"

"What are you going to choose?" Jiang Muye looked over, worried that she would choose a song that was too extreme.

Once Ning Xi chose her song, she leaned on the sofa and picked up the microphone to begin singing—

"Look at what is before me with the lights on: the huge room, lonely bed. Without the lights, they were all invisible, the hurt in the heart, with no one to share…"

Jiang Muye was shocked, "Jesus! Ning Xi, your style has changed a little too quickly, hasn’t it? Where’s the Ning Xi who enjoys singing about animals, flesh, and toxic?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him, "This is not a private gathering, do you think I would sing that kind of song at this occasion?"

Ning Xi once said that a lot of the songs she knew were not underage-friendly, so she wasn’t kidding. The three songs Jiang Muye just mentioned were the classics.

There was once she drank till she was high during those years of studying abroad. She sang the song ‘Flesh’ live and set the bar so high that they had to increase the security measures by three times, and yet they could not control the crowd...



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