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(A Heart’s Troubles Has To Be Resolved)

He had accidentally made Little Treasure sad again…

"Go, go, go! Everyone go away! You’re all useless! What did I call you hear for? If you can’t think of how to cheer up Little Treasure, no one’s going out for dinner!" Mother Lu was frantic as she chased Lu Tingxiao, Lu Jingli, Qin Mufeng, and Father Lu all out of the room.

For the next few days, everyone in the Lu household tried their luck yet no one could cheer up Little Treasure. Instead, they saw him becoming more and more depressed as the days went by.

He was still obediently finishing his meals, though he would often vomit soon after eating. He would also obediently go to bed, but he would always have nightmares, and his spirit was getting worse…

Because of this, Father Lu hired a team of psychologists from abroad, yet nothing worked. They all replied that a heart’s troubles had to be cured by resolving it, or else it might take a long period of medication and therapy to prevent the condition from deteriorating.

Father Lu was infuriated. If he could resolve the heart’s troubles, why would he have hired them for?

He needed a cure with thirty percent of drugs, but that woman was practically seventy percent drugs! How would he dare use this on Little Treasure?

A motherly figure played such a huge role on a person’s life and growth.

As of now, the Lu family’s third generation only had Little Treasure as the sole heir. If anything bad were to happen to Little Treasure due to her mistake, how would he explain that to his late ancestors?

Nightfall, Rivers Hotel.

The shoots had been going extraordinarily smooth recently, so the progress had advanced quite a bit. To let everyone relax a little, Guo Qisheng invited everyone for a dinner gathering.

"Everyone has been working really hard, especially Ning Xi who had particularly more scenes. When we’re done shooting, I’ll definitely treat everyone to another feast! Cheers!"

"Cheers, everyone!"

"Cheers! Thanks for the treat, director!"

As Ning Xueluo who sat in the corner heard the words, "Ning Xi who had particularly more scenes", she clenched her fists so hard that her nails were cutting into her palm. Yet, on the outside she could only maintain a polite smile.

Now that the entire drama team’s financial sponsorship came from the Lu group and Glory World Entertainment, she had no support or say in the production at all.

Thankfully, she knew the drama team would not dare change her position as the lead female character. Even with all that had happened, her popularity and standing was still evident as she still had lots of diehard fans.

She just had to temporarily endure this.

As much as Ning Xi might have stood out, she was still a supporting role compared to hers. Glory World only spent so much money because of the marriage proposal!

Since that incident, everyone in the drama team obviously distanced themselves from Ning Xueluo. They only spoke around Ning Xi and Jiang Muye; the two of them were even more popular than the lead actors themselves.

Ning Xueluo felt awkward as she was being ignored, so she turned to Zhao Sizhou beside her who was suffering from the same fate. "Sizhou, the fish today is not bad, you should try it!"

"I don’t like fish," replied Zhao Sizhou indifferently.

Initially Jiang Muye had already stolen his limelight, and later he was implicated by this woman’s nuisance. All of that caused him to have significantly less scenes, so why should he be nice to her?

"Oh, never mind then," said Ning Xueluo who could not mask her displeasure further, getting up to leave for the restroom.

In the restroom.

Ning Xueluo was trembling angrily when she shoved everything off the sink and watched it fall to the floor. "Ning Xi, be happy all you want right now, but watch out, I won’t let you be that way for too long!"

"Your Highness, I will be waiting!"

"Ah! You...Ning Xi…" suddenly a voice came from behind her and frightened Ning Xueluo, who turned around to find Ning Xi standing there.



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