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(It's most important for a family to stick together!)

Iceberg man: "..." I can still hold it in.

Spray of Flowers returned and dragged iceberg man over. "Hubby, what are you standing there for? Quick, come over! It's important for a family to stick together!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Ye Wanwan was speechless as she looked at the six of them rushing to the toilet.

What the he**?

Even guys like being accompanied to the toilet, huh?

Ye Wanwan turned to Eleven and asked, "Uh, Eleven, are you going to the toilet too?"

Eleven started sweating. *Cough* "I don't need to use the toilet... I'll go downstairs to check if Xue Li's side is ready."

Ye Wanwan: "Sure, sure."

At least someone is more normal around here...

At the same time, at the men's toilet:

Spray of Flowers forced Feng Xuan Yi to the corner with a sinister look. "Damn! Bloody stutterer, we finally caught you! Captain, this traitor resorted to tricks and hid in the Si family to take it easy - do you even care about us?!"

The devotee went straight to the point and started to intimidate Feng Xuan Yi. "Where's the money, where's the money? Take it out quickly! The salary of a Dark Team captain should be pretty high, right?"

Spray of Flowers glared at the iceberg man. "Idiot, why aren't you helping?!"

Iceberg man: "I'm no match for him."

"F*ck! You useless man! Little Sweetie, come over!" Spray of Flowers turned to the brick-moving foreigner.

Brick-moving foreigner pondered for a moment. "Although I can beat him... I don't dare."

Spray of Flowers raged, "With the captain's backing, what are you afraid of? Also, he's the one who broke the rules first!"

Brick-moving foreigner glanced at the captain and Feng Xuan Yi. "Are you sure the captain is willing to back us up?"

"Of course, I..." Just as Spray of Flowers was about to speak, he lifted his head and saw Nameless Nie and Feng Xuan Yi deep in discussion.

Feng Xuan Yi leaned against the windowsill behind him. "Captain, give me a cigarette~"

Nameless Nie brought out a cigarette and some matches. He passed one over to Feng Xuan Yi, placed one between his lips and lit a match. The two of them leaned forward and lit their cigarettes.

Nameless Nie said, "Tell me, what's the deal?"

Feng Xuan Yi puffed his cigarette then glanced at everyone, surprised. "I didn't expect that you guys would find out, tsk, and you guys were faster than I thought..."

Devotee: "Find out about what?"

Spray of Flowers: "Find out? What are you talking about?"

Brick-moving foreigner: "What do you mean?"

Iceberg man: "...?"

The corners of Feng Xuan Yi's lips twitched a little. "...Nevermind, just pretend I didn't say anything, I shouldn't have overestimated your IQ."

The devotee was angered. "What do you mean by that?!"

It was rare that Spray of Flowers and the devotee were united in their thoughts, and Spray of Flowers exclaimed, "Exactly! Why are you beating around the bush?!"

Feng Xuan Yi glanced at each of them and asked, "Since you guys didn't find out anything, why are you with this woman?"

Spray of Flowers said,"Miss Ye is our client."

Devotee: "She hired us to be extras before and this time, we're acting as bodyguards - she pays us really well!"

Brick-moving foreigner: "Very generous."

Iceberg man: "En."

Feng Xuan Yi turned to Nameless Nie. "Captain, are you sure you don't want to recruit a couple more members?"

Spray of Flowers was furious. "Damn damn damn! Feng Xuan Yi, you bastard! Why are you trying to come between us again!? I'll fight you!"

Nameless Nie waved and motioned the brick-moving foreigner to move Spray of Flowers aside then he asked Feng Xuan Yi, "What have you found?"



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