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(Bad News (3)

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and looked outside of the car window as she clenched her fists. She hoped Wang Qin would be fine. Otherwise, things would become really complicated, and Qi Lei…

She could not forget the way Qi Lei rushed outside with Wang Qin in his arms. There was so much blood. The perpetrator never had any intention of letting her live. Who could have done this?

Why was Gu Lingsha injured as well?

A lot of questions popped up in Xi Xiaye’s mind, but she suppressed all of them and urged the chauffeur to speed up.

The rain suddenly got heavier while the lightning and thunder started to be more frequent.

The rain droplets continued to zigzag down the window. Faint lights from passing cars flashed past Xi Xiaye’s face, highlighting how cold and lonely she looked. Ji Zitong seemed really worried, but she remained silent, and just stayed by her side quietly.

So many things keep happening, and now…

Ji Zitong had worked beside Xi Xiaye for quite a while before, hence she knew a little more about her. Chairman Mu would not have asked her to become Xi Xiaye’s bodyguard otherwise. Last time, they did not find out who caused Director Xi’s premature delivery, and now this had happened…

Who exactly was behind this? Why would someone actually try to set up a person like Chairman Mu? It must be a bunch of horrible people!

Ji Zitong turned to steal a glance at Xi Xiaye from time to time. It was very quiet inside the car to the point that it felt stifling.

The car soon entered the hospital.

Xi Xiaye quickly hopped down the car as soon as it stopped. She could not care less about the rain and just rushed into the hospital while Ji Zitong swiftly caught up with her.

Outside the operating theatre, Qi Lei leaned his back against the cold wall as he stared blankly at the light above the door of the operating theatre. His clothes were creased and stained with crusts of blood while the blood on his hands had dried up. His eyes were filled with fear and unease as he stood there, appearing like a helpless child who had just lost his home.

Li Si stood beside him quietly, worried.

Of course, Gu Lingsha was there as well!

Her dress was messy with bloodstains all over it, and her injuries were already patched up. With a coat over her, she stood opposite Qi Lei, watching him.

“Don’t worry, Lei. Aunt Wang will be fine! Go and clean up the blood on your hands, and get changed. Your clothes are soaked!” Gu Lingsha walked over as she gave Qi Lei a concerned gaze.

Qi Lei did not move an inch as if he did not hear anything she said. He just stared at the doors of the operating theatre.

“Lei! It’s really worrying to see you like this. Aunt Wang will feel bad…” Gu Lingsha continued talking when Qi Lei did not reply.

However, he interrupted her before she could finish, “Shut up!” His stern, cold voice was loud on this quiet, rainy night. It echoed in the empty hallway, making Gu Lingsha shudder in shock as she stopped talking.

Qi Lei took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall. He shut his eyes and tried to calm down. When he opened his eyes and looked at his hands, the smell of blood filled his nostrils. He had felt Wang Qin slowly fading away in his arms, but…

He stayed quiet and struggled with himself for quite a while. In the end, he took out his phone and called Qi Qiming.

No one was picking up.

Qi Lei laughed coldly and stopped calling. He had a sarcastic, cold smile on his face while his eyes darkened.

“Lei, I’ll call Uncle Qi right now!” Gu Lingsha noticed the number he was calling moments ago. Her expression froze and she quickly took out her phone.

Li Si stood aside without saying anything. He did not try explaining on behalf of Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye because none of it was important at the moment. Most importantly, Wang Qin needed to be safe, or else…

Having happened so suddenly, the police could not get them back to the police station to file a report, so some of them followed to the hospital.

Thud— thud—

Sounds of rushed footsteps echoed through the empty hallway. The few of them turned their heads and saw Xi Xiaye at the end of the corridor. Behind her were Ji Zitong and a few others.

“Missus!” Li Si’s face softened slightly when he saw Xi Xiaye. He quickly went up to her.

“What’s the situation right now?” Xi Xiaye halted her steps and almost fell. Fortunately, Ji Zitong was quick enough to catch her in time.

“She’s still inside. It’s been a long time since the operation started, but we don’t know what the situation is yet,” Li Si replied in a grim tone.

Xi Xiaye’s expression clouded over as she looked at the closed doors to the operating theatre. Moments later, she averted her gaze towards Qi Lei. Her heart ached when she remembered the scene where she saw Wang Qin with blood all over her, and her man being taken away. Her face turned as pale as snow.

She nodded and stopped asking as she just stood there and waited quietly.

However, Gu Lingsha threw her a sharp gaze, staring at Xi Xiaye coldly!

She thought that the perpetrator might have been aiming for her. If she did not move away in time, she would have been the one stabbed. Because she could not see anything at that time, the sharp knife injured her arm when she shifted away, and then Wang Qin was stabbed.

She was not sure what was happening, but she was pretty pleased with the current situation.



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