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(Bad News (2)

After an hour, Xi Xiaye arrived at Su Chen’s place.

Ji Zitong opened the door and saw the anxious Xi Xiaye, so she was worried and confused as she asked, “Director Xi, what’s wrong? Come inside. It’s cold out there!”

Xi Xiaye nodded and rushed inside.

Su Chen was already waiting in the living room. He poured her a glass of warm water. “Calm down and have some water first. Tell me what happened slowly.”

“Thank you!” Xi Xiaye was freezing. She took a sip from the glass of water. “It’s like what I told you on the phone. He told me to look for you and asked you to find a way to see him. I think he has some ideas of his own. It just happened too suddenly and I don’t know what to do. Su Chen, you must save him! He didn’t kill anyone, and it’s impossible that it was manslaughter. Someone framed us. The knife was in my hand, but Mr. Mu took it from me. Everything happened so quickly that we weren’t able to react. When the lights came back…”

Xi Xiaye clenched her fists and barely managed to finish her story.

“I’ve sent Li Si to get a lawyer. The police probably won’t do anything to him yet, but I’m really worried about what’s going to happen next. Wang Qin seems to have suffered severe injuries, and Gu Lingsha’s arm was injured as well. They were both sent to the hospital. I also told Li Si to go take a look. He’ll inform me if anything happens. I think this incident was directed towards me, but Mr. Mu was accidentally dragged into this…” Xi Xiaye felt bitterness rise in her throat, and her eyes started to tear up again as she spoke.

“Alright, stop worrying about it for a moment. I’ll find a way to find out about the situation with the police. What else did Ah Chen tell you?” Su Chen frowned.

Xi Xiaye gave Su Chen a simple summary of what Mu Yuchen said, “The company will surely be affected after this incident. There were a lot of reporters at the scene. I’m afraid this news has already spread throughout the city. He wants me to take care of the company, and he also wants me to tell his parents to calm down and let them know he has a plan. He doesn’t want them to be involved…”

Su Chen nodded as his grim expression softened slightly. “If he said so, I’m sure he has a plan of his own. Don’t worry too much about this, Xiaye. I know Ah Chen very well. If he’s that sure, then it means the issue isn’t as severe as we imagine. I’m not sure how to handle a company, but I’ll give Zimo a call now. He’ll know what to do. I just hope that Wang Qin will be fine, or else, this will become extremely complicated.”

He grabbed his phone and quickly gave Zhou Zimo a call. Letting out a sigh of relief after he hung up the phone, he looked at Xi Xiaye and said, “Give Uncle Mu a call and let them know what happened. I’ll try my best. Don’t worry about it.”

Xi Xiaye nodded and gave him a grateful glance. “Thank you! I’ll head over and take a look at CEO Wang’s condition then. I’ll leave Mu Yuchen in your hands. He’s just recovered from some sickness recently. Please ask the police to take care of him.”

“I’ll get that done. I’ll be talking to Zimo after he comes over. Zitong, accompany Xiaye to the hospital. Put on an extra layer too. Lend Xiaye one of your coats. It’s cold with rain outside!” Su Chen glanced over at Ji Zitong.

Ji Zitong nodded and made haste, rushing upstairs for two minutes. She then came back with an extra layer of coat on herself as well as an extra gray coat in her hands.

“Let’s go, Director Xi. Here, put this on!”

“Thank you.”

Their car sped through the rain. Xi Xiaye clenched her fists tightly as her expression darkened. She was trying to keep herself together as she took her phone out and called Vice President Zhang Lan.

Zhang Lan was working overtime in the office handling something about the South River project. She was surprised when her phone rang. “Chairman Mu?”

“Vice President Zhang, it’s me. Contact the other Vice Presidents and higher-ups for a meeting. You’ll be the one chairing it. Something’s happened to Chairman Mu, and Li Si will fill you in the details later. Find a way to stabilize Glory World, and be prepared for what’s about to come. Don’t panic and solve the problem calmly.” Xi Xiaye’s voice was even. She could not afford to panic at a critical moment like this, or else, it would be a disaster.

“Director Xi, what happened?” Zhang Lan’s expression darkened as she sensed that something was not right.

“There was an incident at the banquet tonight. Li Si will tell you about it later. I’ll leave the company to you and the other Vice Presidents. The South River project is in its key phase at the moment with the first inspection happening soon. We can’t afford to make any mistakes, so make sure to keep calm, especially when dealing with government personnel.”

Xi Xiaye was not in the mood to give any explanation. Nonetheless, Zhang Lan was worried sick when she heard those words from her, so she quickly called Li Si to find out what happened after she ended the call with Xi Xiaye.

It was a sleepless night for all of them.

“Don’t worry, Director Xi. I’m sure Chairman Mu will be fine.” Ji Zitong was not sure what to say, but she tried to comfort Xi Xiaye although her eyes seemed worried.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and nodded. “I’ll make sure that he’s fine. The information is spreading so fast that we can’t even stop it. I don’t know who’s behind this whole incident.”

The sense of shock and lost had vanished within Xi Xiaye, and her eyes instantly became clear.

Earlier, she could feel a huge trap coming for them, and the man should have sensed it as well. He had been very calm and promised that he would be fine!



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