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(Sudden Change (2)

The man smiled as his subordinate replied him, “It’ll come out sooner or later. Let them get busy with it. Weiwei is the core person here. I’ll see how long can Mu Yuchen hold on. It’ll be advantageous to Qi Qiming if we do this well. He’s having trouble just dealing with Wang Qin. Don’t even think about the South River project.”

“Yes, Boss! Do we need to investigate Fuhua’s Shen Yue further?” asked the man in the black suit.

“There’s no need. It’s Qi Qiming’s business to take care of it. Go and make the arrangements now,” instructed the man coldly.

The man in the black suit bowed and left the room without saying a thing. Soon, the whole room returned to silence.

At the same time, inside Shen Yue’s study room, a sudden voice startled Shen Yue who was playing the accordion.

“Elder CEO, here are the documents you wanted. I found something.”

Lan Zilang went over and helped Shen Yue put the accordion sown. The melody still echoed within these empty walls.

Shen Yue stopped playing and just let Lan Zilang take the accordion away. He grabbed the documents he handed over as he wore his glasses while Lan Zilang switched the lights on.

Shen Yue lowered his head and went through the documents. His face became strained as he read them further and his eyes darkened.

He averted his gaze away moments later and looked at Lan Zilang. “How could this be? No wonder Qi Qiming is always acting against Ah Chen. I’ve heard something about this back then. There was a financial crisis in Asia which affected many industries. All the businesses made losses throughout the year. Fortunately, things turned out better towards the end of the year. The Hui Gu Corporation suffered huge losses as well. I heard Gu Qiwu planned to work with Qi Kai on a project. Let me think… It should be the project regarding the New Era Plaza.”

“This explains a lot if it’s true. Is the Gu family trying to use their marriage to take this project? I’ve never heard about any marriage promises between Chairman Mu and Gu Lingsha. Would Ms. Xiaye overthink if she heard about this?” Lan Zilang was worried.

“Xiaye isn’t someone who’d trust gossip. I’ll have to ask Ah Chen about this. It seems like things are much more complicated than it seems. Knowing that Qi Qiming really favors Qi Feng a lot, it makes sense that he’d cause Ah Chen trouble as revenge for Qi Feng.”

Shen Yue gave it some thought. “Zilang, keep an eye on the Hui Gu Corporation. Besides, the lands in the east of the city are almost done. Inform the buyers and sell them at the current market price. I feel a little uneasy regarding the South River project. Let’s get back some funds so that we don’t have to worry about it later.”

“Wouldn’t we suffer losses if we take the funds now? I just made another evaluation with the others. It might go up higher.” Lan Zilang was hesitant.

“Those lands have already gone up several times of its original price by now. A businessman should try to be safe. Just do as I say. Contact the buyers and sell it to them. Regarding South River Project No. 2, please act like we’re sure to get it. Raise the stakes a little and observe the reactions from Qi Kai,” Shen Yue gave his orders decisively.

“Elder CEO, but…”

That was just giving free money to the government! Why would he do that?

“No but’s. I have my own plans. By the way, make arrangements for Qi Lei to meet me. Be quick to contact the buyers, and make sure we get the money before the tender is revealed.”

Lan Zilang’s heart sank when he saw Shen Yue’s serious expression. He nodded. “Yes, Elder CEO. I’ll get it done right now!”

“Go!” Shen Yue waved his hand. Then, he grabbed a lighter and burned the documents to ashes.

Lan Zilang took a deep breath and quickly left the study room.

Night fell and lights filled up the city. The road towards the South River dock seemed pretty lively today as many cars passed by with formally dressed up passengers in them.

It was a huge day for the entertainment industry with such a grand charity movie awards night. Not only would it see the best actors and actresses being awarded, but it was also a great chance for new artistes to present themselves!

As Qi Kai was one of the leaders of the industry, it was only natural for them to participate in this event. However, with Qi Qiming out of the country at the moment, another iconic person from Qi Kai represented them instead. It was the Deputy CEO of Qi Kai, Wang Qin.

Wang Qin brought Qi Lei along with the purpose of expanding his social network.

On the road towards the South River dock, Qi Lei was sitting in the car quietly right beside Wang Qin.

Qi Lei did not utter a word along the journey. Although Wang Qin did speak a little, there was a slight tension inside the car when no one replied to her. The faint light from the streetlamps projected into the car. Wang Qin turned over and noticed Qi Lei looking out of the window quietly. She was not sure how he was feeling.

“Xiao Lei, did you listen to what I said just now?” She had been talking but did not get any reaction from Qi Lei. “I’ve totally given up on Qi Qiming. I’ve never hoped for him to understand after knowing him for so many years.”

Wang Qin took a deep breath as she thought about the past few decades. She had stayed beside this sick bastard simply because she wanted Qi Lei to become the true Master of the Qi family. That was the only way she could feel at ease, and she endured all the tough times for this sole purpose.



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