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(Sudden Change (1)

He had a grin on his face when he heard her. “Aren’t you worried that I might get jealous when you talk about him like that in front of me?”

Xi Xiaye tightened her grip until she felt a slight pain in her fingers. She rolled her eyes at him. “That’s exactly my intention. The problem is will you be jealous? Ask me quickly who I met earlier? Hurry!”

She wanted to give Gu Lingsha a lesson. She would never bow down to Gu Lingsha acting all high and mighty just because she was from a prestigious family. Mr. Mu was not a simple man like that.

“Who did you meet, my dear?” Mu Yuchen fulfilled her wish and finally asked her.

A scowl tinted her expression. “It’s Gu Lingsha. She stopped me in the car park at the hospital just now.”

The man’s expression darkened. His eyes turned cold as his grip on her hand tightened. He remained silent for a moment, but his tone was calm as usual. “What has she told you now?”

“Still the same things as before. She told me about the time you tried out your marriage to her, and that the Qingming festival is coming soon…” She just looked at him quietly.

Mu Yuchen put on a gentle smile. He spoke as if he was not concerned at all, “That does sound like what that idiotic woman would do.”

“Mr. Mu, I have this feeling that she has something for you. When I mentioned Qi Feng, Lingtian, and Qi Lei, it felt like she’s trying to avoid getting clumped together with them. My womanly instinct is telling me that she might have feelings for you, especially when it comes to such a prideful woman like her. If you…mmm!”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man embraced her in his arms as his lips met hers. He stopped whatever she was about to say and went on the offensive as if he was trying to punish her. He let her go moments later as he looked into her eyes. “My dear, please let me off this! The one she likes is Qi Feng. Aren’t you afraid that my reputation will be damaged by you saying those things!?”

She stared at him in surprise, not sure how to react.

A light flashed past in his eyes as he said helplessly, “She told me personally that she likes Qi Feng. Plus, I told her then that she isn’t my type.”

“Don’t you know that women don’t always mean what they say?

“Are you talking about yourself?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

Xi Xiaye shrugged.

“Just ignore her the next time. I’ll be facing misfortune again if she keeps telling you bad things about me!” Mu Yuchen lectured Xi Xiaye again. He took a pause before he continued, “Gu Lingsha is an expert at psychological attacks. The smart Qi Lei would feel sorry for her too. I suppose you won’t just believe whatever she said, will you? Just ask me if you have any questions. Don’t keep your doubts to yourself. I’m not worried about the tricks they might use. I’m just worried about your trust in me. Do you understand?”

His tone sounded heavy when he spoke. He studied her intently. “I can only handle the world when I’m in control of my inner world. This is a rule that can never be changed.”

Xi Xiaye nodded her head and left a kiss on his forehead. “You’re always right!”

His smile grew wider, and he gave her another hot, passionate kiss. He always knew that choosing her was the correct decision.

In the evening, Li Si delivered Xi Xiaye’s dresses over according to Mu Yuchen’s order. She put one of the dresses on and applied light makeup before heading to the banquet with Mu Yuchen.

The award ceremony was held on a large ship. It was a big charity movie awards night which a lot of public figures were attending. Many other huge companies participated as well, hence Mu Yuchen was attending it too.

At the same time, inside the VIP room at a hotel nearby City Z’s docks, a man was looking out at the dark sky while sitting on a chair. The room was quiet.

He wore a black casual outfit with a black cap on his head along with a pair of dark sunglasses, so it was difficult to tell who it was.

“Boss, Mu Yuchen and his woman left Glory World Corporation and are heading towards the venue of the banquet. Wang Qin and Qi Lei are there as well,” his subordinate reported quietly, afraid that he might disturb the man who seemed to be in deep thought.

The man sitting on the chair straightened his back and switched into a more comfortable position as he clasped his two hands together. “Oh? Xi Xiaye, huh?”

The man in the black suit behind him replied, “Yes, Boss!”

“Xi Xiaye… Let’s make some slight changes then. These people aren’t idiots. We should at least give them a warm-up. Come here.” The man signaled his subordinate to go nearer, so the man in the black suit quickly went forward.

The man sitting on the chair turned aside and gave several orders, to which his man nodded. “Yes, I got it. I’ll arrange for it immediately!”

“The day after tomorrow is Qingming , isn’t it ?” the man straightened his back and asked.

“Yes, Boss! Today is the third.”

The man took a deep breath as he looked outside at the dark sky. “We’ll leave the night after tomorrow then.”

“Yes, Boss!”

“What’s the progress of that matter I told you to investigate?” the man asked.

“I’ve found their tracks. They flew straight towards Australia from France a month ago. Maybe they found something.”

“The fact that he caught onto it now proves that Mu Yuchen is quite a capable man.” The man laughed coldly, but it was difficult to determine what he was feeling at the moment.

“Boss, should we inform them to leave Australia?”

“There’s no need. I’m looking forward to it. After hiding for such a long time, it’s about time for things to come to light. I’m looking forward to seeing Mu Yuchen’s expression when he sees Weiwei. I believe they’ll accept the fact happily.”

“But Ms. Weiwei… Don’t you like her a lot?”




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