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( Xiaye Vs Gu Lingsha (2)

When this issue was raised, Xi Xiaye became a little annoyed. She gave Gu Lingsha a lukewarm gaze and smiled to say, “Yes, he knows best how these things happened, but no one would know better than you!”

“Miss Gu, I think you’re the one who keeps pretending to be a victim. He’s willing to admit that he was wrong in the past, but don’t you forget who was the reason behind it! If it weren’t for you, Mu Lingtian wouldn’t have been dragged into it too. As his fiancè, not only did you not stay by his side, but you even had scandals with other men, and you still have the audacity to turn around and blame him. How does your brain work? If this were the past, a woman like you would’ve been drowned in a swine cage, don’t you know that?”

Xi Xiaye studied the egotistical woman in amusement, yet she felt a hint of sorrow and distress for the man.

“Qi Feng and I have never done anything wrong to him. Lingtian would know this very well, and so would Qi Lei. I have a clear conscience!” Gu Lingsha’s gaze was cold while her lips curled up in hostility.

“Only you would know your own conscience! Back then, when you let Mu Lingtian help you two escape, you were already driving a wedge in their brotherly kinship. Miss Gu, don’t think that he owes you anything. You were the one who was wrong first. Besides not self-reflecting, you’re even pushing the blame onto someone else. Forget about how you’re recklessly self-indulgent, you even pretend to be a justified victim. I really do look down on you. In fact, I loathe you!”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes suddenly surfaced with a sharp light, and her tone was extremely stern and disapproving. “You shouldn’t even have come looking for me today. I’m not so foolish as to doubt him because of your few words. All the dumbest women in the world love doing the same thing as you’re doing right now.”

With Xi Xiaye lashing out like this, a sliver of coldness flashed in Gu Lingsha’s eyes, yet she had strong restraint. Facing the fuming Xi Xiaye, she could not help but feel a flash of disdain. She really did not understand what redeeming qualities this woman had.

Family background? Was she not an outdated daughter of the former mayor?

Looks? Her delicate features could be deemed pretty if one forced oneself to admit so!

Talent? She was probably just a woman who relied on others to climb to the top!

The reason Gu Lingsha had come to look for Xi Xiaye today was actually simple. Earlier, she had an unhappy encounter with Qi Lei, who was already beginning to distrust her, so she wanted to personally probe Xi Xiaye again because, in the days to come, she would be in more contact with this woman.

With this probing, she could roughly figure out how Xi Xiaye was like.

Gu Lingsha had some knowledge about psychology since she had settled into it for many years now. She felt like she could express her emotions as she wished, so when she faced Xi Xiaye’s reprimanding, she could dismiss it with a laugh.

“Who you like has nothing to do with me, but I can’t deny that since Qi Lei admires you so much, Miss Xi, I’m sure you have outstanding qualities.” The smile on Gu Lingsha’s pretty face seemed sly to Xi Xiaye, and her tone sounded oddly ear-piercing too.

Nevertheless, Xi Xiaye was not stupid. How could she not understand what Gu Lingsha was implying?

She thought about it and finally decided not to respond. Her face contained a distant coldness as she silently lowered her head and begun to elegantly eat the sliced beef on her plate.

Gu Lingsha could feel Xi Xiaye nonchalant’s indifference. Her heart quietly sank for a bit while she thought about it. “I had a marriage contract with Mu Yuchen since I was young, but we both didn’t know about it. It was only brought up when we grew up. Qi Feng, Qi Lei, Lingtian, and I grew up together and even went to school together, so I’m really close to them.

“When I first realized that I was Mu Yuchen’s fiancè, it was true that he and I had only met a few times. Every time I went to the Mu residence, he wasn’t around, and after he returned from retiring from the military, our marriage was brought up again. To get it done, we agreed to try marriage out for three months,” Gu Lingsha narrated very calmly as her beautiful eyes flashed with a faint light. While she seemed to recollect these memories, she looked a little dazed.

Of course, Xi Xiaye knew about this since Mu Yuchen had occasionally brought this up to her before, but afterward, only Lingtian had stayed behind. In fact, according to that news that made the man upset before, it had most likely happened during this time. However, she did not know whether this woman knew about those secrets too.

If the truth really was as such, Xi Xiaye thought to herself that perhaps it was best never to have known.

When she thought about this, Xi Xiaye did not expose her, she continued to have her meal in a relaxed manner.

As Gu Lingsha said this, she paused to look at Xi Xiaye, and the two of them suddenly stopped talking. Xi Xiaye continued to eat unhurriedly while Gu Lingsha watched her with mixed emotions in her eyes, not bothering to eat.

After a while, Xi Xiaye finally ate her fill. She took the napkin to wipe her mouth before saying, “If you want to tell me about any memorable or special past between the two of you, then I advise you now that you’re spending your time on the wrong things. No matter what happened, he married me in the end, and right now he’s not only my husband, but he’s also the father to my child. I’m happy with this outcome. All the so-called past isn’t important to me. You’re quite a scheming one. Did you underestimate my EQ or did you overestimate your own IQ?”

As Xi Xiaye spoke, she squinted at her with waning interest, feeling bored.

She wanted to give her some eye drops so that she should see how her Mr. Mu was so good to her right now. He practically wanted to fit her into his pocket so he could bring her everywhere.

Who would not have a past?

He had never been petty about those afflicted memories between her and Han Yifeng. Therefore, she would not be so silly as to be caught up with these things. If these were matters that could be laughed off, why should they make it a barrier between them?

This mindset was actually only something she slowly felt after she got together with him. As he enlightened her along the way, she suddenly realized that she could actually live life feeling more relaxed.

Without bothering with too much, many things could actually become simple.

When Xi Xiaye finished, Gu Lingsha felt like she had been slapped. Even Xi Xiaye did not know how she could be so harsh with her words before this woman, and it was quite a personal attack too. She surely had the potential to be a sharp-tongued b*tch.

She decided that when she returned to the office later, she would badmouth about this woman to Mr. Mu, say ruthless things about her, and make Mr. Mu hate this shameless woman even more!




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