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(Xiaye Vs Gu Lingsha (1)

“Actually, I think that she’s changed quite a lot, especially after Han Yifeng left with her son.”

When Su Nan saw Xi Xiaye fall silent, she could not help but sigh softly. Then, her lips curled up into a sneer. “But it’s all because of her own actions that things are what they are today. Now, it should be a lesson for her.”

She stayed quiet for a while, and then Xi Xiaye asked, “Why did she come to see Ruan Heng?” Her gaze flickered from light to dark, and mixed emotions gathered in her heart.

She wondered if Xi Xinyi heard those words.

“I don’t know. I heard my mother say that she just came as a friend, probably to laugh at me. Coincidentally, she came when I wasn’t around, so she quickly left,” Su Nan said in disdain. She paused, then continued, “You can ignore people like her. When I think about what happened the other time, I get angry again. It was her and Han Yifeng who brought disaster upon themselves. Why did they have to involve you? She’s even asking you to talk to Han Yifeng to ask him to return her son to her. This woman’s head is really experiencing a short-circuit. What’s she thinking? How did she even think of that?”

As Xi Xiaye listened, she could only helplessly smile and say calmly, “She really overestimated me. Forget it. Let’s not talk about her. Let’s talk about you.”

Xi Xiaye did not seem comfortable talking about Xi Xinyi. She waved her hand with waning interest instead.

When Xi Xiaye left the hospital, it was close to noon. She came to do the checkup alone. Wang Hui brought the little fellow to the Mu residence, so she thought about it before deciding to go and take a look at the office, and at the same time, ask her man out for lunch.

Alas, she could not have imagined that when she reached the hospital carpark, she was blocked by someone annoying!


Xi Xiaye looked calmly at Gu Lingsha who was dressed in a lilac spring dress. Her starry eyes glared at her coldly. It was not hard to notice the hint of revolt on her face.

Earlier, her man had been gloomy for a long while because of this woman’s actions. Now that she bumped into her, Xi Xiaye obviously would not be happy.

Why was this woman here?

Xi Xiaye was currently vigilant as she looked at her apathetically.

Gu Lingsha still retained her noble and aloof stance while she looked imposingly at Xi Xiaye. Those beautiful blue eyes sized Xi Xiaye up and down judgingly. When she saw that Xi Xiaye’s expression remained calm as always, her beautiful face rippled with a smile, and her cherry lips parted. “Long time no see, Miss Xi!”

Xi Xiaye smiled at her with squinted eyes and nodded with gusto. “Yes, it’s been a while, Miss Gu.”

Previously, she was pregnant with her son. She had not measured up against her like this, but now things were different. She recalled that Mu Yuchen said this woman was not simple, and by the looks of it, she was clearly here waiting for her. Consequently, she could not show her weakness and had to level up her aura.

Gu Lingsha noticed Xi Xiaye’s cold expression and caught the hostility that flared up in her eyes. She smiled sweetly. “Let’s find a place to sit down and chat. I’ve been wanting this opportunity for a very long while now. I wonder if I have the honor with you, Miss Xi?”

Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that when she was discharged from the hospital, this woman had put up this front with Mu Yuchen too. She was quite headstrong.

“Come with me,” Xi Xiaye said, then leisurely took her car keys out and walked to her car.

Half an hour later, at the Imperial Sky Hotel.

“Director Xi, you’re here!”

The lobby manager was obviously rather familiar with Xi Xiaye who had just stepped into the lobby when he came up to them.

Xi Xiaye nodded gently and said calmly, “Let’s find a quiet place to sit then.”

“Okay, Director Xi, let’s just go upstairs.”

Xi Xiaye was quite familiar with the place, so she just went straight upstairs. Gu Lingsha followed after her. With her outstandingly elegant appearance, it was hard for her not to attract many people’s attention, especially since there were many people having lunch at this time.

In the dining hall on the second floor, Xi Xiaye found a quiet corner to sit down in. Gu Lingsha sat down confidently across her before the waiter brought the menu over, and the two of them ordered their food.

Xi Xiaye lowered her head to take a sip of her lemonade while Gu Lingsha did not make a sound across her. She continued to look at her with that examining gaze. Meanwhile, Xi Xiaye was quite calm and let her size her up.

“I’m really surprised that someone that he fancies could be someone as ordinary as you.” Gu Lingsha’s calm voice rang out, yet those words made Xi Xiaye uncomfortable. Looking up at the woman across her, she realized that with Gu Lingsha’s tall and elegant mannerisms of an aristocrat, there was that bit of contrast compared to her leisurely ways.

Xi Xiaye silently looked at her, then smiled. Her tone was calm. “Otherwise? Did you think that he would like a radiant woman from an aristocratic family like you, Miss Gu?”

Stunned, Gu Lingsha smiled and her voice thinned out. “I don’t have any other intentions. It’s just that back then…”

Xi Xiaye did not wait for Gu Lingsha to finish. She decided to pre-empt the conversation. “I’m not interested in your past, Miss Gu. I just want to know what you want to talk to me about today. I agreed to meet because I wanted to tell you that with regard to all your unhappiness in the past, I don’t want to interfere. You don’t have to try getting anything from me either. I’ve met many women like you.”

When Gu Lingsha heard that, she was a little shocked by Xi Xiaye’s frankness. The smile that rippled across her face became broader. “Aren’t you curious about what happened six years ago? Also, about our past and about our marriage contract before this?”

“You and him? I don’t think that there was anything between you and him. He told me that you and he barely knew each other. In fact, you’re not even his type. As for the so-called past, since it’s already in the past, what’s the point of talking about it now?” Xi Xiaye answered her, unaffected.

At this moment, the waiter brought the food over. Xi Xiaye did not even look at Gu Lingsha before she started to slice her own steak.

“You’re quite calm about Lingtian’s matter. All of you barely know much about it, yet you keep acting like victims. Qingming ‘s coming soon. Why don’t you go ask Mu Yuchen if he feels a sliver of guilt all these years? And Mu Lingshi, how her face was ruined? I’m sure Mu Yuchen knows best.”

Responding to Xi Xiaye’s cold attitude, Gu Lingsha suddenly thought of Mu Yuchen who was also just as unfriendly, and her beautiful eyes turned hostile.




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