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(Living Together (3)

The rain continued to fall until late at night, and the sky turned tranquil as the lights behind the curtain flickered.

Ji Zitong was feeling really nervous. Su Chen dragged the blanket a little towards himself. She turned and their feet touched each other. He frowned as he felt the icy cold sensation.

Ji Zitong was startled for a moment as well. Before she could react, the man got closer, freaking her out as he embraced her. His big figure wrapped her up completely.

She took a deep breath and pushed him away. “Don’t do this. Give me some time!”

Su Chen did not move away from her and still held her down tightly as if he had not heard what she said.

She struggled as he pushed him, her voice starting to get angry. “Su Chen! Let go of me!”

“Move if you don’t want me to force myself upon you! I’m not really a patient guy. You better get used to this quickly.” Su Chen’s voice was firm while his arm around Ji Zitong’s waist tightened. His wild and fresh scent filled the room, and his firm chest felt like a heating stove, instantly burning her into nothingness.


When Ji Zitong kicked him, he reacted quickly and locked her foot down with a chuckle. “You’re still the same as before, acting like a wild cat whenever you get angry, but I recently gave lessons to a lot of people like you.”

“I’m not under you, and I’m not your subordinate! You can’t do this to me!” Ji Zitong struggled and struggled but to no avail.

Su Chen laughed and his voice was very gentle as he responded, “We’re married. You don’t think I’ll be a monk forever, do you?”

“Shameless!” Ji Zitong pinched his hand and scolded him.

He backed off after he had teased her enough. Then, in an upright tone, he said, “I’m telling you the truth right now, and it’s a serious problem. I’m not an upright gentleman. Of course, I’m not a willful monk-in-training as well. I’m just a normal man. Why else do you think I married you? I’m not looking for a platonic relationship. Do you understand me?”

What a bastard!

In the dark, Ji Zitong’s face turned bright red. Although she was angry and frustrated, in the end, she ignored him and closed her eyes.

“Why aren’t you talking?” he asked after she did not reply for quite a while.

Ji Zitong remained silent,

“Ji Zitong, say something!” Su Chen grabbed her waist again, but she gave him another kick.

Master Su took a deep breath and gave up when his woman stopped giving him attention. He closed his eyes, yet his arms never let go of his woman…

The long rain continued. Qing Ming was just around the corner. Xi Xiaye rested at home for a very long time. Sometimes, she would visit the Shen residence and the Mu residence.

She would visit the hospital for check-ups every week or two as well as drop by to see Ruan Heng.

Ruan Heng was still unconscious. Su Nan went back to her previous company and worked as a fashion designer. Since she was very experienced and had been working with the owner for a very long time, her benefits there were pretty decent.

Ruan Heng’s condition had stabilized, but there was no sign of him waking up. Mu Yuchen contacted the hospital and got some experienced specialists to take a look at him. Frustratingly, all of them said his waking up depended on his willpower. Su Nan would visit the hospital every day after she finished work to talk to Ruan Heng, wipe his body, and massage his limbs. She did not want his body to get stiff. Otherwise, there might be more issues when he woke up.

Su Nan started to get used to her new life. Instead of being lost like before, she was much more positive now.

On the sofa in Ruan Heng’s room, Su Nan handed a glass of hot water to Xi Xiaye as she asked, “How’re you recovering? And about your job… Last time, when I went back to our school, I bumped into Aunty Shen. She said you’re planning to take over your grandpa’s company. Are you sure you can handle Fuhua Property Development?”

Xi Xiaye took the glass as she answered, “I’m doing very well now. I’ll be working again in a few days. I’ll head back to Glory World to handle some things. Mu Yuchen is busy learning more about Fu Hua from my grandpa, so I’ll work on the seasonal statistics now before going to Fuhua. Mu Yuchen’s been working a lot with Grandpa recently. I think it won’t be very difficult with his help.”

“You are really lucky to have found a good husband, but you should still take care of yourself. You look even skinnier after you’ve given birth.” Su Nan was concerned.

Xi Xiaye smiled before she sipped some water. “I’m worried that I’m not recovering. I’ve been eating more lately.”

“It’s good to eat more. I was pretty anxious a while back and almost became anorexic. I vomited whatever I ate, but I only got better recently. Anyway, I have something to tell you. My mother told me that Xi Xinyi came to see Ruan Heng a few days ago. I think that it’s pretty weird. I wanted to tell you about it before but I forgot. What do you think about this?” Su Nan suddenly remembered what her mother had told her several days ago.

Xi Xinyi?

Xi Xiaye frowned when she heard that name.

Ever since their conversation in her room last time, she had never seen her again. She remembered that Xi Xinyi insisted that she had not pushed her, then…




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