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(Living Together (2)

Su Chen grabbed two bowls before sitting down. He looked over when he heard the sound of footsteps.

Ji Zitong had changed into clean pajamas and tied her loose hair into a simple bun. Her face was slightly pink as she had just come out from the shower. Her image differed a lot from her usual cold, distant self, making her quite a unique sight.

Ji Zitong looked at Su Chen when she noticed he was staring at her. She did not really mind and just acted normally. He averted his gaze away and signaled her to sit in front of him.

Ji Zitong sat down obediently.

He put a bowl of soup in front of her. “Have some ginger soup. It’s great to prevent a cold.” He then started getting some porridge for her.

Ginger soup?

Ji Zitong frowned. She did not really like the taste of ginger, so she glanced at the hot ginger soup before her, and then looked at Su Chen who had just made her dinner. She felt a slight warmth rise from deep inside her heart as she swiftly gulped it down.

“It’s late and I can’t really make anything fancy, so let’s just have some porridge. Do you have any food that you don’t like?” Su Chen passed her a bowl of porridge as he asked.

Ji Zitong took it from him and replied, “Thank you. I’m fine. I’m not a picky eater.” She then slowly enjoyed her porridge.

To her surprise, it was pretty tasty. She was reminded of dinner last night. “I was honored to have a meal prepared by Chairman Mu before at his place. His cooking is really impressive. I didn’t expect yours to be not too bad as well, Chief Su.”

Su Chen looked at her and raised his eyebrows. “Of course, the three of us are exceptional. Our women are surely blessed. The kitchen is a man’s place. Didn’t you notice that all the head chefs are men? Women shouldn’t be involved in this kind of work.”

His pride as a man started to show again. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo did not really like to cook before, but after hanging out with Mu Yuchen, they started to get influenced, so they started to take responsibility of their housework.

Ji Zitong chuckled. “I suppose at least, you’re better than those men.”

Her mother was the one who handled all the cooking at home. She came from a typical family where the woman managed the housework and the man was the breadwinner, but Su Chen’s words gave her a new perspective.

They said that the people you mix with were a reflection of yourself. This was probably a valid example of that.

Su Chen accepted her compliment generously, and the two of them chatted about their lives back when they were serving in the army, as well as their hobbies. They were like a pair of friends who were reunited after many years with no awkwardness between them.

After they finished their supper peacefully, Ji Zitong did the dishes as Su Chen checked his phone. He noticed that there were several missed calls, so he walked upstairs and started calling them back.

Ji Zitong cleaned up and sorted out the stuff she bought. Su Chen was done showering when she went upstairs. However, he was talking on the phone with someone while he was on the bed. When he saw her lying down on the other side of the bed, he quickly ended the conversation.

Ji Zitong was much calmer than last night, but she was still not used to this feeling though she was firm that she was sure of her role now.

She had always been a tough person after all. After experiencing some unease before, she was now starting to accept her reality.

Su Chen’s arm grabbed several keys from the bedside table along with some cards. He then handed them to Ji Zitong. “These are the keys to our home, the card to the restaurant we went to before, a bank card, and the keys to the Su Residence. Keep them. The pin number to the bank card is 345678. Remember that. There are two cars in the garage and you can drive whichever you want. The keys are inside the drawer of the coffee table in the living room. The Land Rover was a gift from Ah Chen, but I don’t think it’s suitable for a woman like you to drive it,” Su Chen explained to her.

Ji Zitong was stunned to see the things he passed her. She sat up slightly and stared at them for a while. Then, she looked at him and was hesitant to take them.

“Keep it. You have the right to, and I won’t ask much from you. I think you’re great as Mrs. Su. If you have time to visit my grandfather, please do. They seem to like you a lot. I’m pretty busy and need to go abroad frequently, so I rarely go back to visit.”

Moreover, Su Chen did not want to go back since they would always urge him to get married soon, or the elder would lecture him in the study room. He was almost traumatized by all that. Hopefully, things would get better since he was married now.

Ji Zitong was silent, only accepting the things after a while.

“Take your time. My parents aren’t here now. They’ll only be back in a few days. I’ll bring you home then. You’ve met my grandfather and my sister. Oh, by the way, I’ll call my sister tomorrow and ask her to pick some clothes that you’d like. She’ll visit you at the flower store directly,” Su Chen then informed her.

“It’s fine. I have enough clothes.” Ji Zitong kept the things and put them on the bedside table on her end.

“You do? You always wear the same outfits. My sister sells fashionable women’s clothes. Just go take a look. You’ll regret if you don’t start dressing up now.” Su Chen knew this way too well because his mother always complained in front of his father.

Ji Zitong did not say anything. She lay down once again after she put the things aside. Inside the small, cramped space, she could smell his wild and fresh scent the moment she closed her eyes, and she was getting nervous, really nervous.




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