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(Living Together (1)

Li Si sent Su Chen to the entrance of his apartment as the rain kept pouring. Qingming was coming soon, and the air had turned very humid recently.

“Alright, I’m fine here. You can go back.” Su Chen grabbed his windbreaker from Li Si and walked into his apartment.

Li Si had an umbrella in his hand. He was about to say something, but Su Chen had already walked far away, so he shrugged and returned to his car.

Su Chen walked slowly, suddenly feeling an urge to smoke, so he quickly lit a stick up. He started smoking as he walked back to his own unit while the cold rain continued to fall.

He finally arrived at his unit after a while. Then, he extinguished his cigarette and grabbed his keys in his pocket. However, he saw a skinny figure sitting on the staircase in front of his unit.

Su Chen stopped as his mind instantly sobered up. He looked at the person as he cursed himself.

Damn it!

He totally forgot to give her a pair of keys to his apartment!

Ji Zitong’s body was cold and numb, and she had almost fallen asleep.

She had probably waited for over two hours since her flower store closed at around 10 p.m. Her mother told her to go home earlier knowing that she had just gotten married, yet she could not enter the house as he was nowhere to be found. Because she called him and no one picked up, she could only wait outside for his return.

Two hours went past and her body was freezing. As she curled up into a ball, she had no idea when Su Chen stood right before her.

He stood beside Ji Zitong quietly and studied her from above. Moments later, he said, “Get up. It’s cold outside. Why didn’t you wait at the guardhouse?”

His sudden voice shocked Ji Zitong who looked up at Su Chen’s handsome face. A light flashed in her eyes. “You’re back. Why are you so late?”

She tried to get up from the cold floor, but her body was numb from curling up in the same position for such a long time that she almost fell over when she stood up.

“Be careful!” Su Chen quickly grabbed her shoulder as he spoke.

Ji Zitong struggled, but his long arm reached her and wrapped around her shoulders to help her stand properly. He also held her bags for her.

“Thank you!” Ji Zitong thanked him as she backed off slightly. She was still not used to such an intimate distance with him.

Su Chen frowned when he saw her acting this way. Something was hidden deep in his eyes as he shuddered a little when he looked at her.

She thought he would say something, but in the end, he did not. He let go of her after she could stand properly. Then, he walked up the staircase and opened the door to let Ji Zitong in.

With a deep breath, she went in.

Su Chen closed the door and switched on the heater. The temperature turned warm a moment later while the two of them changed their shoes.

“Have you had dinner?” Su Chen put his coat onto the hanger as he looked at Ji Zitong who was busy sorting out the stuff in her bags.

“I had some in the store. Have you had any?” Ji Zitong looked at him. She could smell the alcohol on him. Thinking that it was pointless to ask even though she wondered where he went, she then looked down and continued sorting out the stuff she bought.

They were just some items for her daily use. Since she rushed to pack up before coming over yesterday, she still needed some stuff, so she had gone to the supermarket before coming home.

Su Chen seemed to have read her mind. He then explained himself, “I went to have a drink with Ah Chen and Zimo, but I forgot to call you. I’m sorry. Have you waited long?”

“It’s alright. It was just a while,” Ji Zitong gave a brief reply. They were not really close before anyway, so she did not see the point of explaining. Nevertheless, she also felt it might be necessary. After all, they were married and she had waited for quite a long time.

“Go and take a shower upstairs. I’ll make supper for us, and I’ll pass you the keys later as well.”


“Go and shower now. I don’t want a sick person staying in my house.”

Su Chen interrupted her before she could finish her sentence. He grabbed her bags and put them aside before he pointed at the stairs, signaling her to take action immediately. He was really used to being an instructor.

Ji Zitong frowned, apparently not very pleased with the man’s attitude, but she still gave in as she felt cold all over.

Su Chen unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled them up after she went upstairs. Then, he went into the kitchen.

His head felt a little heavy after drinking all night, and because he was pretty hungry himself, he wanted to make some food.

Although his cooking was incomparable to Mu Yuchen’s, it was not bad. The three of them always made meals themselves when they served in the army anyway.

It was late and there was no time to make a proper meal. Therefore, Su Chen decided to make some simple chicken porridge. He was so quick that the meal was done when Ji Zitong came out from the shower.




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