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(Her Warmth (4)

Upon hearing his deep and sensitive voice, her heart became increasingly soft and sad as it hurt.

After struggling through ups and downs for close to 30 years, his appearance was like a ray of warmth sunlight, illuminating the bottom of her heart and allowing her to wake up from a long dream. Even if her heart was cold, she had long been moved by his doting.

From meeting to getting to know and loving each other…

He was like her. They were both people who did not express love easily, yet they would always show care and love.

“It’s all because of you… Your happiness and sadness have become mine too.” She shrunk herself in his embrace as she spoke in a hoarse voice. She wiped her tears away with the front of his blouse.

Ever since she realized that she had fallen in love with him, she had become vulnerable. Regardless of the hardships she suffered in the past, they would not bring her to tears, yet now…

“I’m sorry. It was my fault. As long as I can make sure you have an easier time, I’m willing to bear it all.” His deep yet raspy voice brushed past her ears as he lowered himself and hugged her tightly in his embrace. He carefully coaxed her, “Let me take a look. Your eyes are red now…”

The umbrella in her hand fell to the ground as she reached out to circle her arms around his strong waist.

Xi Xiaye sniffled, trying hard to hold back the tears that wanted to rush out. Mu Yuchen’s blouse was wrinkled from the embrace. Finally, she gathered herself and looked up at him with teary eyes. “I’m worried about you. I followed you along the route, but you didn’t even realize.”

He had always been very vigilant. The fact that he would overlook this could only mean that he was absent-minded, so he was less vigilant.

“What are you worried about? I was just walking alone to organize my thoughts. Your Mr. Mu’s not such a weak and easily frustrated person.”

His hand could not help but caress her head. His five fingers combed through her beautiful, long hair while she looked up. She silently watched him and saw that calm invisible waves were gathered in his deep eyes. Then, she just closed her eyes quietly, her intentions clear.

Of course, the man would not disappoint her. His cool kiss fell accurately, but it was just a very light peck before he moved away. Naturally, Xi Xiaye was not satisfied. She opened her starry eyes and used both hands to pull his head closer before she went on tiptoe.

The little entangled shadow on the ground gradually grew longer all the way until it reached the tip of Zhou Zimo’s toes.

He silently watched the young couple that kissed in an embrace before him. A faint curve flashed on his handsome face as he lifted a hand to brush his tall nose. He thought to himself that he was done here, so he quietly turned to leave.

He could not imagine that such an extraordinary and distant man like him could be that gentle.

Could love really change a person so thoroughly?

Zhou Zimo still had doubts when Su Chen’s steadfast and good-looking face flashed in his mind.

That fellow was quick too. Without a word, he suddenly brought a wife home.

He thought about it and suddenly felt like he was missing something. Looking up gloomily at the night sky, he smacked his head.

Forget it. Don’t think too much about it. It’s time to go home and sleep!

Underneath the streetlights, the affectionate couple enjoyed each other for quite a while before separating. Xi Xiaye panted and inhaled a few times. She was practically hanging onto Mu Yuchen as she subconsciously looked around. When she saw that there was no one around, she felt relieved.

Mu Yuchen took the windbreaker on his shoulders off and put it over her shoulders. As he held her by the shoulders, he picked the umbrella up from the ground and said softly, “Okay, let’s go home. Good thing you came. Otherwise, your Mr. Mu would have really frozen through the night.”

“Didn’t you bring your wallet?”

Earlier, she saw that he wanted to get a cab, but when he rifled his pockets, it seemed like he wanted to make a call instead.

“My Missus is smart!” He was not stingy with his praises.

Xi Xiaye smiled calmly and gleefully held his arm. “Of course! I’m a goddess here to protect you. I’ll also suddenly appear right when you need me.”

He chuckled softly, and could not help but hold her tight around the shoulders. His tone was gentle. “You are my goddess, but let me protect you.”

“Is that true? Mr. Mu, I suddenly realize that you’re getting better and better at saying the right things to curry girls’ favors.” She raised her brows and glanced at him.

He looked quite calm and squinted at her without objection. When he stopped, so did Xi Xiaye, yet before she could say anything, he suddenly bent over to carry her up. He said softly, “Only you have this special privilege. Weren’t you complaining earlier that I never say nice things to you?”

Xi Xiaye cried out softly as she held onto his shoulders. She turned and planted a kiss on his cheek. “I know…”

He smiled happily, and from the time her first tear fell for him, he swore that he would spend the rest of his life treating her better, what more right now. Not only had she become his wife, but she had even given birth to a smart and cute son for him.

On the way home, Xi Xiaye drove while Mu Yuchen sat in the front passenger seat. The music player was belting out classics from the last generation. Xi Xiaye faintly remembered that a very, very long time ago, they had been like this too. It was also this song that…

As she thought about this, she suddenly slowed her car down and turned to look at him. Upon noticing her gaze, he returned a gentle smile to her too.

“I want to hear you sing,” she softly requested. She remembered that he was actually pretty talented at singing, but he rarely did so.

When he heard her plea, his handsome brows raised, and something flashed in his dark eyes as he began to show off his inherent profiteering nature again. He narrowed his gaze and smiled. “What’s my reward from the Missus if I sing?”

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him and held the steering wheel steadily. She cleared her throat. “Bring your face over here.”

Mr. Mu obediently leaned his handsome face in, and as Xi Xiaye turned her head, she kissed his lips aggressively.

Now, Master Mu’s charming face felt heated. He cleared his throat and his flickering dark eyes watched her before he shyly turned to look out of the car window. His slender fingers rested on her lips where there was a faint temperature. The silver halo around his ring finger looked extraordinarily enchanting too.

“Even if there are thousands of songs in the days to come, as it floats in the distant journey, even with the thousands of stars in the days to come, it could not be more beautiful than this night; it could not wash my desires for the night away. Ah… because tonight you sing with me…”

Afterward, Xi Xiaye began to softly hum. The husband and wife’s voices combined in harmony. When the whole song finished, they felt like they had not had enough of it, so they continued to the next song.




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