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(Her Warmth (3)

It was dark outside, and the wind was bitterly cold. It rattled hard against the car window, and the sky flashed with lightning from time to time. What came one after was the rumble of thunder.

She had not driven for a long while, but Xi Xiaye’s driving skills had not deteriorated. She drove steadily all the way through the swaying wind and rain, feeling faintly anxious. She could not help but speed up.

He had been out of the ordinary recently, so she could not help but be worried. It must be because of those past incidents.

She knew how that suppressed bitterness felt like. Sometimes, she wished he could just vent to her a bit. That would be much better than just pushing everything deep down.

She was his wife, so she should be sharing his burden, but when it came to the past, she did not know how to relieve his burden. Now, she suddenly began to hate Mu Lingtian who she never knew, and Gu Lingsha, and Qi Feng…

In the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club, when the three buddies walked out of the entertainment club, it was close to 11 p.m. The trio was a little tipsy, and they were not walking straight.

“Master!” Li Si walked up to them.

Mu Yuchen cleared his throat and looked at Su Chen and Zhou Zimo who managed to stay clear-headed somehow. With a sigh, he let the cold and slightly humid wind meet him head-on. He felt much clearer-headed now. He pulled at the windbreaker on his shoulders as his deep voice said in a slightly raspy sound, “Send them home. I’ll get a cab home myself.”

“Master, it’s still raining outside, and it’s late too. Missus is worried at home. Earlier, she called to ask about you.”

When Mu Yuchen heard him, he quickly put his hand into his pocket and then realized that he did not know where his phone was.

“Master, your phone’s in the car all charged,” Li Si said as he handed the phone to him.

However, before Li Si could finish, Mu Yuchen already reached out to take it and stuff it into his pocket, cutting him off. “Mmm, send the two of them home first. I want to walk around alone.”

Then, he walked onto the sidewalk. Engulfed by a layer of drizzle, his handsome and tall figure looked lonely.


“That’s enough. Li Si, let him be alone for a while.”

Su Chen stopped Li Si and exchanged a glance with Zhou Zimo. The two of their faces flashed with helplessness and concern. They did not seem as drunk as before. Right now, they were extremely sober.

Zhou Zimo watched as Mu Yuchen’s lonely figure move further away. Suddenly, he asked Su Chen softly, “How much did he drink tonight?”

Su Chen raised his brows at him without answering.

Zhou Zimo shrugged, and then continued contemplatively, “I know that he’s been unhappy with some things on his end. The fact that he drank to his heart’s content worries me. Right, I know you’re a newlywed. Li Si, send Master Su home first. I’ll follow him to watch out for him.”

Then, he quietly followed after the man.

Su Chen did not say anything. He just knocked his own head and stood quietly for a while before nodded to Li Si and getting into the car.

Mu Yuchen walked underneath the streetlights unhurriedly. It was a late rainy night, so there were not many pedestrians on the streets. Apart from the passing cars on the street, it was just his long shadow underneath the streetlights as he strolled slowly.

The rain was not too heavy, yet when one walked for a long while under it, their shoulders would still be soaked.

Mu Yuchen did not know how long he had walked for. He just rearranged the interweaving thoughts in his head until all those messy emotions instantly cleared out. Then, he felt much more relieved.

He did not waste much time since he was not the kind of person who would be cheerless and sad over the change of seasons. Gathering himself, he thought about getting a cab home, so he waited underneath the streetlights. Some time passed, and when he did not get any cab, he was thinking about getting his own chauffeur to pick him up when suddenly there was the sound of footsteps from behind him.

The familiar and elegant fragrance closed in from behind him, stunning him. He suddenly realized that the cold wind that came head-on was less moist. When he suddenly spun around and indeed saw his little woman standing behind him, she was holding a large umbrella. Her bright eyes were as clear as the stars on a rainy night while they watched him quietly.

An absent-mindedness first rose in her eyes, and then her gaze became clear and bright. He calmly chuckled, his deep voice sounding sensitive and raspy. “Why are you here? It’s cold outside.” His tone held a hint of reproach.

Xi Xiaye quietly watched him for a long while, and then said softly, “It’s late and you weren’t home. I was worried, so I came out to look for you. Who would’ve thought…? Mr. Mu, you look miserable right now. Oh, my heart hurts…”

As she said this, she could not help but tear up. She did not tell him that she had been just driving behind him all the way, and all throughout the drive, her heart had been hurting too.

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen paused, and then subconsciously looked at her. She realized that his windbreaker was soaked. His hair, his face, and everything else were dripping wet. Needless to say, he was freezing all over.

He helplessly chuckled and wiped the bleak rain on his face away. He was thinking about explaining, but moments after that, his indifferent lips curled up and smiled as he said, “As miserable as I look, aren’t I still your Mr. Mu?”

Xi Xiaye suddenly felt her heart wrench while a sourness rose at the back of her throat. The tears fell from her eyes, and instantly she became teary-eyed, yet she tried hard to force a smile as she looked at him.

He watched her for quite a while with the help of the dim streetlights. Finally, he helplessly spread his arms.

Xi Xiaye then lowered her gaze and without hesitation, he took two steps forward and threw herself into his embrace, burying herself in his chest. She could not help but say in a raspy voice, “Mu Yuchen, I know you’re sad, but in times like these, you have to remember that you still have me. No matter when, there’s still a really silly woman who will love you deeply forever, and that person’s me. So, I won’t allow you to be sad.”

His arms that wrapped around her tightened a bit more as his handsome face colored with tenderness while he smiled and touched her head. “I’m fine. It’s no big deal. Alright, don’t cry now. You seem to really like crying these days.”

He could feel the faint warmth of her tears soaking through his shirt and his chest.

When she cried, his heart hurt too.




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