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(Her Warmth (2)

Zhuang Shurong nodded. “Yes, Lingtian liked it very much. In fact, it even saved Lingtian before that summer at the rooftop of the office. Do you remember?”

“I do. Lingtian accidentally slid down the railing. It bit Lingtian’s shirt and saved his life, but after that, it couldn’t save itself, so it fell down and suffered severe injuries. I had to put him down myself.”

This incident had always been a secret that Mu Yuchen never told anyone.

“Lingtian saw for himself all that you did. This was what I heard him say after that.”

“So? He hates me because of this?” Mu Yuchen sneered with his lips curled up as he looked to Zhuang Shurong. “Even if I didn’t put Xiao Wei down, he wouldn’t have lived through the night. Instead of letting it suffer through that, what’s so wrong about letting it leave sooner?”

“That’s just what you think. You should know Xiao Wei is special to Lingtian. The misunderstanding between you and him began with that. Besides, you and Su Chen and Zimo are closer. Lingtian’s a sensitive person.”

“Does that mean it’s still my fault?” Mu Yuchen smiled calmly, yet you could feel a hint of loneliness from the smile. “It’s not just that, is it? I remember the time before when you were going through the wedding. There was some conflict between you and Lingtian. Was that because of me too?”

“It’s been so many years. Why are you still holding onto these things, Ah Chen?”

“I want to hear the truth.”

Mu Yuchen’s deep eyes flickered as if it were a hidden curtain revealing a sharp light. Zhuang Shurong was stunned to see his reaction. Then, she nodded. “Okay, then. There’s nothing wrong with talking about it.”

“You should know I’ve always been against Gu Lingsha marrying you, so in the few days leading up to your wedding, I went to look for her. My intentions were clear. I wanted her to leave you. I know how you’re like. You didn’t choose to compromise because you liked her. In fact, things were heated between Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng too. I can’t let you be taken advantage of. Besides, I discovered something then which compelled me to be sure of my thoughts. No matter what, I couldn’t let Gu Lingsha marry into the Mu family.”

Zhuang Shurong was a frank person. In fact, she had the guts to do things and take ownership of them. As she spoke about this, she was quite frank and open about it.

“What is it?” Mu Yuchen squinted and stared at Zhuang Shurong.

“I already noticed back then that Lingtian liked Gu Lingsha. He was so deep into her. The reason we fought was this. Gu Lingsha was a time bomb. Forget about the motives the Gu family has. Just based on this alone, I couldn’t let Gu Lingsha marry you. Do I want you two brothers to fall out because of this? You know me. I always like to plan ahead, so I went to look for Gu Lingsha and told her to leave by herself. Our discussion didn’t work out and I just spilled coffee on her.”

“After that, did Lingtian fight with you over this?”

“Yes, I didn’t understand why Lingtian would be so hung up on Gu Lingsha. He didn’t even spare falling out with me. I was angry then and even said that if he continued to foolishly protect an outsider, I’d pretend I didn’t have him as a son. His temper was a tough one. After that, he was reprimanded by your father. You know, back then when you said you wanted to stay in the military and hand Glory World over to Lingtian, your father disagreed. Because of this, there was friction between Lingtian and your father, and after that, the resentment grew deeper.”

“In the end, it was all because of Glory World and Gu Lingsha. I understand.” Mu Yuchen sighed and put the cup in his hand down. “Back then, if I really had stayed in the army, many things wouldn’t have happened.”

“How can these things be your fault? How could your father and I bear to let you stay in the military your whole life? Glory World has always been yours, your grandfather’s hard work included. I’m not selfish. I also hoped to leave the best for you although I’m not that great. All these years, I’ve given enough care for Lingtian and his sister, but we just neglected you. Nevertheless, whatever belongs to you, I’d still leave for you.”

“You know I don’t care about those.” Mu Yuchen smiled calmly. Suddenly, he did not know what else to say. After some thought, he felt that there was nothing more to ask, so he got up to leave.

It turned out that the so-called brotherhood between him and Lingtian had long changed. In fact, Lingtian had long fancied Gu Lingsha. If the child was really as he thought, then Lingtian would have had sufficient reason to do what he did.

It was no wonder that back then when he let him stay at the Gu residence, he agreed gladly. Then, when the whole thing was exposed, he ran off in a panic.

Lingtian, you really are my good brother!

Mu Yuchen stood on the staircase and watched the cars that came from across as he smiled coldly.

The benevolence and righteousness between two brothers was something Mu Yuchen thought he could have held fast to. He regarded it as a solid belief in his life. Even if Mu Lingtian had not been benevolent, he could not be any less righteous.

After he calmed down, he peered out at the gloomy drizzle. Finally, he did not think further about it, so he made two calls: one to Su Chen, and one to Zhou Zimo.

She had not seen him for an entire day, and when she called, his phone was switched off.

Xi Xiaye was restless the whole day. At night after she tucked her son into bed, it was already past 10 p.m. but Mu Yuchen had not returned. When she called Li Si, she knew that he was at the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club.

She hesitated, then finally sighed. Changing into a simple windbreaker, she went downstairs.

Sis Wang had just tidied up the living room. When she saw Xi Xiaye rushing down the stairs with her phone in hand, she asked, “It’s already so late. Are you heading out, Missus?”

Xi Xiaye nodded gently. “I’m going out for a bit. Remember to watch over Xiao Cheng. I’ll be back very soon.”

Then, she walked downstairs to the living room, pulled the drawer open and rushed to get the car keys.

“Missus, do you need anything? Let me go. It’s still raining outside. In fact, your body’s just recovered, so it’s not suitable for you to drive either,” Sis Wang said.

“It’s fine. I’ve asked the doctor and they said it’s fine. He’s not back yet although it’s so late. I’m a little worried,” Xi Xiaye said, and before Sis Wang could answer, her slender figure had vanished out of the door.

“Missus! Missus!”

Sis Wang chased after her, yet the rain continued to pour steadily outside, so she could only stop at the entrance of the villa. After a while, she heard the sound of two honks, and then a strong beam of light pierced through the drizzle. The black Porsche turned into a black silhouette, driving into the misty rain.




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