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(Chess Piece (2)

Gu Lingsha…

They were not exactly close. That woman seemed prideful. Yue Hai had told her to befriend this woman, and she tried. Gu Lingsha seemed friendly on the surface, but she did not take Xi Xinyi seriously at all.

After several attempts, Xi Xinyi gave up trying and would just greet her if she happened to see her in Qi Kai.

However, why did Mu Yuchen bring this woman’s name up now?

Xi Xinyi had some questions. After some time, she sniffled as she looked at Mu Yuchen. “I do see Manager Gu in Qi Kai sometimes, but we don’t really talk that much. What do you mean by that?”

Xi Xinyi wiped her tears away as she calmed down. At this point, she was willing to do anything in order to see her son and get him back.

After all this time, only she would understand what kind of struggle she had to go through, especially after her conversation with Xi Xiaye. While she did not gain so much of an insight, she did feel a twist of regret.

Without appreciation and compassion, she would be the one at a disadvantage in the end.

She could not push all the blame to anyone else since she was responsible for the state she was in today.

“I want you to stay near Gu Lingsha and keep an eye on her. Tell me immediately if anything happens.” Mu Yuchen was straightforward and told her his intentions. His voice was calm as he lightly rapped the cold railings lightly before him. The clanking gave Xi Xinyi the creeps.

She looked at Mu Yuchen in confusion. She was not sure what he meant, so she asked, “Chairman Mu, please explain more!”

Mu Yuchen glanced at her disinterestedly. “I’m sure you’re at least aware of the competition between Glory World and Qi Kai.”

“So, you want me to be your spy?” Xi Xinyi caught onto the idea in just a moment.

“I’m sure you know what role you’re playing in Qi Kai since they’ve spent so much money to get Yueying under their wing,” Mu Yuchen said. He then peered out at the misty lake. “You’re a smart person. Everyone surely thinks you and your sister hate each other after all that’s happened, so you are…”

“I’m a valuable chess piece. I understand what you mean, Chairman Mu. So, you want me to be a spy in Qi Kai and keep an eye on Gu Lingsha and the rest?” Xi Xinyi grinned as she looked at Mu Yuchen. A glimmer flashed in her eyes. “How are you so sure that I’ll help you? You’re the one that caused me most of my misfortunes, Yueying’s downfall, and the destruction of the Xi family. Don’t you think that I’d hate you? Why should I become your spy willingly?”

Mu Yuchen put on a wry smile. “I can’t control what you feel towards me. I can’t be sure if you’ll help me as well, but I know you’re a smart person and you’d know that you don’t really have much of a choice. If I can provide you a solution, what kind of answer would you give me?”

Mu Yuchen’s gaze became sharp, and she was pressured by his glance alone to the point that she felt suffocated.

She definitely needed a chance. No, she needed a solution. She could not afford to lose her child, on whom she had placed all her hopes.

“Don’t you want to know who pushed you and framed you?”

Mu Yuchen was right on point, rendering Xi Xinyi speechless for a moment.

“You found out who it was?” She looked up in shock and stared at him intently.

Mu Yuchen was expressionless as he gave Li Si a signal and quickly handed a document folder to her.

“The information in there will answer you. I’ve told you what I wanted, and you’ll be making the decision. I’m sure you know what the correct answer is. Do you really think Qi Kai will treat you well? Your father still had an important place in your sister’s heart, so you’re pretty lucky.”

He turned around coldly and walked past her.”I’ll give you some time to think about it. It’ll be a huge gamble for you. I’ll send Li Si to see you again.”

“Chairman Mu…”

Mu Yuchen had already walked away when Xi Xinyi wanted to say something else. In just a moment, he had disappeared amid the misty rain.

On the way back, Li Si observed his Master carefully from the rear-view mirror. He did not understand his Master’s behavior. It seemed like he was going to give Xi Xinyi a chance. Was he expecting her and Missus to reconcile after what she had done?

Xi Xinyi looked much worse than before. She seemed as if she was ten years older, her former bright and attractive image nowhere to be seen. Her experience in the past year had left a huge impact on her.

If Master had these thoughts, how could he be so sure Xi Xinyi would help?

Han Yifeng was still in San Francisco while the Han family still held considerable power here. They were not particularly concerned about Xi Xinyi anymore since their divorce was just a matter of time.

A lot of questions flashed past in Li Si’s mind, and he finally asked—




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