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( Chess Piece (1)

“Chairman Mu…” Xi Xinyi muttered.

It had already been more than a month since that incident passed. During this time, she struggled to get ahold of herself. She had more or less also heard some of the things he had said to Xi Xiaye the other day too.

After that, for a long time, Mu Yuchen did not come looking for her, and this incident seemed to have settled down. Unexpectedly, he suddenly came looking for her now.

“I wonder what you need me for, Chairman Mu?”

Even though Xi Xinyi was unhappy with Xi Xiaye, her resentment was stronger than her sadness. However, when it came to Mu Yuchen, she dared not be reckless. Perhaps, it was also because this man had always existed as an unapproachable leader, so she knew her place much better in front of him.

“It’s been over a month. I want to know what you’ve reflected on.” Mu Yuchen’s calm voice came through.

“I… I didn’t push her. I’m also a victim. Xi Xiaye… She also told me that she saw the car leaving then. I didn’t do it! Don’t accuse me!” Xi Xinyi’s dim eyes were filled with a hint of nervousness as she quickly defended herself.

“You know how it’s like to be falsely accused. Back then, Xiaye suffered so much more than what you’re going through now. Don’t you have the least bit of self-awareness at all?” Mu Yuchen’s voice was very deep, yet it contained a frigidity that made Xi Xinyi shudder.

She snagged her red lips on her teeth before quietly lowering her head. “I admit that I did her wrong in the past, but I’ve paid the price. Right now, my family’s in shambles, my husband has abandoned me, even my child has been stolen from me, my mother’s crippled, and the Xi family’s no longer around. Isn’t such a bitter ending enough? Or do you two just want to push me off the edge?”

“Your life is worthless to me. You brought all of this onto yourself. Your sister has already pleaded for you. You must know that I didn’t plan to let you off back then, but for the sake of your sister and your father, I won’t make things too hard for you.”

“Plead? Would she? Ha! I wouldn’t thank her!” Xi Xinyi smiled bitterly. Even though she said it in a provoking tone, it no longer had the hostile threatening attitude.

“She doesn’t care about your attitude, but with me, I’m not satisfied with your performance.”

“What do you want?” Xi Xinyi fixed her gaze on Mu Yuchen’s back as if she was throwing daggers at him.

“You understand very well what your sister wants. She hopes that this incident will just end here, so everyone can keep the peace. I respect what she wants, so I won’t continue investigating either. The other day, we unintentionally mentioned you. Obviously, Father hopes that all will return to peace, thus today, I’ve come looking for you to confirm something first,” Mu Yuchen said calmly, yet Xi Xinyi already knew what he meant.

“You don’t have to continue. I admit that I’ve lost completely. As for Xi Xiaye, I have nothing else to say to her. Even though I wasn’t the direct cause of the incident this time, I’ll consider things even,” Xi Xinyi replied desolately and bitterly. She looked like she had resigned to fate. What else could she do right now?

She lost a love that she wanted to hold onto, and her son. All of the things she cared about have broken despite her persistence, and now she was alone like a walking corpse.

She suddenly missed those times in the past. Back then, many people adored her and Han Yifeng tolerated and doted on her, but now, those were all gone. It was as if she had aged by the decade. She could not feel spirited at all. Even if the movies that were released in the theatres performed spectacularly at the box office, it did not give her the kind of happiness she expected to experience.

Everything was ruined by her persistence. The twisted bitterness that she had buried deep down for more than 20 years turned her into the person she was right now.

As she thought about it, she suddenly realized she did not know why she hated Xi Xiaye so much. After all, she had gotten Han Yifeng, and was already the winner, so why did she still have to trample on her?

She thought about Han Yifeng and her son.

Had her son probably learned how to sit by now?

Xi Xinyi felt a sourness rise from her stomach. Her eyes could not help but redden as hot tears instantly fell. “I admit that I went overboard and was wrong to her, but I never once regretted stealing Han Yifeng from her. She doesn’t even love Han Yifeng all that much. I’m the only one who loves him the most!”

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen calmly turned around and watched her crying pitifully in such a sorry manner. He did not care how pathetic she appeared as he said indifferently, “You should keep these words for Han Yifeng. Do you still want to see your son?”

After Mu Yuchen said that, Xi Xinyi immediately looked up with her teary eyes and stared at him, stunned. “Do you have a way to help me meet my son?”

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze calmly and looked at the surface of the rippling lake. “I can help you fight for the chance to, but I must be sure that you’ve turned over a new leaf.”

“If you could let me see my son, I’d promise you anything. As long as you can make Han Yifeng return my son to me, there’s nothing else I want. I’ll do my best to repay you! You have a way, don’t you? I’m begging you, Brother-in-law. I’m begging you. Ask my sister to beg Han Yifeng. I know I’m wrong. As long as my son comes back to me, I’ll do anything. I can’t lose him…”

Xi Xinyi reached out to grab Mu Yuchen’s sleeves. She practically kneeled as the suppressed pain in her finally rushed out like a broken dam.

“What are you doing?!” Attacked by surprise, Mu Yuchen instantly frowned and waved her away in disgust. Xi Xinyi practically fell to the ground, but thankfully she managed to hold onto the railing beside her and steadied herself.

“I’m sorry. I was just too emotional, Chairman… Brother-in-law, do you have a way?”

Xi Xinyi did not care how bad she appeared. She lifted a hand to wipe away her tears and was filled with hope as she looked at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen wiped down his sleeves a few times as if it had been contaminated with something disgusting. His handsome face colored with anger while his dark eyes flashed with gloominess, taking Xi Xinyi by surprise as she stood there trembling from the cold. She dared not anger him any more.

After a while, Mu Yuchen finally calmed down and concluded coldly, “I can help you fight for a chance, but I have one condition.”

“What condition? As long as I can do it, I will!”

“You should know who Gu Lingsha is, don’t you?” Mu Yuchen tone was extremely indifferent.

“Gu Lingsha?” Xi Xinyi sniffled, wiping her tears as she muttered softly.




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