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(Wedding Night (4)

The night was getting late. As the storm incessantly assaulted the night, the cold wind ruffled the muslin curtains that hung down, making the outline of the shadows seem mottled too.

Inside the spacious and cozy bedroom, Ji Zitong stood at the bedside and silently watched Su Chen who was busy by the cupboard. She did not know what to say because she was naturally not used to having to suddenly share a room with a man she was not quite familiar with, so she just stood there without moving.

Su Chen had left the military for many years now, but there were some habits that had not changed since he had been with the troops such as the way he arranged his wardrobe. Ji Zitong could see that his wardrobe was neat and distinct. Even the entire large bedroom was very clean and tidy too with not a thing misplaced.

Su Chen put Ji Zitong’s clothes away into the wardrobe. When the bag was down to her undergarments, he straightened up and said in a deep voice, “The drawer inside is empty. Put it in yourself. Underneath the sink in the bathroom is all the new everyday necessities.”

He had just finished when his phone that he set aside suddenly buzzed. He quickly picked it up, and based on the conversation, it sounded like matters at the bureau. After he hung up, he looked contemplatively at her. “Settle your things, then go take a bath and rest early. I still have some things to handle.”

Ji Zitong nodded while he walked out of the bedroom in huge strides after he picked his phone up.

As she listened to his footsteps gradually move further away, Ji Zitong sighed. Even with her calm personality, she was still slightly nervous in such a situation as she was not sure how best to face it. Nonetheless, it was a fortunate thing that this man was quite at ease, so he did not feel awkward.

She looked at the closed door that had a small gap open. Then, she rolled her shoulders before walking over to swiftly pick up her luggage and put her garments into the drawer. In fact, she noticed that there were quite a number of women’s clothes in the wardrobe with the tags still on, indicating that they were all new. There was even a pair of pajamas and a nightgown. She recalled what he said earlier-they seemed to have been prepared for her.

Ji Zitong felt astonished. Nevertheless, she did not think too much about it, and just took her own pajamas she brought and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Of course, when she walked out, the large bedroom was still empty. She frowned at the large and comfortable bed, still feeling nervous and uneasy for some reason. Then, as she turned to look at the door for quite a while, she wondered if he would immediately want to do anything with her since it was their first night together. After all, he seemed like he was still a decent man.

As she mulled over this, Ji Zitong still felt it was hard to accept immediately having to perform those kinds of duties, so she planned to just get away with it. When he got back, she would have fallen asleep, so he would not really do anything, would he?

Ji Zitong was a mess inside. Inhaling a deep breath, she quickly tidied up, and without waiting for Su Chen, she pulled the blanket aside and lay on the bed.

However, Ji Zitong was actually worrying too much. Su Chen had never had much interest in women. Before he could even try to do anything, he could still maintain his calmness, but this might not be true once he had had a taste of he

He was a workaholic. Marrying Ji Zitong was a stop-gap measure. Obviously, he would not think too much, so when he was done with his list of work, it was already close to 1 a.m. He totally forgot that he had a woman that he had just married in his bedroom.

When he returned to the bedroom and saw that the light was still on and the bump on the bed, he remembered what had transpired that day.

He silently switched off the main light, and only left the dim light by the bathroom on before he gingerly looked for his pajamas and walked to the bedroom.

When she heard the sound of water from the bathroom, Ji Zitong, who had always been a light sleeper, was awoken. She quietly slept on her side and was not sure how long had passed before she felt the blanket beside her being pulled aside. The clean and lush smell of a man closed in on her, making her feel surprisingly nervous. A thin layer of sweat involuntarily gathered on her palms.

Su Chen took the remote control and aimed it at the curtains which quickly lowered. The sound of storm was cut off outside. After that, he did not say anything. Ji Zitong was hesitating whether she should say something to him or not. Alas, before she could, she faintly heard the sound of steady breathing.

‘A certain someone doesn’t seem to feel uneasy at all,’ she thought to herself. Was it just her who was thinking too much?

Ji Zitong wondered for a long time in the darkness before she carefully turned to look beside her. Then, she realized that the man was also sleeping on his side with his back facing hers.

She almost did not sleep the whole night. Sleep eventually claimed her at dawn when she could not hold up any longer. When she woke up, Su Chen was no longer by her side. The space beside her was a little cold, so he should have gotten up quite early. Ji Zitong grabbed her phone to look at the screen through dazed eyes. It was almost 10 a.m.!

She had woken up so late!

She got up awkwardly as she cleaned up and walked to the living room. There was already breakfast on the dining table. It should have been ordered from outside. There were plain porridge and some pastries.

Ji Zitong thought about it for a moment before she sat down to quietly enjoy her breakfast. She felt that this was a decent arrangement, so they could avoid any awkwardness.


It was a Sunday, so Xi Xinyi was still on a break. She woke up early in the morning while the mist still engulfed the house, and the air was hazy with a light drizzle.

Xi Xinyi did not expect that Mu Yuchen would come looking for her again.

It was early in the morning, so she had not fully woken up when she heard someone knocking outside her door. Upon going out to look, she saw that it was Li Si waiting outside. Something must have happened on Xi Xiaye’s end!

She freshened up and went over with Li Si to a pavilion by the lake at a park near her villa.

When she went over, Mu Yuchen was already waiting by the lakeside. He stood there looking aloof and extraordinary with both hands behind his back. His tall figure seemed quite bleak, yet she remembered this man’s cruelty, so she could not help but feel afraid again.

There were no conclusions about the incident with Xi Xiaye’s premature delivery for a long time. She thought that he must be here to ask about it, but she really did not push her!

“This way! Master’s been waiting!” Li Si urged her in a tone that was not courteous at all. He did not forget how this woman had previously plotted against their Missus!

Stunned, Xi Xinyi did not dare to breathe too hard. She struggled a bit, and then finally walked forward silently.

She carefully took more than ten steps forward, and finally stopped behind Mu Yuchen. Xi Xinyi silently looked up at the handsome figure of his back, her soft voice containing a hint of fear.




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