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(Wedding Night 3)

Ji Zitong had been to Su Chen’s place.

However, his place seemed different from the last time she was here. The large house had changed into a new style. Now, it was a very refreshing American country design. The large fish aquarium in the living room had been moved to the French window by the balcony.

“It was very rushed. I only had time to prepare some everyday items for you. The bathroom’s in the bedroom. Take a shower. The weather’s a little chilly. Meanwhile, I’ll prepare dinner.” Su Chen set the things aside on the sofa as he took his coat off.

“Let me help.” Ji Zitong felt a little awkward as she looked around this strange space. She was not quite sure what she should be doing.

Su Chen turned to look at her before focusing his gaze on the clock on the wall which showed that it was 6 p.m. He did not say anything as he silently walked towards the kitchen. Ji Zitong quietly followed him from behind.

He did not usually eat at home, so his kitchen was very clean. She glanced around and guessed that this kitchen probably had not been used for at least a week.

He had just taken the ingredients out from the refrigerator when Mu Yuchen called. Already knowing what it was about, Su Chen answered it calmly.

Indeed, at this moment in Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen was sitting on the lounge chair in his study room and leisurely looking out of his French windows at the dark night as he held his phone.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to leisurely brush past the tip of his brow as his voice that contained a smile came through. “Did it go smoothly today?”

Su Chen sliced the ingredients with one hand as he calmly answered, “Duh! Have you ever seen me not handling things smoothly? I just think I was a little too heavy-handed. Hopefully, there won’t be any backlash.”

“Don’t worry. I did a brief check. Your father-in-law’s a very open-minded person. Since you’ve married his daughter, just treat her well. Xiaye reminded me earlier to tell you not to bully Ji Zitong.” Mu Yuchen chuckled.

“Only you know how to be good to your wife. If we’re going to talk about doting on women, I don’t think I’ll do worse than you. Alright, that’s enough nagging. I’m cooking. Let’s find a day to drink and chat freely then. I’m hanging up now!”

Then, before Mu Yuchen could answer, he hung up and tossed the phone onto the table before he started getting busy again.

On the other end, Mu Yuchen watched his dimmed phone screen, and raised his brows, feeling a little surprised.

Had this punk actually hung on him like that?

He barely said anything!

This was quite a rare situation. Furthermore, he was cooking too!

Mu Yuchen fell silent, and then when he looked out of the window again, a faint smile flashed across his handsome face.

This spring had arrived unhurriedly. Was Su Chen’s spring probably in season too?

“What are you smiling about, looking all creepy?”

Right at this moment, a clear voice suddenly appeared beside him. He turned toward the source of the voice in surprise and realized that his wife was standing beside him with her arms crossed over her chest. She was squinting at him with a fixed gaze.

He laughed out softly and reached out his arms to her.

Xi Xiaye’s beautiful eyes let out a faint light before she walked over obediently.

He held her hand and put his arm around her slender waist as he asked softly, “How can you use that term to describe me? Where’s our son? Sleeping again?”

She stood quietly beside him and took a glance at his phone before she asked, “I just gave him a bath earlier and coaxed him to sleep. Who were you on the call with?”

“Su Chen. He’s probably cooking right now. It’s rare to see him this eager. Usually, it’s Zimo and I cooking when we go to his place. Now that he has a wife, he knows how to take the initiative.” As he said this, he lowered his head to kiss the back of her hand.

“Well, it looks like him and Zitong… but this is a good thing too. Elder Su and the rest are mild-natured people. They’ve been worried about Su Chen, but I do find it quite odd. How did the two of them get together just like that? Zitong was by my side every day just a while ago, and I didn’t notice her interacting with Su Chen.”

“Will you only allow us to get married in the spur of a moment while others can’t?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m just really curious if something happened. Was it Su Chen who proposed to Zitong?”

“Who cares who asked first? The point is that they’re together now!”

“Won’t you let me just be a little nosy?” Xi Xiaye shot him a look with a trace of hidden bitterness.

“What good do I get out of that?” He raised his brows and gave her a faint smile.

“Of course, there are incentives, and I saw a Chen Xiang Buddhist bracelet. Is it for me?” She squinted and looked flatteringly at him.

Earlier, when she was tidying the drawer beside the bed, she found a gift box inside. When she opened it, she realized it was a Chen Xiang Buddhist bracelet that had a delightful fragrance, and she wondered if it was a gift for her.

“I bought it for myself.” Mu Yuchen scowled at her. He put it there for so long, but she only noticed it now. There was no surprise of receiving a gift at all.

When Xi Xiaye saw this reaction of his, she immediately smiled and quickly kissed him on the lips. She asked excitedly, “I knew it was for me. I’m worried about what to give Mother for her birthday to express my feelings. Great! We’ll just give her this.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen was stunned. He looked helplessly at her and said, “Are you a pig?”


Xi Xiaye did not understand.

“That’s my present to you for Valentine’s. Now, besides not even realizing it, you want to give it to Mother? You’re really getting better and better at doing kind gestures with little extra cost for yourself.” He pinched her at the waist unhappily.

Xi Xiaye raised her brows justifiably, “Aren’t you happy that I’m good to your mother?”

“You don’t know how to appreciate your husband’s kindness at all.” He lifted a hand to gently knock her head and smiled. “You and mother seem to be quite close, aren’t you?”

“Mmm, earlier, when you weren’t around, she took really good care of me. Right, she even told me about you and Lingtian the other day. She said that back then, she and Father neglected you slightly because they pitied Lingtian and Lingshi. She even said that she feels like she didn’t do enough for you. Have you ever blamed her for it?”

“It’s been so long. As the eldest brother, I’m not that insensible.”

When Mu Yuchen said this, he seemed to hesitate a little. Earlier, she was good to Lingtian. However, after that, closer to his and Gu Lingsha’s wedding date, she seemed to have called Lingtian to her study room quite a few times, and they eventually had a fallout.

If Xi Xiaye did not mention that, he would not have recalled this.

She knew that he would be unhappy when these matters were raised, so she very knowingly changed the topic.

“Hmm, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about the South River project.”




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