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(Want To Share Your Burden (5)

The frigid rain went on as the strong breeze messed up their clothes. Qi Lei shuddered slightly because of the cold, yet his eyes never moved away from Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen stood there quietly as his mind replayed Qi Lei’s words. At that moment, he could almost hear the sound of his own heart breaking. He took several deep breaths to calm himself down.

The reason that he had been looking for all these years finally came to him.

What else could he say?

After some time, his expression returned to normal.

“Gu Lingsha told you it’s my child?” Mu Yuchen asked calmly.

“She didn’t. She told me to ask you, but I think I know the answer after seeing your reaction! Are you still telling me you don’t have a past with her?” Qi Lei put on a sarcastic smile as his gaze towards Mu Yuchen turned unfriendly as well.

Mu Yuchen did not reply. His eyes darkened as his expression turned aloof.

“Is it really such a difficult question to answer?” Qi Lei was getting impatient.

Mu Yuchen glanced at him, hesitating for a moment before asking coldly, “So, you think it’s mine?”

“Who else could it be? Lingtian’s? Or Qi Feng’s?”

“You should have asked her. Wouldn’t she know who the father is?” Mu Yuchen took a deep breath, allowing the cold breeze to calm him down. His voice sounded hoarse as he spoke, “There’s no point finding out who the child’s father is anymore since they’re already dead. Just act like you never knew about this. It might be good for both of us.”

“Good? Escaping from reality isn’t a good thing.”

Mu Yuchen closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. “I’m not escaping. There are some things better left unknown. You’re here to meet me today because you don’t fully trust Gu Lingsha, right?”

Qi Lei was stunned for a moment. He seemed a little lost as he remained silent for a while. “I just wanted to know what happened. Moreover, Xiaye is a great woman, and you should really be treating her well. I see myself in her and I hope that she can live a happy life.”

Mu Yuchen’s expression softened when he looked at Qi Lei. “Aren’t you worried that I might be thinking about something else when you tell me that? I’m not a very generous man.”

“That’s your problem, but well, it might just be my admiration. All my hopes and dreams were crushed one after another. After that, I finally found something, and I hope I don’t lose it as well.”

Qi Lei’s smile turned bitter as Gu Lingsha’s beautiful face appeared in his mind along with the scene at her office the other day. His heart was wrenched in pain.

“It won’t disappear. I’ll tell you this since you really want to know. Xiaye is my only woman. I hope that you won’t mention this to me again and just let it go. If the secret is exposed one day, then… That’ll be it then. Maybe everyone will feel better that way,”

Mu Yuchen seemed sad, and his head felt a little heavy as he coughed slightly before looking outside.

Qi Lei felt odd. Mu Yuchen started talking again when he was about to ask something, “I hope this is it since you’ve got an answer from me. There’s nothing left to be traced, and you don’t know anything about this. Can you do that?”

“What’s the reason?” asked Qi Lei upon noticing Mu Yuchen’s unease.

“There’s no reason. Just take it as I owe you one. If there’s anything you need me to do, I’ll do whatever I can.”

“Haha, is Mu Yuchen actually begging me?” Qi Lei suddenly started chuckling though his eyes were filled with complicated emotions. He stared at Mu Yuchen for a while before leaving.

“I’ll trust you this once. It’s just that. You’ll lose the love of your life if you lose this bet!”

“Never! She’ll stay by my side forever,” Mu Yuchen gave a firm reply.

Qi Lei stopped and said, “Good luck then!”

When Qi Lei arrived near the entrance, he saw Xi Xiaye standing beside the staircase with a black umbrella.

She wore a light-colored casual outfit with a windbreaker on top whilst her beautiful long hair was left untied behind her back. She just stood there quietly while looking at him.

Did she hear their conversation just now?

Qi Lei clenched his fists and was angered by his own carelessness. Maybe he should have talked to Mu Yuchen about it somewhere else.

“Are you going back?” Xi Xiaye broke the silence first.

He looked at her for a moment before nodding his head.

“Mr. Mu made breakfast. Come join us before going home,” she offered.

He smiled as he gave her a grateful glance, but he shook his head. “It’s fine. I’m not hungry. How are you and your son? By the way, I’ve forgotten your son’s name.”

“We’re great. That little guy is called Mu Zicheng. Isn’t it pleasing to the ears?” Xi Xiaye smiled proudly.

“Mu Zicheng?” Qi Lei nodded. “That’s a good name indeed! Alright, I won’t bother you guys anymore. See you soon!” He then walked down the staircase and went past her.


Qi Lei spun around to look at her when he heard her.

Then, Xi Xiaye handed her umbrella to him.




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