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(Want To Share Your Burden (4)

It had been a long time since Su Chen had someone look at him with a sharp and pressing gaze like that.

He removed his arm from Ji Zitong’s shoulder as soon as they entered the house. When he saw Ji Zitong’s parents sitting on the sofa, he greeted them humbly, “Hello, I’m Su Chen. I’m sorry that I didn’t visit earlier.”

Ji Zitong’s father threw Su Chen a sharp gaze without saying anything while Chen Ling, her mother, gave him a smile. She patted Ji Zitong’s father’s hand when she noticed he was not responding. “It’s fine. Come here and sit down, Tongtong!”

She signalled Ji Zitong with her eyes.

Ji Zitong nodded and made a cup of tea for Su Chen.

“Come to the martial arts center with me!” Ji Zitong’s father suddenly stood up and walked forward.

“Father!” Ji Zitong called out to her father before she glanced over at Su Chen in worry.

“What are you doing? Just ignore him, Xiao Chen. He’s always like this. All the guys at the martial arts center had to go through this before.” Chen Ling frowned at her husband.

Su Chen then realized what was happening. He glanced over at Ji Zitong as her father’s voice reached them once again. “I’ll have to see if you’re capable of protecting my daughter!”

Ji Zitong’s father was serious, and his aura was not inferior to Su Chen’s.

“Don’t mess around, Father. The fact that we’re already married won’t change even if he can’t beat you.”

“You’re still in my house and you’re defending him already? Su Chen, come over if you’re a man!” Ji Zitong’s father roared at them. Ji Zitong frowned and was about to say something back, but Su Chen stopped her as he whispered beside her ear, “Do you want me to win, or your father?”

She rolled her eyes at him as he casually followed behind her father.

The bad weather from last night continued all the way until the next morning. Except for the rain and the occasional thunder, it was pretty quiet inside Maple Residence.

Mu Yuchen did his best to let go of his woman to get up and prepare breakfast.

His phone started ringing as soon as he finished making breakfast. It was a call from Qi Lei.

Ten minutes later, in the Maple Residence backyard garden, Qi Lei was standing behind the flowers as he leaned against the stone pillar. He was smoking as he stared into the rain. There were a lot of cigarette butts in front of him, and he smelled like he had drunk a lot too.

He also looked tired, wan and sallow.

“Don’t tell me you were out all night.” Mu Yuchen stopped by the railing as the drizzle continued to fall. They could feel it even though they were under the shelter, and Qi Lei’s outfit was starting to get wet.

“It sure is tough to meet you.” Qi Lei threw away another cigarette butt as he glared at Mu Yuchen, his tone cold.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Yuchen put his hands onto the cold railing before him as he asked since he could sense something odd from Qi Lei’s tone.

Qi Lei grinned as his eyes darkened. “Mu Yuchen, I think I’m impressed by your straightforward attitude. You have something that I don’t.”

Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows as he tilted his head and looked at Qi Lei in surprise. He smiled and then looked away. “I’m honored. Speak your mind. I’m not very fond of small talk.” He averted his gaze and continued looking at the rain outside.

Qi Lei took a deep breath and nodded. His eyes were fixed onto Mu Yuchen as he asked, “Was there really nothing between you and Shasha in the past?”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes narrowed when he heard the question. He turned around and looked at him as he threw him a sharp gaze. “What do you mean by that?”

“Just answer me!” Qi Lei tone was firm.

Mu Yuchen looked into Qi Lei’s eyes and replied, “We didn’t. I know you’re doubtful about that period of time, but I’m going to tell you this. I left City B on the night I promised Gu Qiwu. The one staying with the Gu family had always been Lingtian instead of me. I also remember Qi Feng visiting the Gu family frequently at that time. I’m curious. How could you not have known?”


Because he was trapped by Wang Qin and could not get out.

Qi Lei took a deep breath as he put on a bitter smile. “Shasha was pregnant when she left back then. However, the child was gone due to the accident. She told me to ask you when I questioned who the child’s father was.”

“What did you say?” Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened as he squinted at Qi Lei.

Qi Lei spoke in a sorrowful tone, “I knew she was pregnant then, but before I could find out who the father was, that child… If that child was yours…”

Qi Lei’s eyes turned icy all of a sudden. “If it really was yours, then Shasha definitely has a legit reason to hate you, and it’s an act of betrayal to Xiaye!”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes started to look empty. He just stood there quietly for a while as his face turned pale, and his expression was beginning to get uneasy.

As Qi Lei observed what happened, he was shocked to see the usually calm Mu Yuchen react like this.




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