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(Want To Share Your Burden (3)

Xi Xiaye held her breath as she helped to change the baby’s dirty diaper. She was holding in her laughter when she saw her man trying his best to wash the baby’s butt, but at the same time, she felt a little bad for him.

Miraculously, as if their son knew his father was trying hard, he stopped crying and was very cooperative during the process of diaper changing. Afterward, the baby made some sound like he was trying to speak. His eyes were staring right at his father.

Mu Yuchen endured his urge to vomit and was finally done cleaning up the baby’s mess. He quickly stopped Xi Xiaye just as she was about to throw away the soiled diaper.

“Don’t move and hold him. I’ll handle this!”

While he could not stand the smell himself, he would not want to let her touch it at all.


Before Xi Xiaye could finish her sentence, he had already finished cleaning up everything and threw them into the trash can outside. She then saw him rushing into the toilet to throw up.

It was really tough for someone with an obsession with cleanliness!

Xi Xiaye had conflicted feelings when she looked at him. She then turned back to look at her baby who was swinging his fists around with a smile on his face.

Xi Xiaye gently held him and smiled. “Baby, you really gave your father a lot of trouble.”

Of course, the baby had no idea what she said. He clenched his fists and swung them around carelessly. Xi Xiaye held his hands as she walked into the bedroom. She also had a feeding bottle in his mouth.

Mu Yuchen took a long time in the bath that night. He only came out of the bathroom half an hour later. By then, the little guy had his stomach filled and was asleep again.

“Have Aunt Lin and the others to take the shift next time.”

He thought about what had happened just now, and…

“Actually, I can do it myself. Now, you know it’s tough being a parent, huh?”

Xi Xiaye gave him a teasing glance. “By the way, you mentioned that something happened to Su Chen. What was it?”

“Su Chen got married. Do you want to know who the woman is?” Mu Yuchen shot Xi Xiaye a mysterious glance as he lowered his voice.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows. She remembered Su Chen had always been single. Her man had even left two empty houses near Maple Residence for Su Chen and Zhou Zimo as their marriage gift. This was a piece of very sudden news that took Xi Xiaye by surprise.

“Who is it? Do I know her?”

“Of course! It’s Ji Zitong. Just like us, they went to get their certificate done first. He’ll be visiting her parents tomorrow, and he asked Zhou Zimo over to learn a thing or two about how to get on his in-laws’ good side.”

Xi Xiaye was shocked and opened her eyes wide when she heard the news from Mu Yuchen. “Zitong? How is that possible!”

“Why not? Ji Zitong left a special impression on Su Chen a very long time ago. Maybe it’s fate. Similar to us, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what kind of life they’ll lead, especially Su Chen. He’s a dominant guy, but Ji Zitong doesn’t seem like she’ll compromise.”

Last night, when Mu Yuchen was about to head home right away, Zhou Zimo had called him over to Su Chen’s place. Only then did he find out that Su Chen and Ji Zitong had gotten married. Zhou Zimo then asked his secretary and Su Chen’s assistant to quickly prepare gifts.

It was his first time officially visiting the Ji family. As their son-in-law, Su Chen only brought his assistant over.

The car was parked beside a streetlamp near the Ji family’s house which was where he parked the other day.

He was wearing a casual suit instead of his usual uniform. With a strong body and a handsome face, he did not seem as rigid as he was during work. Instead, he seemed more mature and elegant today.

“Chief Su, is this the place?” asked Assistant He who looked at the house in front of them.

Su Chen got out of the car after parking it, and Assistant He quickly followed him.

As he stepped onto the road, he saw a blue figure. It was Ji Zitong waiting by the roadside.

Ji Zitong was dressed quite casually today in a pair of jeans plus a white t-shirt as well as a hand-knitted sweater. She tied her long, black hair into a bun too.

Her skinny figure was standing in the drizzle. She slowly walked over when she saw Su Chen.

“Why are you waiting down here? It’s cold outside, and it’s raining too.” Su Chen looked at her, his tone a little reprimanding

“Hello, Madam!” Assistant He came over and greeted her.

Ji Zitong nodded. “Hello!” She turned over to him. “I just came out. I spoke to my parents briefly about it. They are both waiting for you at home now. Don’t worry. My mother had a talk with my father, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Su Chen had a smirk on his face. “Why? Are you worried that your father won’t approve of me?”

“I just don’t want my parents to get too worked up. Their health is my concern. I’m not sure if they can take this.” Ji Zitong glanced at him.

Su Chen smiled and casually put his hand into his pocket. He tossed the car keys to Assistant He before wrapping his arm around her shoulders as they went forward.

“I haven’t met anyone I can’t convince,” he said, giving her a mysterious smile. “Don’t worry. I did some homework last night.”

Ji Zitong did not say anything and just gave him an intrigued glance.




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