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(Want To Share Your Burden (2)

Mu Yuchen paused to look up at Xi Xiaye and his gaze darkened. In a brief moment, he calmed down again and took the bowl before Xi Xiaye to get her some soup. “The pen that was up for bidding?”

She nodded gently and quickly got up to walk to the living room. Taking her phone from the coffee table, she found the picture that Mu Lingshi sent her. Then, she walked to his side and showed him her phone. “It’s this one. It should be that pen. That’s why I found it a little odd. Didn’t you say that Gu Lingsha got the pen through the auction? Could this pen have been sent over to Ah Shi by Gu Lingsha. There’s one more thing; they sent it straight to France.”

Mu Yuchen looked quietly at the image of the pen, and then tossed the phone onto the table. “It’s been a while since the auction before the thing reached her…”

Mu Yuchen did not continue what he was saying, and just silently smiled coldly.

When Xi Xiaye saw his response, she did not say anything either.

“Let’s eat first.”


The husband and wife sat down across each other once again.

“Try this. I called Mother to teach me. Try it.”

Xi Xiaye put a slice of fish into his bowl, her starry eyes flickering as she looked at him in anticipation.

“It looks pretty good. Are you planning on becoming a good wife and loving mother now?” Mu Yuchen chuckled, he was not stingy with his praises. Her pink lips curled up slightly, and her brows went up too. “I have been a good wife. You just haven’t let me properly show my skills off.”

He chuckled without a word, and elegantly ate the food she served him.

“How’s it?” she asked eagerly.

“Of course, it’s not bad. Have some too. I see that other people become chubbier after confinement, but why do you seem skinnier? I wish I could become tonic food and feed you every day like this.”

He spooned some dishes for her too.

“Have I? I find that I’ve been able to eat quite a bit recently. You don’t even eat as much as me, and I’ve been worried that I won’t be able to recover my figure.”

“It’s fine if it won’t recover. You’re not a woman waiting to be married anyway. What are you worried about? At most, I can be your human Simmons mattress.”

He glanced at her meaningfully, and studied her loose blouse. The relaxed collar could not hide her exquisite and beautiful collarbones, making him sigh to himself.

He had really been counting down the days. At first, when they united in marriage, it had been more than a month before he touched her, yet he did not quite feel anything. He had no desire and had a strong restraint, but ever since they did it, his self-control was becoming weaker and weaker…

Then, he remembered that this little woman still wanted to give birth to a second little demon. He recalled that time when she was pregnant for 9 months.

He just…

A human Simmons?

Xi Xiaye was stunned. After that, she realized what he meant, so she rolled her eyes at him. “If I really become that huge monster, then I’ll just be inseparable from you. Let people know I’m your wife since you’re the one who’s embarassed.”

When he heard her reply, Mu Yuchen’s brows peaked. He stuffed the food in his chopsticks into her mouth and smiled to say, “That’s a pretty wicked move. I should praise your self-awareness for having heightened. However, don’t worry. No matter what you turn into, I, Mr. Mu, will definitely be willing to bring you along, mmm?”

Upon hearing that, Xi Xiaye pursed her lips and smiled calmly. “If I become a white-haire, fat, old lady, would you still be willing to bring me along?”

“No matter what you turn into, you’ll always look the way we first met to me. In fact, how do you know I won’t be a rotten old man when the time comes?”

He seemed like he was imagining some of their future. Every time he spoke about it with her, the smile on his handsome face would always be very gentle and filled with warmth.

“There’s no way you’d become a rotten old man. You’d only become even more profound and sophisticated with the flow of time. When that happens, more women will flock to yo. Meanwhile, I’d then really become a fallen flower.”

As she said this, she looked pitifully at him, and her calm voice sounded slightly melancholic.

It was rare seeing her acting like a little woman. Mu Yuchen suddenly felt delighted by this. He could not help but lift a hand to knock on her head gently. “Mr. Mu has long been hung to death on this tree of yours, worrying about personal gains and losses.”

“Worrying about personal gains and losses means I care about you.”

Xi Xiaye subconsciously justified herself, but she quickly stopped and cleared her throat. Then, she quietly lowered her head to continue drinking her soup.

Mu Yuchen’s silent gaze suddenly brightened up like star light as he smiled quietly and stared at her quietly for a long while. After that, he sighed a little and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll always be like this until the day we both grow old.”

The rest of his life belonged to her.

The meal ended very quickly, and the maids came to put away the cutlery. Then, the husband and wife went upstairs. After Xi Xiaye showered, she prepared the bath water for Mu Yuchen too. Mu Yuchen wanted to go in with his clothes when unexpectedly, the loud sound of wailing came from the baby’s room.

“He’s awake?”

Xi Xiaye, who was tidying up the clothes in the wardrobe, quickly put aside the clothes and rushed to the baby room. Mu Yuchen followed after her too.

Indeed, in the cradle, little Zicheng was crying loudly. Xi Xiaye quickly carried him up carefully and gently patted him, yet the little guy’s cries did not calm down. After a while, Mu Yuchen handed a warm milk bottle over. The little guy’s head turned left and right as he kept crying.

Xi Xiaye frowned as if she realized something. She quickly put the little guy onto the couch.

“I’ll call for Aunt Lin.”

Mu Yuchen was experienced. As long as it was a hygiene problem, he would just toss it to Aunt Lin and the rest.

“Aunt Lin and the rest went home already since it’s the end of the month. Let me do it.”

Xi Xiaye was frowning at this moment. Even though she usually watched Aunt Lin changed his diapers, she had not done it many times, so naturally she was not very nimble with it.

“Never mind. Allow me.”

Mu Yuchen. who had been frowning behind suddenly spoke up. Without waiting for Xi Xiaye to react, he already volunteered himself and walked to the wardrobe to take a diaper out as he planned to show off his skills.

He was the little demon’s father, and it was just a matter of changing diapers!

It should take minutes!

Of course, Xiao Zicheng continued to cry non-stop, but seeing he was so eager, Xi Xiaye behaved and moved to the side as she watched him in amusement.

Mu Yuchen consoled the little baby like he knew what he was doing as he slid the baby’s pants off and opened the diaper, then…




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