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(Want To Share Your Burden (1)

It was still early spring weather. The sky was still bright earlier, yet in the evening it suddenly turned gloomy. Without anyone realizing it, the sky was covered in a blanket of haze which was accompanied by the sound of muffled thunder.

Work was over, so the entire office was quiet. When Mu Yuchen walked out of the office, Li Si and the arranged car were waiting at the entrance.

“Master, the gift is prepared. Are we going over right now?”

Initially, he did decide to attend a partner’s daughter’s birthday party. Mu Yuchen did not like drinking parties like these. However, because everyone was around at such occasions, it would not do him any good to reject them upfront, so he agreed. As the head assistant, LI Si naturally had to remember these things well.

“Attend it for me. I want to go home earlier today.”

Mu Yuchen cleared his throat. His woman at home had been tolerating him for quite a few times now. If he could avoid attending drinking parties like these, he would not.

Then, without waiting for Li Si to respond, he took the car keys from the driver. “I’ll drive myself home today. Chaffeur Wang, go get another car from the company garage and sent Assistant Li over. Both of you don’t have to come with me.”

In the blink of an eye, the car slowly drove into the night ahead, weaving into the unending stream of cars and vanishing.

After a while, Li Si just shrugged and nodded at the chauffeur, and they acted accordingly.

He had promised Xi Xiaye at noon that he would be home earlier for dinner. Since it was the end of the month, they gave Aunt Lin a two-day break. Apart from Sis Wang at home, there was only Xi Xiaye, the little bun that had just turned a month-old, and Mu Zirui.

Speaking of which, the husband and wife had not had such quiet and leisurely moments like before for a very, very long time now. They had too many things to do recently, so there were undoubtedly changes to their simple life.

He drove quickly through Fatong Avenue, and stopped in front of a florist that he frequented. Soon, he carried a bouquet of blue roses back to the car, then continued rushing home.

At this moment inside Maple Residence, Xi Xiaye slept for a whole afternoon after going home. When she woke up in the evening, she saw that her son was still sleeping soundly, so she briefly tidied the place for a bit and went downstairs, feeling a rare enthusiasm to cook for the night. Sis Wang saw that she was in quite a jolly mood, so she did not say anything and happily let Xi Xiaye take charge. Even so, Xi Xiaye told her to go home.

It was the end of the month. For the past month, Sis Wang had been taking care of her. Although she lived nearby, she did not have a chance to go home. Xi Xiaye felt bad, so she wanted to let her reunite with her family for the next two days.

Sis Wang responded gratefully. However, she still helped Xi Xiaye prepare the ingredients and arranged for the maids’ shifts before she left Maple Residence.

She had not cooked for a while now, so she was quite rusty. To begin with, her culinary skills were not much, so there was nothing to show. The only thing she could cook quite satisfactorily was the instant noodles ala Xi Xiaye.

After quite a torment, she finally managed to prepare three dishes and a soup. When she served it, it was already dark outside. She returned to the bedroom to see the little fellow still sleeping soundly. Xi Xiaye did not wake him up. Instead, she just changed his sleeping position and let him continue sleeping.

There was a rumbling and some crashing.

Then, a white light flashed before her sight. Instantly, rumbles were followed by the sound of tinkling and thudding. It was the sound of raindrops on the glass windows. Xi Xiaye quickly got up to close the windows and draw the curtains. The little fellow’s ears were sensitive, and he would be easily awoken by the littlest of sounds.

In these short ten days or so, she and Mu Yuchen had had it tough. Late at night when the husband and wife wanted to talk, if they chatted about interesting things and got a little louder, the little guy would immediately open his eyes. After that, Mu Yuchen would ask Aunt Lin and Sis Wang to take care of the little fellow, but…

The time slowly passed. The wall on the clock showed that it was 8 p.m., yet he was still nowhere in sight. Xi Xiaye called his phone, but he did not pick up. After waiting for quite a while, in the end, she was worried and took the umbrella, wanting to walk out for a look.

However, she had just walked out of the door when the sound of the door creaking open across her echoed. The man’s handsome and tall figure appeared in the rain. Apart from the briefcase in his hand, he also held a bouquet of pretty blue roses. When Xi Xiaye saw that, she quickly walked up to him with the umbrella.

“It’s pouring. Why aren’t you using an umbrella?”

“It’s so cold out. Why are you out here?”

The two anxious voices were heard at the same, yet the moment he finished, his long arm had already circled around her frail shoulders, and his large hand held her cold little one as they quickly walked into the house.

Xi Xiaye closed the umbrella and hung it up as she took off his coat and draped it on the rack. She asked, “It’s already 8 p.m. I didn’t see you, so I wanted to go check at the door. Change your clothes first. You’re completely wet! Why were you so late today? I called Li Si, but he said you didn’t go for the event.”

“I received Zimo’s call. Su Chen encountered a slight situation, so I had to go to Zimo’s office at the last minute.” Mu Yuchen’s face brimmed with a faint and elegant smile. He looked like he was in quite a pleasant mood, and the light in his profound eyes was gentle. When he responded, he handed the bouquet to Xi Xiaye.

A smile quickly flashed across Xi Xiaye’s elegant face. She took the bouquet, and Mr. Mu already very knowingly bent down slightly to bring his handsome face closer to her. Xi Xiaye could not help but roll her eyes, then give him a light peck on the cheek as he wished.

“How’s Su Chen? You look exceptionally happy. Tell me. Let me be happy about it too.”

“I’ll tell you later. Where’s our son? Why’s the house so quiet?” Mu Yuchen soon realized the odd atmosphere of their home.

“Still sleeping. It’s the end of the month, so I let Sis Wang and the rest go on break for a few days. Wash your hands and let’s eat first. The food’s just been heated up. I’ve waited on you for quite a while.”

Xi Xiaye put the bouquet onto the table beside and walked over to the dining table. “Right, Ah Shi called me earlier.”

He wiped his hands and sat across her as he asked calmly, “What did she say?”

She and Ah Mo had not returned with any news for a long time. Earlier, he heard that Ah Mo seemed to have found something, yet after a few days, they returned empty-handed. Mu Yuchen could guess that things were not as simple as they thought.

“She said something weird. She said that she received the pen.

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