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(Interrogation (2)

Upon hearing that, Gu Lingsha forced a bitter smile, then shook her head. Her tone was clearly colored with some sadness, yet she responded with a feigned relaxedness, “I’m fine, Uncle Qi. I’m just sorry that I caused a fall out between you and Qi Lei. I’m really sorry.”

Qi Qiming waved his hands and lamented, “This isn’t your fault. The conflict between us isn’t recent.”

“Uncle Qi, actually Qi Lei cares a lot about you. Now that this happened, why don’t you tell someone to hold him back first? Once there’s a misunderstanding, it takes a lot to resolve it. Earlier, he was just saying things out of anger, so don’t take it to heart, Uncle Qi. Don’t let Qi Lei feel disillusioned. He’s always been a rather vulnerable person,” Gu Lingsha said a little anxiously as she looked towards the empty entrance.

“He’s always never needed to—”



Before Qi Qiming could finish, a wine-red figure had already come in with the wind as if there was a sudden tornado. They could not even react when a loud slap was heard, and then there were cries!


“All for this slut! What have you done to her?”

Wang Qin stern and gloomy voice contained a hint of ruthlessness as she clutched Gu Lingsha’s hair. As she lifted a hand, two slaps fell. Gu Lingsha only had time to shriek in shock!

“Wang Qin, you vicious woman! What are you trying to do!?”

Qi Qiming reacted quickly enough. He gripped Wang Qin’s hand with which she wanted to continue her assault and pushed her back. Because he was too strong, she staggered back quite a few steps before she managed to steady herself. Her beautiful little face was swelling with two red, almost symmetrically-imprinted marks on both sides of her face. Her hands reflexively held her face, and the burning sensation of hurt made her tear up involuntarily, yet she continued to gaze up and fix her stare at Wang Qin before her.

“What am I trying to do? I want to ask what you two did to Xiao Lei instead!” Wang Qin pulled her hand back. Her sharp gaze could not hide the resentment that was on the verge of exploding.

“Shasha, are you okay?” Qi Qiming looked to Shasha with concern.

Gu Lingsha sighed and tried hard to hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes. After a while, she shook her head and held down the coldness that flashed in her eyes. Her fists clenched slightly as she stared at Wang Qin while her raspy voice brought a hint of bitterness. “Aunt Wang, what is the meaning of this?”

“Meaning? You know well yourself! You slut, who do you think you are? You should’ve died in the accident years ago, yet you crawled out of nowhere to harm others again. Xiao Lei has never had it good since he’s known you. Do you think a woman of two minds like you deserves to be with Xiao Lei? Give up! It’s not enough that you’ve wrecked Qi Feng, and now you want to drag Qi Lei down too?” Wang Qin questioned her in a rage.

“I don’t know what you mean, Aunt Wang. Lei and I are innocent. I told you before. In fact, I’ve clearly told you before that my decision to enter Qi Kai for work this time is just to obey my father and Uncle Qi’s business decision. Father hopes that I can learn some practical lessons from Uncle Qi. I don’t understand why you’d accuse me like this. I don’t want to explain much. If you insist on placing such accusations on me, I have nothing to say either!” Gu Lingsha’s tone was firm and resounding while she looked calm and lacked fear.

However, when she heard this, Wang Qin just sneered in disdain. “Innocent? If you’re innocent, then why do you call out to my son so intimately? You should be calling him Master Qi too! Earlier, you looked all wronged at the meeting. Weren’t you doing that for Xiao Lei to see? Do you really think I’m blind? I’ve never seen such a shameless woman. Wouldn’t it fine if you’d just stayed by Mu Yuchen’s side properly back then? Now, great, Mu Yuchen wouldn’t even spare you a glance. I don’t even know if Qi Feng is dead or crippled, and now you want to get a share of Xiao Lei? You don’t even stop to think if you deserve to. You don’t even have the right to appear in front of him now. Do you understand?”

“Enough, Wang Qin! Don’t go overboard!” Qi Qiming looked extremely cross as he glared at Wang Qin and did not let her continue spewing nonsense.

Gu Lingsha’s little face was exceptionally gloomy too. She snagged her red lips until they almost lost their color.

“Shut up! Qi Qiming, you bastard! You don’t have the right to kick a big fuss up with me! You hit Xiao Lei, didn’t you? How dare you hit him for this woman? What’s wrong? Do you want to sleep with her now? Look at you being all anxious now. Can you please grow up?”

Wang Qin’s lips curled up in disdain. Her gaze looked as if it had been tempered with poison as she stared coldly at the two of them. “What else do you know except to vent to my Xiao Lei every time? I will just make myself clear today. I, Wang Qin, only have this one son. He’s my life. If anyone dares to hurt him, that means they’re asking for my life! And whoever’s asking for my life, I’d fight to beat them down first!”

That unfriendly tone with her sharp and imposing manner sounded apathetic to Qi Lei. He looked up straight at Wang Qin. That curl on her lips looked mocking no matter how you saw it.

“Wang Qin, you should consider your words before saying them out loud!” Qi Qiming said through gritted teeth.

“I considered them very well! Gu Lingsha, if you want to stay in Qi Kai, I can’t stop you, but you better stay away from Qi Lei. Someone like you doesn’t even deserve to be near my son! You got that? If whatever happened today happens again, I wouldn’t be just giving you two slaps!” Wang Qin declared meanly as she pointed at Gu Lingsha.

“What a bold tone. Qi Kai’s not up to you, Wang Qin! You’re too reckless!” Qi Qiming smacked Wang Qin’s hand away. His gloomy and cold voice brought a clear warning.

Wang Qin pulled her hand back unaffected. She went closer to Qi Qiming and said with a lowered voice, “If you push me to my breaking point, I’ll do anything! My whole life’s ruined. I won’t let my son follow in my footsteps!”

She left these words before turning around to leave without a second look at Gu Lingsha.

“Lingsha, are you okay? Don’t mind her. She’s got a temper like that. Oh dear, your face… Let me get the secretary to have you checked at the hospital.”

“It’s fine, Uncle Qi. I’ll just get myself some ice cubes. Don’t blame Aunt Wang. She cares a lot about Qi Lei. I understand how she feels!” Gu Lingsha held her face as she said calmly, yet her lowered gaze hid the layer of gloom she felt.




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