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(Interrogation (1)

Mu Yuchen frowned as he leaned back in his seat. He did not seem very bothered as he looked in front and noticed Li Si’s concerned gaze. “I’m fine.”

“Chauffeur Wang, what’s wrong?” Li Si calmed down when he heard Mu Yuchen’s reply. He shot Chauffeur Wang a darkened expression, and the chauffeur was sweating as he explained, “I’m sorry, Master, I saw a dog crossing in front of the car just now, so…”

“It’s fine. Continue driving.”

Mu Yuchen was still calm as usual. He already went back to reading his documents while Li Si was still fretting. “Be more careful!”

What if Master had been injured?

Li Si was really shocked just now. He was reminded about the accident back in City B. Master knew what happened, but he did not continue the investigation or take any action in the end. What was he thinking?

Chauffeur Wang nodded. “I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful from now on. I’m sorry, Master!” He then continued to drive carefully.

At this moment, the phone started ringing. Li Si picked it up and noticed who was calling, so he turned towards Mu Yuchen and said, “Master, it’s a call from Master Qi. Should I…?”

“What’s the time now?” Mu Yuchen asked.

“It’s almost 3 p.m. now. We should be able to make it back for the meeting,” replied Li Si as he took a glance at his watch.

Mu Yuchen flipped another page and replied without even batting an eye, “Don’t take his call. Give him a call back after that.”

Li Si nodded, rejecting the call. “Yes, Master!”

The car slowly arrived at Glory World Corporation as they spoke, and Mu Yuchen closed his documents.

On the other hand, Qi Lei walked out of Gu Lingsha’s office angrily. His expression was sour as his call was not picked up. He called the number again and still did not get a response. The slap mark on his face was extremely obvious, and the swelling had gotten worse.

Qi Lei had a cold smile plastered on his face as his phone screen darkened. He kept his phone and noticed Wang Qin right in front of him.

Wang Qin was heartbroken to see him looking so pathetic. She teared up and just looked at Qi Lei without saying a word. A cold light flashed past in her eyes when she saw the swollen mark on his face.

After some time, Wang Qin called out to him, “Xiao Lei…”

Qi Lei looked downwards as he grabbed his phone tightly and took a deep breath. He looked away and continued walking forward.

Wang Qin grabbed Qi Lei’s arm when he walked past her. She asked him in a grim tone, “Xiao Lei, did he slap you? Did that bastard slap you?”

Qi Lei shook off her hand. Though his voice sounded calm, it was also bitter and lifeless. His anger sounded like sharp knives to Wang Qin’s ears, and her tears started to fall as the knives stabbed into her. “It’s none of your business. Don’t get yourself into trouble.”

“Xiao Lei!”

Wang Qin grabbed Qi Lei who was trying to leave, her voice sounding irate. “How could he do this? How could he slap you? What right does he have to do that?”

Wang Qin had no idea what happened. She just wanted to come and see Qi Lei. Unexpectedly, she saw Qi Qiming rushing towards Gu Lingsha’s office with a grim expression, thus she went over to take a look as she sensed something was not right. She did not expect to see Qi Lei coming out of Gu Lingsha’s office like this!

Qi Lei shook off Wang Qin’s hand again. While the slap mark seemed painful, he was not portraying any emotion of any sort. Instead, he smiled drily and said, “I bet he wanted to do this since a long time ago. Let him be. You don’t have to bother yourself with him. You know very well what kind of person he’s like.”

He then walked forward without looking back.

“Xiao Lei! Listen to me…” Wang Qin tried to catch up to him.

At the same time, inside Gu Lingsha’s office.

Qi Qiming finally calmed down after he unleashed his anger. He put his hands on the table in exasperation as he glanced at all the papers around the room. Even after taking several deep breaths, his expression still looked stormy.

Gu Lingsha slowly went closer to him.

“Don’t be angry, Uncle Qi. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have triggered him like that. I knew he…” Gu Lingsha seemed uneasy as she looked at Qi Qiming guiltily with a frown. “Qi Lei has always been like this. I should’ve known better. Maybe my return has triggered some serious disturbance within him. I just didn’t expect Xi Xiaye to be so important to him to the extent that he’s doing this to us. It seems like his hatred for Mu Yuchen has disappeared.”

“That unfilial child!” Qi Qiming looked at the empty entrance in disappointment. “His personality is just like his mother’s, always like going against me. You’ve seen what happened at the meeting today! The two of them are definitely hoping for me to die. I wouldn’t have taken action against them if they’d just give in and not go against me, and just look what he did just now!”

“Uncle Qi, actually, Qi Lei…”

“I’m still alive! How dare he?! Lingsha, please don’t mind him.”




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