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(Fall Out (2)

A sneer flashed across Gu Lingsha’s face. “Are you so sure that I did it? If I said it wasn’t me, would you believe me? Or did Xi Xiaye tell you herself that I pushed her?”

Qi Lei’s expression stiffened for a while as he looked at Gu Lingsha with mixed emotions. “How am I supposed to believe you? You don’t want to live peacefully and insist on starting these storms. Shasha, I don’t believe that you’re that kind of woman!”

“That kind of woman? What kind? You barge into my office and condemn me for no reason. Don’t tell me it’s just to stand up for Xi Xiaye!”

“Shasha, I’m worried about you. I hope you won’t go down the wrong way and hurt the innocent! Xiaye’s friend is still unconscious until now. Can’t you reflect upon yourself? Now, you’ve even made a move on Xiaye. You’re crazy! Do you really think that Mu Yuchen’s a fool in the dark?”

Qi Lei clenched his fists in frustration and knocked on the table in front of him. Because he was so strong, the cup of coffee in front of Gu Lingsha shifted and the strong brown liquid splattered all over the table.

Upon these words, Gu Lingsha’s expression instantly became gloomy and stormy as she laughed coldly at Qi Lei. “Do you think that I was in that accident intentionally? Do you think that I intentionally crashed into that Ruan Heng?”

Her cold tone contained obvious fury. Gu Lingsha pointed at herself and glared at Qi Lei. When she saw him return a dangerous gaze, she immediately raged. “I, Gu Lingsha, dare swear that if I really did crash into him on purpose, I’ll be killed as soon as I walk out the door. My corpse will be crushed and I’ll die horribly! Are you happy now? I was a victim of the accident too. Even if I have the ability to predict things, I couldn’t have known that I’d crash into Ruan Heng. How dare you blame this on me? How dare you blame me?”

“No matter what, you’ll have to take some responsibility, won’t you? He’s still unconscious right now, and we still don’t know if he’ll be waking up. Do you think I don’t know that Su Nan was at the police station because of you the other time? If Mu Yuchen hadn’t come looking for me, you probably wouldn’t have let go of Su Nan, would you? What do you want? Mu Yuchen is Mu Yuchen. If you’ve got grudges and resentment, go look for him. Why do you have to include others?” Qi Lei demanded with a sunken gaze.

“I didn’t know that you’ve become such a hero who hates evil now! Su Nan’s incident had nothing to do with me. It was the police that made errors while doing their work. If you have to put it on me, I had nothing to say. If you want to know the answer so badly, then I can tell you that I did all of it. I did everything from crashing into someone, making some people end up in the police station, and causing that incident where Xi Xiaye almost had a miscarriage. Are you happy now? You’re already set on the idea that I did it, so I have nothing to say. You can go and expose me now too. Let me be criticized and disdained by everyone. I don’t care anyway. I’ve already died once. Do you think I’d care about anything else?”

Gu Lingsha sounded like she had given up on herself. As she sneered while feeling ridiculous about herself, her stubborn voice sounded determined. It made one feel sorry for her. Even Qi Lei seemed to have gone a little speechless as he slowly released his clenched fists, yet the gloominess in his eyes did not fade at all.

After a long while, Qi Lei said, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Then, what did you mean with your questioning tone? Am I so unacceptable to you!? If you’ve got anything else to say or any advice, you can say it all now since you want to just casually vilify me anyway!”

Gu Lingsha’s clear voice now sounded slightly raspy. Her beautiful eyes started to redden, and her fists were tightly clenched at the moment as if she did not care about Qi Lei. She stared at him with furious and stubborn eyes, her vigor no inferior to his.

“If you didn’t do it, then why would you be afraid of others vilifying you? Shasha, whether I’m speaking as a friend or as a playmate who’ve known each other since we were young, I hope that you can just live a simple and magnanimous life! Don’t cling onto the past. What do you want? Do you want to live a quiet and stable life? I know that Qi Feng didn’t die. As long as you two are willing to settle down and not be tangled with the past, I’m willing to give the whole of Qi Kai to you two as a wedding gift. That way, can you promise me?” Qi Lei’s deep eyes gathered with dark whirlpools as it fixed unmoving on Gu Lingsha.

When Qi Lei said that, Gu Lingsha was stunned. She looked at Qi Lei with an unfathomable gaze, and after a long while, she forced a laugh. “Qi Lei, would you actually do this for Xi Xiaye? Have you fallen in love with her or something?”

“Don’t keep trying to drag others in. It’s got nothing to do with Xiaye! I’m concerned about you! Why don’t you understand? You also said that Lingtian used his life to protect you. Is this how you’ll repay him? Putting aside hurting his younger sister, now you even want to hurt his kin too? Shasha, wake up!”

“Shut up, Lingtian! If the accident didn’t happen, would Lingtian have died? I’m taking revenge for Lingtian now! How am I wrong? You know that Lingtian has a prejudice against Mu Yuchen. How do you know for sure that the accident back then wasn’t according to Mu Yuchen’s directions? How can you understand where I’m coming from without knowing anything?”

“Reason! Where’s your reasoning? For what reason should Mu Yuchen be setting you up? All of you betrayed him first!”

“Reason? You’re right. Mu Yuchen’s not a fool. Do you really think I didn’t know that the reason he’d agreed to the marriage back then was just a strategy to delay? Hmph, Lingtian heard himself that he told Su Chen that marrying me was just a move in the chess game. Once the time came, he’d just divorce me!”

“Divorce? Does that mean that child is definitely not Mu Yuchen’s?” Qi Lei caught onto the key message.

“How do you know it’s not his? If it’s not, why do you think I’d dare get married into the Mu family? You know that Ah Feng and I have never done anything. He respects me very much!” Gu Lingsha raised her brows and smiled coldly, yet her smile lacked genuineness.

“Impossible! He told me himself that he’s never been with you! You even hid your pregnancy from him, and he doesn’t even know about the child! Shasha, tell me who does the child belong to? Tell me! Is it Qi Feng, or Lingtian?” Qi Lei fixed his eyes on Gu Lingsha. Today he must get to the bottom of this!




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