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(No Room For Regrets (4)

Su Chen nodded and made a pertinent judgment. “Quite a friendly person, but I didn’t greet her properly. I hope her impression of me won’t be too bad.”

Ji Zitong’s dark red lips curled up as she smiled and calmly said, “Don’t worry about that. My mother’s got an alright impression of you, but on my father’s end it might be a little… My father’s slightly old-school. He cares a lot about customs and traditions. You didn’t visit him at our home, and now that we’ve just registered our marriage, I’m afraid that he’d be more or less unhappy, but don’t worry. He’s quite an understanding person. As long as you perform alright, he won’t make things too difficult for you.”

After briefly explaining the situation about her two elders at home, the waiter quickly served their food,

“Master Su, Miss, enjoy!”

Su Chen was a regular at this restaurant, so he was quite familiar with the waiters there too.

While Ji Zitong’s words made Su Chen ponder things a little, right now he was someone else’s son-in-law. To be honest, he had never curried anyone for their favor, thus he really had no idea how to do it. He thought to himself that he should really ask his secretary to help him with that.

When she saw Su Chen frowning slightly, Ji Zitong laughed to herself and consoled him, “My father likes to exchange hands over martial arts with others. I remember that you’re quite skilled. Just based on this point alone, you should be able to gain some respect from him, so you don’t have to be too worried either. I will…”

Su Chen raised his handsome brows and glanced at Ji Zitong. He said softly and a faint smile flashed on his handsome face, “Are you worried that I won’t be able to pass your father’s test?”

Ji Zitong’s expression turned stiff, and she did not answer his question. Instead, she looked down quietly and focused on cutting the steak on her plate.

Su Chen reached over with his long arms and swiftly took over the fork and spoon from her hands. He skillfully helped her slice the steak on her plate as he said, “Don’t worry about me. As long as it’s a woman I’m willing to marry, they’ll only strongly agree to it and never go against me, so they won’t make things hard for you. My grandfather and my sister have a good impression of you. With their recognition, there’s basically no more issues after this. Go home and pack up tonight. Tomorrow I’ll go to visit your parents, then you can move over to my place.”

Move to his place…

Ji Zitong subconsciously trembled while she looked at him before gazing down at the folder beside his hand. As if she just realized something, she nodded and quietly responded, “Alright.”

As Su Chen helped her cut the beef on her plate into bite sizes, he did seem like quite a gentle and polite gentleman right now. Of course, it was a side that Ji Zitong had never seen before. From what she knew, this Su Chen had always been an imposing and devilish instructor. In fact, because of their past grudges, to be honest, she did not think highly of him.

Therefore, right now she was a little surprised to see this side of him.

Upon noticing Ji Zitong’s gaze, Su Chen frowned, and asked with a deep voice, “What are you looking at? I can’t make you full.”

Ji Zitong averted her gaze. “Nothing. I just feel like you do have some redeeming qualities.”

“Oh?” Su Chen raised his brows and grinned as he said, “I do have many redeeming qualities. Your decision will only bring you gains and no losses.”

“But to me, you haven’t left too positive an impression, but now I find you aren’t quite the same,” said Ji Zitong after she pondered for a moment.

“Work and life are two different things. There are some moods I keep for my own people,” Su Chen explained briefly with a calm expression. “Eat first.”

Their meal was not awkward. During military training, they had lived together anyway, so he roughly remembered some of her living habits. Although it had been so many years, the two of them had just about maintained the same habits from before, so right now they did not feel too reserved. After all, shyness and restrain would only seem pretentious.

Throughout the meal, the two had a rather happy and satisfying time, and there was no feeling of pressure or restraint.

When they were done, they rested for a moment. When the time was past 1 p.m., Su Chen then said, “Let’s go. I’ll send you back first.”

Then, he got up and walked out.

Ji Zitong was stunned. She quickly reached out to pull at his sleeve as she lowered her voice and reminded softly, “Hold on. We haven’t paid yet. They’ll call us dine-and-dashers.’

When Ji Zitong said that, Su Chen suddenly smiled mysteriously and looked at her. He chuckled amusedly, “Who told you that we’d have to pay to eat at our own restaurant?”

“This restaurant is yours?” Ji Zitong stared at him blankly.

“It’s a restaurant that I invested in with Ah Chen and Zimo in my free time. This place is quite close to Zimo’s office. Zimo comes here for meals quite often too. There are also one or two more in the north of the city. Next time, you can come here to eat since this place isn’t too far from your flower shop anyway. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a card,” he explained.

“But can government officers…” Ji Zitong asked in puzzlement.

Su Chen raised his brows, not saying anything. Soon, his tall figure had already walked ahead. Ji Zitong hesitated for a moment, then did not say anything as she quickly followed after him.

It was a dazzling afternoon, and the warm sun sprinkled its gentle golden light. The wind that moved in the air was not as cold as early in the morning as it was now warming up.

Underneath the flower rack in the Shen residence backyard, Shen Yue sat on the rattan chair as he leisurely sunbathed while Mu Zirui sat on the chair by his side, holding a sketchbook and drawing in it.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye left after having lunch there. Mu Yuchen returned to the office while Xi Xiaye returned to Maple Residence.

Lan Zilang smiled as he watched Mu Zirui’s focused demeanor. He could not help but laugh softly as he said to Shen Yue, “Elder CEO, I can see that Zirui’s been adapting quite well. When I went to fetch him, his class teacher even praised him. In fact, our Zirui’s so smart that he can join Year One this July. It’s good for him to start studying earlier too. Back then, Miss Xiaye started quite early too.”

When he heard the update, Shen Yue nodded gladly. “This child’s smart just like his grandma. He thinks quickly. Right now, it’s not easy playing chess with him too. He’s more nimble than that girl. He’s got a good head on him!” said Shen Yue softly as he squinted at Mu Zirui.

“With Zirui around, Elder CEO, you won’t be as lonely. Later on, when Miss Xiaye takes over the company, you can have a good rest.” Lan Zilang smiled.




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