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(No Room For Regrets (3)

There were very few people around in the Civil Affairs Bureau at 11 a.m. They walked past the main hall and arrived at the marriage registration counter. The staff handed them the forms after they clarified their purpose of visiting.

Su Chen was very efficient. He took the photo and signed it swiftly.

The whole process took very little time. It happened just like that.

The two of them walked out of the building at around noon. Ji Zitong walked in front and Su Chen was right behind her. She suddenly stopped when she reached the staircase, and he stopped beside her too.

Ji Zitong turned around and looked at Su Chen who stared back at her as well. He raised his hand and waved the two bright red marriage certificates in front of her.

Su Chen opened one of them and glanced through it. Then, he closed it and handed them to Ji Zitong. “Take a look.”

Ji Zitong took them and quietly looked through the certificates.

The people in the photo looked a little awkward, specifically herself although the man seemed quite natural. She took a deep breath as she read their names. With a nod, she closed the documents.

Had she just gotten married like that?

Why did it feel like a dream?

Ji Zitong felt dazed as she looked at the gold imprint on the cover of the marriage certificate. In that instant, she felt lost. She thought about it and found it a little ironic. Nevertheless, she took another deep breath as if she was accepting her fate while she raised her head and looked at the warm sun.

A large hand came over and took the two red books away. “Alright, it’s too late even if you regret it now. There’s no room for regrets. Just take it as another new life experience. You should be celebrating the fact that you married me.”

Su Chen put the marriage certificates away.

Ji Zitong turned over and looked at him as a faint light flashed past her eyes. Instead of her usual coldness, she seemed calm. “I’m not thinking about whether I’m regretting it or not. I’ll follow the path that I’ve chosen. Will my life be as peaceful as the one I’m having right now?” She was staring at Su Chen intently when she spoke.

Su Chen frowned as he nodded. His voice was firm and filled with determination. “If that’s what you want, I’m sure it’s possible. I’m looking forward to a peaceful life as well. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made a promise like that with you.”

Ji Zitong nodded. “Is that what you thought too?”

“Of course, why else were my grandfather and my sister so worked up for?” Su Chen replied.

Ji Zitong chuckled. She nodded as she gave Su Chen a gentle glance. “Thank you.”

Su Chen did not reply and looked at the warm sun instead. “Let’s go eat something.”

The two of them went to a Western restaurant moments later, and each ordered food of their own.

“Do you want some wine?” Ji Zitong asked as she closed the menu.

Su Chen shook his head and said, “I’m heading back to my office later.”

Though he loved alcohol, his work forbade him from drinking during working hours. He had excellent self-control and would not touch any alcohol unless it was necessary for socializing purposes. This made a lot of people think that he was an anti-social person. In addition to that, Su Chen rarely attended entertainment events with his colleagues as well. Even if he were to attend, he would look as serious as usual.

People could not understand him. They respected and feared Su Chen at the same time, not only for his position but also because of his network.

Ji Zitong understood and did not say anything else. She handed the menu over to the waiter.

“I have a meeting in the south of the city at 3 p.m. later. I’ll send you home after our meal. Go back and pack up your stuff. I’ll head over and visit your house tomorrow since it’s a weekend. Is there any problem?” Su Chen asked.

Ji Zitong started to feel uneasy as she thought about it. She had just gotten married to a man without telling her family, so she had no idea how to tell her parents about this. Ji Zitong had a headache as she remembered her conversation with her mother last night.

Su Chen noticed her reaction and he just smirked. “Did you do it without telling them first?”

Ji Zitong was stunned. She looked at Su Chen with a guilty expression and sighed. “Sure, I was a little rash last night, but I’ll do what I promised. I just hope that you can work with me to convince my parents. Let them know we didn’t just do this on a whim and we’ll be doing well together.”

“So, you want me to put on an act in front of your parents?” Su Chen gave her a sharp gaze and asked a direct question.

Ji Zitong nodded. It was easier to make things clear now. She knew this man had always been this straightforward and direct. “It’s not exactly acting. No matter what, our marriage certificates are real.” She then continued moments later, “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to fulfill my role as your wife.”

“I see you’re quite understanding. I hope we’ll do well together then, Mrs. Su!” Su Chen felt that it was funny seeing her being so anxious with a cold expression. He raised his fruit juice and made a toast to her.

Mrs. Su?

Ji Zitong was stunned for a moment when she heard that term. She was caught off-guard by it. Then, she raised her glass of fruit juice as well and said, “Thank you. Let’s do our best together!”

“What do your parents like?” Su Chen put down his glass and asked.

“They are pretty normal. My father likes to drink and practice martial arts while my mother likes flower arranging and taking care of her flowers. There’s nothing too special.”

Ji Zitong was quiet for a while after replying. “You’ve met my mother last night anyway.”




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