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(Too Many Excuses (1)

After the first month of the New Year passed, many things got back on track again, and the past year gradually faded away. The entire city returned to its usual clamor and bustle. People were constantly on the move were rushing at a fast pace again.

A black luxury sports car slowly rolled into the carpark in front of the entrance to Qi Kai Corporation and came to a steady stop.

Qi Lei wore the same metallic gray slim-fit suit. He looked dapper when he got down from the car while Yang Sheng followed beside him, holding a briefcase.

Yang Sheng clutched his briefcase as he quickly caught up with Qi Lei’s long strides and said, “Master Qi, there’s a meeting with the upper management at 9 a.m. At noon, you have a lunch appointment with the CEO of Feng Shun. At the same time, you need to discuss the materials for the South River Project. At 3 p.m. in the afternoon, Glory World’s VP Zhang will be conducting an inspection at the construction site for the South River Project. Previously, you said you’ll be going with VP Zhang. This is the itinerary for today.”

“What time is it now?” Qi Lei put both hands casually into his pockets as he slowed down his steps and glanced at the frantic Yang Sheng.

“Master Qi, it’s 8.55 a.m., soon to be 9 a.m. We should be quick. Otherwise, we’ll be late for the meeting and CEO Qi won’t be happy again. Master Qi, let’s hurry.”

Yang Sheng was very anxious. With a boss like this, his heart could not quite take all the scares!

Qi Lei was always the kind of person who did things unhurriedly and always seemed very unorganized. Every time he went to work or for meetings, he would be just as calm, and get into the office or meeting room right on the dot. Even Yang Sheng was anxious watching him.

“We still have five minutes then, so what are you worried about?”

Despite seeing Yang Sheng’s red face, Qi Lei was calm as always. He strolled into the building casually and went right up to the elevator.

“Master Qi, CEO Qi… He’ll be unhappy…”

Yang Sheng could only sigh to himself. If only Master Qi knew how to curry favor from CEO Qi, things would not be like this right now, and the CEO would like Master Qi more.

“I can’t be responsible for his mood. It’s up to him whether he wants to be happy or not as long as I’m not late.” Qi Lei smiled coldly. Unaffected, he walked into the elevator with a cold expression while Yang Sheng sighed to himself helplessly as he followed him in.

The elevator reached a level below the top floor very quickly. The upper management meeting room was on that floor while Qi Qiming’s office was on the top floor.


The elevator chimed when it reached the floor where the meeting room was. When the doors slid open, Qi Lei walked out in huge strides, yet just as he turned—


A loud crash was heard as he bumped into a soft wall.


A familiar cry rang out. Qi Lei quickly looked down and then realized that he had bumped into Gu Lingsha!

She wore a light-colored Western dress from a spring collection. There was also a purple scarf tied around her neck while her beautiful hair was tied up into a beautiful bun. She wore light makeup, and her outstanding appearance naturally attracted many looks. Her entire presence made her seem extremely capable and intelligent.

Her appearance had no doubt become the attention of many. Everyone’s gaze immediately followed her.

However, at this moment, her light purple skirt was a little moist. With the shattered porcelain pieces all over the floor, mixed with the wet fragments, she looked like a mess. Besides that, the documents that had fallen onto the floor were wet as a result of the collision.

Gu Lingsha froze. Annoyance flashed in her eyes as she looked up at the culprit who collided into her. When she saw that it was Qi Lei, her expression eased a little. She looked up silently at Qi Lei, then laughed gently as she greeted him.


Nevertheless, Qi Lei’s expression remained cold. His silent gaze turned to the mess on the floor calmly, but he did not say anything. When his tall figure just walked over without even a glimpse at Gu Lingsha, his gaze was no different from looking at a stranger.

As his fresh and clean fragrance walked past her, Gu Lingsha’s expression turned pale and rigid in an instant. When she turned to look, Qi Lei’s tall and lean figure was long gone as his steady footsteps did not stop.

Yang Sheng, who followed behind, was stunned for a while too. He forced a sheepish smile at Gu Lingsha, and then followed after his master without saying anything.

In a daze, Gu Lingsha could vaguely hear piercing ridicule from the side. Of course, it was all from those women. After a while, she bent down in a sorry state to wipe her skirt as she squatted down to pick the documents up from the floor.

However, there were some male colleagues who went up to help her because they could not bear to see this scene.

“Manager Gu, let me help you!”

“I’ll help you too, Manager Gu!”

In an instant, a row of people got busy.

Gu Lingsha took those slightly wet documents and looked gratefully at the few male colleagues before her. “Thank you all!”

“Don’t worry about it, Manager Gu!”

Gu Lingsha smiled a little bitterly and then turned around to look towards the direction that Qi Lei had left. Her beautiful eyes could not help but darken as she sighed and blinked her slightly hot eyes. She felt sad and wronged for some reason, yet she just gritted her teeth and continued walking ahead.

Gu Lingsha was obviously there for a meeting. She had just started working at Qi Kai, and Qi Qiming immediately gave her the position as a project manager and even made her his titular assistant. He took really good care of her. Naturally, she would be included in the Qi Kai upper management meeting too.

When she reached the meeting room, the meeting was just about to begin. Qi Lei had already taken his seat. Across him was Gu Lingsha’s seat.

Gu Lingsha had just walked to her seat when Wang Qin said coldly, “Manager Gu, you’re quite arrogant. You’re almost late for your first upper management meeting.”

Just as Wang Qin said that, quite a few people looked at her. Gu Lingsha immediately looked awkward as she quickly apologized, “My apologies. There was a small incident earlier. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be late!”

Then, she looked up at Qi Lei across her, hoping that he could explain things and help her out. Wang Qin had never liked her, but usually, with Qi Lei around, Wang Qin would not dare to trouble her much.

However, right now, Qi Lei was not looking at her at all. He was browsing through a document. It was really just as Gu Lingsha had said that day. In the office, they could pretend to be strangers.




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