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(If You'll Marry Me Ill Marry You (4)

The man was still cruising in his Land Rover through the night while playing some uplifting music in the car. The traffic had become much smoother now. He glanced at his phone and noticed it was almost midnight.

Su Chen sped up the car. Instead of going home, he headed to his office. He had a meeting tomorrow morning at the headquarters but had left some documents in his office.

“The empty night sky with stars all over the sky; we’re not afraid of the hardships ahead…” he sang along to the music playing in the car. Suddenly, his phone started ringing and the screen lit up.

He slowed down and unlocked his phone. It was a message from an unknown number.

It was a very short text: If I’ll marry you, would you marry me?

Su Chen was stunned. He floored the brakes and stopped his car by the roadside. Then, he stared at his phone screen.

Ji Zitong?

Had she thought it through already?

Su Chen stared at the line of text for a very long while. After some hesitation, he finally called Ji Zitong.

Ji Zitong was feeling uneasy right after she sent the message, she had no idea why she sent that, and she was not sure why she felt uneasy, she gripped her phone tightly, the amount of force she was using could almost crush her phone.

She was shocked when her phone rang. She took a deep breath after she saw the caller’s name. After that, she picked up the call and Su Chen’s deep voice reached her ears, sounding so distant. “It’s me. I just want to confirm if you sent the message.”

Ji Zitong was quiet for a while. After that, she nodded and said, “I sent that. Does your promise still stand? If yes, I have one condition to add.”

Su Chen raised his eyebrows when he heard her reply. He considered it for a moment and then said, “Of course, but do tell me your condition.”

Ji Zitong took a deep breath as her grip on her blanket tightened. She had to muster all her courage in order to be able to speak right now. “I don’t want a contracted marriage. I want a real marriage.”

She did not want bigger issues coming for her in the future. Besides that, she also wanted to be responsible for her own marriage as it was not meant to be used as a tool for trade.

Su Chen’s eyes darkened as he gave her suggestion some thought. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

“I know. This is just what I thought. Are you daring enough to do so? It’s your decision to make now.” Ji Zitong sounded calm all of a sudden. “I’m tired of getting bugged about this already, so I might as well find someone that I know. If you don’t mind me being from a lower social class, I’m willing to marry you, but are you willing to marry me?”

Su Chen chuckled. “Social class? I don’t care about that. There’s no reason for me to decline, is there?”

“So, do you mean you agree?” Ji Zitong asked quietly.

“At 10.30 a.m. tomorrow, meet me at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Bring your identification card. I have a meeting at the city town hall tomorrow, and it’ll end by 10 a.m. so I’ll be there by 10.30 a.m.” Su Chen was very decisive.

“Tomorrow morning?” Ji Zitong was stunned to hear his reply. Though she knew Su Chen was always very decisive, she did not expect it to be this soon. Was it not too quick?

“Mmm, any issue with tomorrow morning?” Su Chen asked.

“Not really, but don’t you think it’s too fast?” Ji Zitong replied.

Su Chen grinned as he leaned against the car window. He looked out at the dim streetlamps as he said, “Ji Zitong, you were once a soldier. We need to make decisions quickly at key moments. I remember that you had this quality in you back then. Are you hesitating now? Do what you need to and don’t let your problems hold you back. That’s what I think about it. If you’re willing to, then I’m giving you a chance tomorrow. The promise will be void if I don’t see you.”


“Alright, go to sleep. You have one whole night to think about it. I’ll leave if I don’t see you by 11 a.m. tomorrow.”

Su Chen then hung up on the call. He stared at his phone as the screen darkened, sucking in a deep breath as his gaze turned complicated. He could not help but smoke another cigarette.

He was addicted to smoking. Among the three of them, Mu Yuchen would smoke occasionally, but he stopped smoking ever since he married Xi Xiaye and would only take a drag or two when they gathered while Zhou Zimo never touched cigarettes at all.

He started the engine again after finishing two cigarettes. The car rumbled onto the road in the middle of the night.

The next morning, Mu Yuchen had already gone to work when Xi Xiaye woke up.

Her son had woken up several times in the middle of the night, and Mu Yuchen was the one that went and calm him down. He had been sleeping in the living room or the study room for the past few nights, and Xi Xiaye knew very well why.

While she felt sorry for him, it was funny to her.

She woke up when she heard their son’s cry, but he already rushed into the room and picked the baby up.

“Missus, it’s going to soon be a month since you gave birth. Since we’re not having a full moon celebration for Little Master, are we expecting a hundred-day celebration? Just asking so we can prepare for it,” Sis Wang asked as they were having breakfast.

Xi Xiaye stopped and thought about it. “Let’s leave this aside for now. I’ll talk to your Master first before deciding. I’ll be going to the hospital with the baby later, and Xiao Rui will be following me. He’ll only be going back to school next week. Give Xiao Rui’s teacher a call and inform her.”

“Noted, Missus. I’ve called them just now. Missus, Little Master has been very obedient and rarely cries. Aunt Lin mentioned he is one of the easiest children she has ever taken care of.” Sis Wang chuckled.

“He’s alright, but he gave his father quite a bit of trouble last time. His meeting documents are still in the study room. I’ll send them to him later.”

While she could finally go out after a month of staying at home, she still had to go to the hospital for a check-up.




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