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(If Youll Marry Me Ill Marry You(3)

Su Chen smirked as he watched the two of them walk into their house. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and started smoking.

He closed the door to his car and smoked half the stick as he leaned against the door. Then, he extinguished it and threw it into a nearby trash can when he saw the lights turned on inside the room on the second floor. He got back into his car.

Ji Zitong peeked outside her window when she heard the sound of a car leaving. Her expression softened when she saw the car leave under the dim street lamps.

“Su Chen looks great, and he’s got a good family background. Both his grandfather and his sister are very pleasant as well. You should really consider him. He’s handsome and just several years older than you. Men like him usually make good husbands. Trust me.”

The voice of Ji Zitong’s mother, Chen Ling, reached her as she drew the curtains. Ji Zitong frowned and looked at Chen Ling who had a cheeky smile on her face.

“Mother, I’ve told you that Su Chen and I aren’t together. He was my instructor during my time in the army. I don’t understand what happened, but you guys have misunderstood my relationship with him!” Ji Zitong had forgotten how many times she had to explain this to them.

“Not related? You guys are just fighting, aren’t you? There’s no way he’d send you back home if what you said is true. Look at what’s over your shoulder. Moreover, his grandfather and sister are already in contact with us!”

Chen Ling did not believe her at all.

Ji Zitong glanced over her shoulder to see Su Chen’s coat. It was pretty chilly when they were next to the river just now. As a gentleman, he had given her his coat, but she totally forgot about it.

Ji Zitong’s expression froze as she quickly shrugged the coat off. “I said there’s nothing between us. It’s the truth!”

“Tongtong, you’re not a child anymore. Grab your chance when there’s someone eligible near you. You’re 27 this year, and you’ll be 30 in a few years’ time. A woman’s youth is precious. You’re past the prime when you can afford to choose. Think about it. How many blind dates have you been on? At least thirty? I’m tired of going to the matchmaking office!”

Chen Ling looked at Ji Zitong and started nagging her again, “Your father and I only have one daughter. How can I not be worried? You’ve met so many men, yet you don’t like any of them! I think the Ph.D. student looks pretty good. He’s humble and gentle, so why aren’t you interested? You’re always known to be picky. Can you stop being a perfectionist? Just settle for someone suitable!”

“You said I was unstable before. I opened a flower shop and start getting stable, and now you’re bugging me with this issue again? Why are you so eager for me to get married? I don’t see any issues with being alone. Why do I have to get married? Do you really think my life will be better after marriage?” Ji Zitong sat down on her bed, annoyed.

“Do you think women can afford to not get married? Tongtong! Are you still thinking about that man? He’s already married and probably has a child already. Just forget about him. You can’t just stay single for him forever, can you?” Chen Ling said quietly.

“It’s not about him! I told you. I just don’t want to get married. It’s that simple! Don’t always assume that’s the reason. I’ve long forgotten what that man looks like. Don’t always mention him in front of me please!” Ji Zitong was getting agitated.

“Fine! If it’s not about him, then what’s happening now? Aren’t you just staying single for his sake? If that’s not the case, I’ve arranged another blind date for you. Go and take a look. Get married to someone that’s suitable and stop being so picky. This person is a university lecturer who’s 32 this year. At 1.75 meters tall, he looks gentle and both his parents are high school teachers. He’s quite alright…”

“That’s enough! I’ll find someone and get married in a few days, alright? Please stop bothering me. It’s late now, so you should go to sleep. It’s going to be a busy day at the store. Don’t worry about this anymore. If you really think our household can’t keep me any longer, I’ll find a man and get married. Then, I won’t be an eyesore to you. You can go out now.”

“Tongtong, I don’t mean that… Tongtong, listen to me…” Chen Ling was about to say something else, but Ji Zitong started pushing her out of the room and then locking the door.

Ji Zitong was getting sick of days like this. They had not been particularly worried before. Since she had been staying with her grandmother when she was a child, she was not really close to her parents, and only came back to them when her grandmother passed away several years ago.

She understood that Chen Ling was concerned about her, but she was not taking her concerns very well. She felt a little depressed as she remembered what Wang Yanran said earlier. Her information at the matchmaking center was probably…

It was not that she did not want to get married. She just did not want to compromise. Why should she settle for less in marriage?

Why should she compromise for the sake of her feelings?

How many women could accept staying beside a man they did not love their whole life?

She had no idea, but she was sure that she could not accept it because she always had a prideful soul. It might not mean anything to others, but she felt like there was nothing wrong with staying true to her principles.

She jumped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. Her eyes did not blink at all as she felt helpless. Finally, she closed her eyes a while later and took a deep breath as she grabbed her pillow. However, she grabbed soft fabric instead. It was Su Chen’s coat.

Stunned, her eyes darkened as she hesitated. Then, she slowly pulled her phone out.




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