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(If Youll Marry Me Ill Marry You (2)

When she said this, Ji Zitong’s eyes begin to contain some warmth as she sighed and lamented, “At first, I thought that I joined the amry for him too, but afterwards I realized that I had done it for myself. So, I never felt any heartache or suffocation because of this unfortunate relationship. I only felt a little regretful. After all, I did invest in it too.”

This was the first time that Ji Zitong had talked about her relationship with Dong Wentao in front of someone else.

“He and I never had the kind of love that went all in to sacrifice for the other. Both of us held back, and my bottom line was just right there. I kept reminding myself that I could only give so much and had nothing more to give. A relationship should go both ways. There aren’t many people who can go through the suffering of one-sided sacrifices, and not receive the same in return. At least, I’m not that kind of person.”

Ji Zitong’s tone was calm, yet you could hear some bitterness in her words. “Not everyone woman who foolishly loves will be able to get happiness in the end. When the damage is done, leave some energy to love yourself. Instructor Su, I have to admit that what you’d said back then was right, love is a petty thing. That’s why it’s easier to lose it. He and I also didn’t love each other as deeply as we thought we did.”

“You need to be more clever about meeting those kinds of people. The reason I didn’t let you out back then was that I’d previously seen him and that woman appear together at my grandfather’s birthday banquet. While you know back then, it was a critical time in the training. A cadet’s emotional state was very important,” Su Chen explained for the first time about the unhappy incident too.

Ji Zitong nodded before she said a little desolately, “No matter what, I actually have to thank you, whether for what it was back then or just earlier, and I’d like to apologize for my attitude from before.”

“How rare of you to have such self-awareness, but I permit you to not apologize to me as long as you see the truth for what it is,” Su Chen said rather magnanimously. However, he had always been like that. He would never really be calculative with a woman, what more need a woman to apologize to him. If Ji Zitong had not gone way too overboard back then, he would not have fussed with her.

Ji Zitong turned to look at him, yet she realized that he was focused on the dark road ahead. He held the steering wheel steadily and did not continue talking.

After a while, the car passed through the dark alley and drove towards the flat and wide main road ahead. After they made a huge turn, they finally reached a rather new and clean building.

“We’re here. That’s it right in front. You can just park here,” Ji Zitong said calmly as she looked into Su Chen’s eyes that had calmed down too.

Su Chen was quite frank. He quickly braked and the car slowly stopped. His tall figure leaned to a side and his arms stretched out. Quickly, he opened her side of the car door. “Go home. Have a good sleep, and all will be well when you wake up. Ah Chen will take down those negative news, so don’t worry. Next time, if you meet them again, you can call me if you can’t evade them.”

Ji Zitong nodded gently. “Thank you, Instructor Su.”

“No worries, consider it even for my grandfather’s thing,” Su Chen said simply.

Ji Zitong then got down from the car. Just as she was about to close the car door, a questioning tone suddenly came from in front.

“Zitong? Why are you so late!”

Ji Zitong turned to look at the source of the voice. She saw that her mother, Chen Ling, was standing not too far away and was looking puzzledly at her, and the car beside her.

“Mother! It’s late. Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Ji Zitong frowned and asked.

Chen Ling slowly walked up and stopped beside Ji Zitong as she looked at the car. “Your father drank too much, and he was puking all over the house. I was cleaning up, so I came out to throw rubbish, then I saw you weren’t home yet even though it’s late, so I waited for you. The mister in the car is…”

Su Chen clearly did not expect this either. He looked at the lady’s shrewd eyes that stared at him in the car. After a while, he understood it and swiftly got down from the car.

“Hello, Aunty, I’m Su Chen.” Su Chen bowed steadily and calmly, while he briefly introduced himself.

When Su Chen said that, Chen Ling’s eyes immediately flashed with surprise. Her gaze came with a sharp light immediately, and she sized Su Chen up and down a few times. With that gaze of hers. she seemed like she was about to look Su Chen inside out. After a long while, her face that was weathered with hardships flashed with a smile. The light in her eyes seemed satisfied as she smiled and said, “Not bad! So, you’re Su Chen? How old are you this year? Where do you work?”

Stunned, Su Chen subconsciously looked to Ji Zitong who was frowning as she held Chen Ling back. He thought about then responded, “I’m 33, and I work at the city’s Traffic Management Bureau.”

“Are you the only son?” Chen Ling continued to ask.

“Mother, stop asking. It’s cold outside. Let’s go home. Instructor Su, please go home too, it’s really late!”

Ji Zitong frowned hard as she dragged Chen Ling home, yet Chen Ling wriggled herself free and softly reprimanded Ji Zitong, “Stop talking. Don’t interfere. Stand right there!”

Then, she turned and smiled cordially at Su Chen again.

Su Chen then realized what was going on, so he raised his handsome brows in amusement, then smiled faintly at Ji Zitong who looked all awkward. He answered humbly, “Aunty, I also have an older sister, Su Yu, who’s married. My father’s in politics too. Mother has a small business, and I have a grandfather.”

“Haha, good! Good! This one’s not bad. Your grandfather has told us all about it. It looks like that pretty looking lady was your sister. She’s quite sweet. Yesterday, she even brought me several sets of the latest fashion outfits. How nice of her to be spending much money. She’s really quite thoughtful. Why haven’t you come to our place to visit with Tong Tong when it’s been so long? It’s cold outside. How about you come in to sit?” Chen Ling said as she pointed to her house ahead.

Su Chen looked at Ji Zitong’s whose eyes had darkened even more. Ji Zitong wanted to dig a hole for her to hide in. She quickly explained, “Mother, Su Chen and I are just…”

“Thank you, Aunty. Today’s a little late. Next time, I’ll come visit again. My grandfather’s brought trouble to you all, and I’m very sorry about that. It’s cold outside. You and Zitong should go in soon.”

“Oh, okay, Mother, he has other things to attend to later. Let’s go in first! You drive safely!”

Upon hearing Su Chen, Ji Zitong allowed no explanation and immediately pulled Chen Ling ahead, ignoring her protests.




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