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(If Youll Marry Me Ill Marry You (1)

Xi Xiaye could only nod gently as light flowed in her eyes. She looked at the laptop screen that had dimmed as she said calmly, “If it’s really him, then Ah Shi…”

At this moment, Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that when she found Sis Lan back then, and those things that Sis Lan said, the heaviness that had been weighing on her chest started to feel more oppressive. She thought about it, then said contemplatively, “Sis Lan must have known some things, but she chose not to say anything. I think she must have known the story between them. No matter what, if Qi Qiming was the original Mr. Wen, he would’ve at least known Aunty too. In that picture, there were two men. One is Gu Qiwu, so the other should be Qi Qiming.”

“What do you think Gu Qiwu was thinking about when he tried so hard to hide the truth, and could even bear to see Aunty fall into depression while Lingtian and Lingshi grew up so lonely?”

Xi Xiaye could not figure it out. There were many of such people within families of the rich. After all, were Qi Feng and Qi Lei not like that too? They had the guts to do such things, yet had no courage to bear the consequences.

“Alright, let’s just set this aside for now and wait for the results.”

“Mmm, you go take a bath first. You reek of alcohol. I’ll go prepare the water for you and get Sis Wang to cook you some porridge.”

Xi Xiaye got up slowly, and then lowered her head to plant a kiss on the corner of his lips. Without waiting for him to reply, she walked out of the study room.

As he watched her slender figure vanish out of the doorway, Mu Yuchen’s silent face flashed with a faint smile. He lifted a hand to touch where his lips had curved upwards, and he could faintly feel the warmth she had left behind. As a result, the gloominess in his eyes faded even more.

Xi Xiaye swiftly got Sis Wang to cook him some porridge while she prepared the bathwater for him. When Mu Yuchen walked out of the study room, he saw that she was putting away the windbreaker and coat that he had casually tossed onto the sofa.

“Right, Grandmother’s gone back to the Mu residence. Grandfather hasn’t been feeling too well these past few days. You should visit him if you have the time. Father and Mother have been a little busy recently too. They leave early and return late, so it’s just Grandfather alone at home. Actually, right now, it’s enough for me and Aunt Lin to take care of the baby. Let Grandmother accompany Grandfather more. Once I start working again, she can help take care of the baby. Before this, she asked me if I’d want to move to the old residence for a bit.”

It was slightly inconvenient not to be living with everyone.

“It’s okay for us to stay here. I’ll talk to her,” He said as he took the clothes from her and walked to the bathroom.

Perhaps because there were too many unhappy memories from the past at the old residence, she knew that he did not seem to quite like staying at the old residence.

Yet, just as Mu Yuchen walked into the bedroom, the baby’s crying began. Xi Xiaye quickly walked over and rushed to the bed.

“Baby’s awake… Mother’s here. Don’t cry. Mother’s right here…”

She swiftly picked up her son from the bed and checked him in a flurry. He did not dirty himself, then she realized that he was probably awoken. As she was pondering over where to prepare his milk formula, she realized that the man had already set his clothes on the stool aside while his tall figure stood before the coffee table. His secrecy was impressive.

After a while, he came back and handed the milk bottle to Xi Xiaye. She took it and fed her son before he finally stopped crying.

“Did you not eat tonight? Are you feeling that hungry?” Mu Yuchen sat down beside Xi Xiaye as he watched his son drink hungrily. He frowned. “Look at those eating manners…”

When Xi Xiaye heard his disgruntled comment, she could not help but roll her eyes. “This is his conditioned reflex. He wouldn’t know anything? I… That’s not enough. You know he doesn’t like milk powder.”

“He’s just a little thing and already so delicate. I don’t receive the same treatment.” He meaningfully looked at her chest hidden underneath the loose pajamas as he smiled faintly.

“Go bathe! You’re like a hooligan!” Xi Xiaye pushed him away, then he chuckled. He got up to take his clothes and walked to the bathroom.

The midnight starry sky remained dazzling and charming as the entire city gradually fell silent from the initial bustle.

The black Land Rover passed through the busy traffic coated in freezing winds as it drove into a slightly old alley and finally stopped before a junction. The road was too narrow, so they could not drive in.

“Just park right here. It’s only a few steps away right in front of this little road. We’ll need to take a huge round if we take the main street ahead,” Ji Zitong unbuckled her safety belt as she said.

Su Chen’s dark eyes looked at the pitch-black alley ahead, and his brows frowned into a knot, Without waiting for Ji Zitong to say anything, he quickly reversed his car.

Su Chen looked a little surprisedly at her. When he saw that she remained unfazed, he could not help but speak out, “You’ve got quite the guts. It looks like a city area that’s about to be relocated soon. Someone even died a few days ago. Aren’t you scared? You dare to walk through that place?”

“I’ve stayed a whole night at a mass grave before, Instructor Su. Don’t you think that saying the word ‘scared’ right now would seem quite pretentious? Besides, I didn’t kill that person, so they won’t come looking for me?”Ji Zitong looked at Su Chen in disagreement.

With this reminder, Su Chen did remember that when they were training in the wild, and they did stay for a whole night at the mass graves in the rural areas.

“I almost forgot that even your Instructor Mu praised your boldness back then. We all agreed back then that you would have a great future in the army, but I didn’t expect you to not persist on.”

Su Chen’s eyes were colored with a faint daze as if he was reminiscing a distant memory. He paused and continued again, “About that thing, it was my fault. I’d like to apologize to you, but I was just doing my duty as an instructor.”

When Su Chen said that, Ji Zitong was stunned. Her eyes started to be dazed as she sighed and turned to look out the car window as she said softly, “There’s no point in saying all of this now. I know, and I don’t blame you either. Fate is as such. There’s no use struggling against it.”

“Do you believe in fate?”

When Su Chen heard her question, he looked amusedly at her. “I can’t find that spirit of being unwilling to admit defeat in you anymore. What can exhaust someone’s spirit in their bones completely? Cadet Ji Zitong, it looks like you haven’t been doing so well all these years.”

“I was still young then. I joined the army hot-blooded, but a few years down the road, I realize that that place is actually the best place to settle someone down.”




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