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(Recognize (2)

“Ah Bao sent it? What is it?” Xi Xiaye opened the email.

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned serious. He covered her little hand, controlling the mouse with his palm as his eyes darkened. His sudden movement shocked Xi Xiaye. When she turned over, she saw that he was staring at the laptop screen intently.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xiaye asked.

His grip on her hand tightened. He coughed slightly without saying anything.

Xi Xiaye looked at him for a while. She suddenly thought of something as she looked away slightly disappointedly. Reflexively, she moved her hand and mumbled, “Can’t I look? I’ll go and prepare your bath water then…”

As she was about to get up from his lap, he stopped her. “Xiaye, I don’t have any secrets to keep from you. You can stay if you want to look.”

She then sat back down and scrolled the window upwards. A large chunk of text appeared on screen with some photos attached.

Xi Xiaye was stunned as she read through them.

Gu Qiwu…

What was happening?

“How could this be? He…”

Xi Xiaye could not believe what she was reading. She shuddered as she pointed at one of the images. “This… Isn’t this the photo Aunty had? This man is Gu Qiwu? Wait… This… A hat, sunglasses… This… This is the man that stopped me in the tunnel back then!”

“Are you sure he’s the one instead of Qi Qiming?” Mu Yuchen looked at her and asked.

Xi Xiaye stared at the photo of the man in sunglasses for a long while, then she nodded confidently. “It should be him. Although I couldn’t see his face back then, the shape of his face is pretty identical to the man in the photo, and I remember him having a tiny mole near his ear. Right here…”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened when he heard Xi Xiaye. He read the email again as his grip wrapped around her waist tightened. He was almost merging Xi Xiaye and him into one person.

“You… Are you searching for the person that stopped me back then? What conflict does Gu Qiwu have with you? Is it because of Gu Lingsha?”

Mu Yuchen remained quiet for a moment before replying, “The conflict between us is huge…”

His tone of voice sounded a little melancholic. Xi Xiaye felt oddly sad hearing that, so she grabbed his hand, “Did you find out something? It’s not just about Gu Lingsha, is it? She’s still fine right now. The ones who had it worse were Lingtian, Ah Shi, and you. You had to bear the fault even though it’s not your mistake. Tell me what happened.”

“Maybe it’s exactly because Lingtian died that our conflict is sure to never end,” he replied with a grim smile as his arm around her waist relaxed. His face was still expressionless although his voice sounded a little poignant. “I called him Mr. Wen the other day, but he didn’t give me any reaction. He should at least be curious about who I was talking about in that situation, but he didn’t even stop as if he had practiced this. At that moment, I could almost be sure he was the one that stopped you in the tunnel. Ah Bao also found out the accident in City B might be related to him.”

“He’s really trying to hurt you. It doesn’t make sense if it’s just for the sake of Gu Lingsha, but you mentioned Lingtian. Could it be…?” Xi Xiaye suddenly thought of something, and her expression shadowed over. She then remembered her man rushing to City B several days after the New Year.

She knew that he was trying to find out about Lingtian and Ah Shi’s biological father, but now he was linked to Gu Qiwu?

“Do you mean that that person… is him? Impossible!”

Xi Xiaye could not believe it. Her heart sank and she started to feel uncomfortable, unable to imagine what he was feeling.

“Ah Bao is trying to get some DNA samples from him. I’ve sent Lingshi’s sample over already. We’ll be able to conduct a DNA test afterward.”

Mu Yuchen closed the email and then deleted it. “We’ll find out the truth once we get the results. However, make sure no one else finds out about this before we’re clear of the whole situation. Keep it a secret from the others, especially my grandparents and Lingshi. You cannot let them know at all costs. Understand?”

Xi Xiaye nodded. She realized that he was worried the elders could not take it while Mu Lingshi might lose control and go see Gu Qiwu too. There might be unthinkable consequences if this went out of hand.

“He wants to take revenge on you! Is it because he thought you caused Lingtian’s death? Or is it because of something else?” Xi Xiaye turned around and grabbed his shoulders uneasily. “I could tell he has a grudge against you. He’s the man that gave me a warning, but didn’t we come to the conclusion that Mr. Wen is Qi Qiming?”

“He probably borrowed this name and misled us. Why do you think we haven’t been able to find him after so many years? His relationship with Qi Qiming isn’t ordinary as well. I feel that things took a huge turn and we’ve returned to square one.”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was quiet. He seemed much calmer as compared to Xi Xiaye.

“Don’t worry. We might be able to solve this whole matter together with all the conflicts in the past.” He comforted her.




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