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(Long Time No See (3)

“I saw what happened.” Su Chen interrupted Wang Yanran before she could finish her sentence. He shot Dong Wentao a sharp gaze. “Captain Dong, you seem to be enjoying yourself. What are you guys trying to do by blocking this place?”

“Chief Su, this woman is trying to seduce Wentao. She’s a bad influence on society! She’s destroying someone’s marriage!”

“You self-absorbed idiot!” Ji Zitong laughed coldly at Wang Yanran.

“So, are you saying you weren’t here waiting for Wentao?” Wang Yanran’s suppressed anger resurfaced the moment she heard Ji Zitong’s words.

“Stop it, Yanran! I already told you that we just happened to bump into Zitong. It’s been many years since we last met. Can’t I at least greet her?” Dong Wentao glared at Wang Yanran irritatedly as his eyes darkened.

Wang Yanran was about to say something, but she kept her anger in check as Su Chen was there.

“Ms. Wang, it’s not very nice of you to accuse someone without any proof. Captain Dong, I’m afraid it’s your fault this time. Women are meant to be protected, and not be a target to hurt. I believe I’ve told you this back then. I see you haven’t learned at all after all these years.”

Su Chen’s tone of voice was firm as he glanced at the surroundings with his sharp eyes. He frowned when he noticed the crowd was taking photos and videos. Then, he turned around and looked at Ji Zitong. The next moment, he put his arm over her shoulder. He lowered himself down and whispered beside her ear as she started to struggle, “You can choose not to cooperate if you want these rumors to spread. It doesn’t affect my reputation anyway.”

Ji Zitong then stopped struggling and behaved.

Su Chen seemed satisfied, so he straightened up and asked, “Where’s Grandfather and Father? They must’ve been waiting.”

Ji Zitong looked at him and sighed. “Several students from my father’s center took him back. Grandfather is still inside.”

Ji Zitong glanced into the restaurant. Through the window, they could see an old man with white hair sleeping on the table.

Su Chen put a hand onto his forehead. “Let’s go in.” He then went into the restaurant with his arm wrapped around her.

The whole thing just now seemed like a cheap joke as the two of them acted intimately. The ugly rumor wore off by itself, especially when people saw Mu Yuchen standing quietly right behind Su Chen!

Mu Yuchen had been behind Su Chen the whole time. Despite him usually being calm and collected, even he was surprised when Su Chen put his arm over Ji Zitong as they walked into the restaurant.

“It’s Master Mu! Chief Su and Chairman Mu!”

“Oh my God! It’s really them!”

The crowd started to react. Su Chen had taken part in making a public service announcement video regarding road safety some time ago, so people were familiar with his looks, and this elegant-looking man here must be Glory World’s Master Mu!

It was a well-known fact that they were good friends.

Mu Yuchen did not say a word. The crowd opened up a path for him as he walked past. When he passed by Dong Wentao and Wang Yanran, he glanced at them. Wang Yanran shuddered slightly as she spoke up, “Master Mu, I…”

Mu Yuchen did not say anything. He signaled Li Si behind him with a look. In turn, Li Si nodded as he marched towards the staircase.

Su Chen let go of Ji Zitong as they entered the restaurant. He went forward and saw his grandfather sleeping soundly.

“What’s the occasion that made you drink so much?” Mu Yuchen’s voice reached them as Su Chen was trying to get his grandfather up.

“Chairman Mu, you’re here!”

Ji Zitong finally realized Mu Yuchen was there as she gave him a slight bow. Mu Yuchen waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. I’ll let Li Si handle the matter. You don’t have to waste your time dealing with people like them in the future.”

Ji Zitong gave Mu Yuchen a grateful look. “Thank you, Chairman Mu.”

She then glanced over at Su Chen who was staring coldly at all the empty bottles strewn all over the table. Mu Yuchen took out his phone and called the Shen residence to tell them to get their family doctor over. He then went over to help get Elder Su up after he hung up.

“He’s not worried about worrying others at all. I really don’t know what this old man is thinking!” Su Chen looked at his drunk grandfather helplessly. Elder Su did not respond much aside from some random mumbling. Mu Yuchen held his other side, and they quickly got him into the car.

Mu Yuchen stopped Su Chen as he was about to get into the car. He tilted his head over at Ji Zitong. “You should send Ms. Ji back while I’ll send your grandfather back to your place. It’s getting late now, so we’ll meet again soon. Xiaye’s waiting for me at home too.”

“It’s fine. My home is nearby,” Ji Zitong quickly explained.

However, Mu Yuchen had already got into the car while Li Si grabbed the keys and slid into the driver’s seat.

Su Chen knew very well what Mu Yuchen was planning. He just watched as Mu Yuchen’s black car disappeared in the traffic. Then, he took out his keys as he walked towards his car.

“Get into the car!” He called out to Ji Zitong as he boarded his car.

Ji Zitong hesitated for a moment. She took a glance at the time on her phone before finally deciding to get in the car.

“My grandfather has high blood pressure. If he does come again, don’t let him drink. Thank you for today. I’ll buy you dinner. What would you like to eat?” Su Chen started the engine as he asked.

Ji Zitong was stunned. She looked downwards and took a deep breath. “I should be the one to thank you. Let me buy you dinner. There’s a pretty amazing restaurant right in front. Let’s go there.”




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