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(Long Time No See (2)

The sharp voice broke through the cruel bite of the cold wind. Because Wang Yanran’s voice was loud and shrill, many people around them were beginning to look their way. They even started to surround them, or point at them and whisper among each other.

Ji Zitong’s expression finally tensed in that instant. Her beautiful eyes were filled with anger while her hands that hid underneath her sleeves began to clench into fists as she coldly fixed her gaze on Wang Yanran’s face.

“Yanran! Enough! Stop this. We’re outside. Watch your image! Don’t be cursing in the streets like a fishmonger’s wife!” Dong Wentao seemed really upset, and then he looked apologetically with mixed emotions at Ji Zitong as he pulled at Wang Yanran’s arm.

It was barely fine when Dong Wentao said nothing, but as soon as he said that, it undoubtedly added fuel to the fire!

Wang Yanran wriggled free of Dong Wentao’s arm. She turned and then pushed him away, her sharp voice containing some degrees of fury to it now. “Let go of me! Why? Do you feel sorry for her now? Cursing in the streets like a fishmonger’s wife, eh? Telling me to watch my image? You two want to meet behind my back but are afraid that I’d know? Don’t act all innocent. Let everyone see your faces. Let them see it! Dong Wentao, I’m done loving you! Do you think I don’t know that all these years, you’ve been missing this woman behind my back, that you haven’t tossed that bracelet she gave you? Last week, when I was tidying up the room, I even found a picture of you two together in your book! What? Speechless now?”

“Yanran, let’s go home! Stop talking!”

Dong Wentao was extremely humiliated at this point. His dark brows furrowed into a knot as he walked up and dragged Wang Yanran by the arms, yet she struggled even harder. “Bloody hell! Let go of me! I’ve caught the two of you just in time. Are you afraid that I’d expose this slut’s scandal? Everyone come judge for yourself. Not only did this woman ruin my husband and my wedding back then, but now she’s even shamelessly seducing my husband. Disgusting mistresses like this one are the most shameless! Everyone, come look! Hmph!”

Wang Yanran’s voice attracted many bystanders. Those with a discerning eye would think that it was a show about a wife catching the mistress, thus many people begun to point and scorn Ji Zitong. Their curses kept coming while some even took their phones out to take pictures of her. Without a doubt, Ji Zitong was probably going to appear on Weibo very soon.

Ji Zitong’s eyes filled with anger. Her first reaction was to smack the hands of those people who tried to take pictures of her. With a stormy expression, she walked up in long strides to push Dong Wentao aside without a word before she quickly reached out to hold Wang Yanran by the collar. In her stern voice, she spoke through gritted teeth, “Slut? Who are you calling a slut?”

“Ah! You want to use violence against me too! How dare you manhandle me, slut!? Look, everyone! The mistress thinks she’s right! Let go of me! Let go of me quickly!”

Wang Yanran began to struggle and she subconsciously gripped Ji Zitong by her clothes with both hands.

“Back then when I was dating him, you were nowhere in sight! If we were to talk about a third party, you’d be the one! You just picked up a used man that I, Ji Zitong, discarded. What are you being so delighted for? Are all daughters of Bureau Chiefs like you? Only blind trash men would fancy an arrogant and unreasonable bimbo like you. What? Do you think I don’t know that it was you who played those little tricks at your wedding? I was just too lazy to expose you!”

“Nonsense! How would you explain today then? Haven’t you been missing my husband all these years? Your mother even pitifully told me this, hmph!”

“Me missing him? Is he even worthy?”

Ji Zitong’s cold voice contained thick ridicule. “A man who relies on a woman for promotions is just a softie living off a woman. If you like him, feel free to have him. I’ve never disturbed you two. You don’t have to keep holding onto me!”

“Yanran, Zitong, stop fighting. Please stop fighting!” Dong Wentao could not keep quiet any longer. He went up and tried to separate the two of them.

“Me keep holding on to you? You slut! You want to slander me while seducing my husband for no reason! Look at yourself. You don’t match him. Are you still thinking of trying to be upper-class? Stop daydreaming! Let go of me! You want to hit me, don’t you? Do you want to hit me in your fury of embarrassment? Come then! Hit me!”

In the barrage of Wang Yanran’s shouting, Ji Zitong already furiously clenched her fists uncontrollably. She wanted to punch this annoying face so badly, and the reality was that she eventually did!


Her shriek sounded as if a pig had been slaughtered. Wang Yanran’s first reaction was to clutch Ji Zitong by the collar in an instant. She went all out and slapped Ji Zitong’s face as her sharp nails scratched her like mad. Even the earrings on Ji Zitong’s ear were pulled off.

“How dare you hit me?! What a justified mistress! Slut! How terrifying! You shamelessly seduce my husband, and openly meet up with him. How thirsty are you!”

“Yanran! Stop!” Dong Wentao held Wang Yanran by the shoulders and pulled her back. “Enough! Stop causing trouble. Zitong, go home!”

“Let go of me. I want her to learn her lesson. Don’t seduce someone else’s husband in your free time! Pfft, slut! I want to teach her a lesson.”

“Who do you want to teach a lesson to?”

Just as Wang Yanran was going to kick Ji Zitong again, Ji Zitong felt herself pulled back. A tall figure blocked before her. In the next second, his imposing manner pushed Wang Yanran back.

“Chief Su…”

Dong Wentao looked at the man who had suddenly appeared before him, and his expression instantly sank. He subconsciously trembled as he quickly pulled Wang Yanran back.

“What Chief Su? Who are you? Don’t be a busybody!”

Wang Yanran had not realized who he was just yet. She cursed as she looked up. When she saw Su Chen’s steadfast and handsome face that was mad, she was subconsciously stunned, and could not look away.

“Stop it now, Yanran. He’s Chief Su from the Traffic Management Bureau!” Dong Wentao could not help but begin to panic. This year, he had been mulling over a career change, and he wanted to look to him for help when that happened!

Of course, Wang Yanran knew about Su Chen. Had her father not asked Dong Wentao to go out with him more recently?

Why would he be here? And even bump into this ugly scene?

As she thought about this, she suddenly had a bad feeling. She turned uneasily to Dong Wentao and saw that his expression had clouded over. She hesitated, then said, “So, it’s Chief Su. I apologize. I didn’t recognize you earlier. This woman was just…”




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