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(Long Time No See (1)

The start of spring was still a little chilly, especially when night fell. Amidst the bleakness, there would be frigid gales.

After two senior apprentices from the martial arts center helped Father Ji back to the center, Ji Zitong stood in the cold wind while peering through the glass window and waiting for Su Chen to arrive. She saw Elder Su still fast asleep on the table, and her brows furrowed into a knot.

She watched as the traffic light turned from red to green, then red again. She also kept glancing at the phone in her hand too, shrinking as her whole body shuddered from the cold. Unable to help but take a look at her phone again, she realized that half an hour had passed and Su Chen was nowhere in sight. Irritated, she could not help but curse Su Chen inside again. She was about to pick up her phone when suddenly—


Someone bumped into her from behind, and the phone in her hand fell to the ground.

Ji Zitong frowned as she quickly bent down and was about to pick up her phone from the ground.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Are you okay?”

Then came the kind voice of a male whose hand picked up the phone even quicker than she could.

The familiar yet distant voice came made Ji Zitong stop what she was doing in that instant. She subconsciously looked up to take in a dashing man in a tuxedo. Stunned, her beautiful eyes froze, and then a coldness flashed through them. Finally, they returned to being calm.

“Zitong, it’s you!”

The man was extremely stupefied as his gaze was fixed on Ji Zitong before him. “Zitong, long time no see…”

Dong Wentao.

Ji Zitong did not think that she would ever see this person ever again.

“It really has been a long time, Captain Dong. Can you return my phone?” Ji Zitong’s lukewarm voice was heard although her beautiful face was extremely reserved without any expression.

“I’m sorry. Here.”

Dong Wentao handed the phone to Ji Zitong who quickly took it back. She was about to turn when he suddenly called out to her, “Zitong, that day… I’m sorry that I didn’t go.” His low raspy voice sounded a little apologetic.

“I know you didn’t go. Actually, I didn’t go either. While you got engaged to Wang Yanran, I was still training with the troops, so I couldn’t leave, and you didn’t wait for me. I didn’t wait for you either, so you don’t have to apologize to me about anything.” Ji Zitong put both hands in her pockets as she looked magnanimously at this man before her.

“I know that you still went in the end, and even injured your leg in a fall. I let you down. I did go looking for you afterward, but Chief Su didn’t let me in. Zitong, how have you been all these years? I haven’t been able to get you off my mind all these years.”

Dong Wentao had no idea what else he could say at this point. He had so much to say; everything had been suppressed for a long time, and at this point, right before her, all of those words became feeble. Nonetheless, right now, he could only bitterly tell himself that once you missed some things, you would never get it back, and once you missed some people, that was it.

“Compared to your ascend up the promotion ladder, given your high role as captain of the police force, I clearly can’t measure up to you, but I really do have to thank you for the thought, Captain Dong.” Ji Zitong seemed very calm while her beautiful eyes studied the man before her.

“Zitong, my family arranged Yanran for me. My parents…”

“Okay, Captain Dong, you can save these words. Just be good to your wife then. She’s your capital to promotions and wealth, so you have to serve her well. You’re from the army, hence you should always care about the result over the process. I don’t like to hear these things either.”

“Zitong, there are still some things I have to clarify, but you never gave me a chance,” Dong Wentao said disappointedly. There was an indescribable complexity in his eyes as he fixed them on Ji Zitong’s cold face. “Back then, we were both too prideful, so prideful that neither wanted to give in. We went through so much, yet you’re still as stubborn and hostile as before, Zitong.”

“You didn’t give me a chance either!” An insulting sneer flashed on Ji Zitong’s face. “So arrogant that I wouldn’t yield? It was only you who never wanted to yield. Every time we fought, I’d always be the one compromosing, including getting closer to you. I went against my own wishes and joined the army without a second thought. While you? Have you ever cared for me? Right, you’re also a high and mighty son of an official. Someone like me just can’t measure up to you. Oh, you don’t have to lower yourself for me either. Forget about the mockery of your family. I’ll have to honor you as the god of occupying a leading position.”

“Zitong, you’ve misunderstood. My mother never looked down on you. She just thought our personalities weren’t suitable. She’s got nothing against you,” Dong Wen quickly explained.

“She’s right. We’re extremely unsuitable. If we were a match, how could you have made it to your top position? You mother-and-son pair are quite far-sighted.”

“Oh, isn’t this Miss Ji? What a coincidence that you happened to bump into our Wentao? What? This time, what are you planning to talk about to my husband? I was wondering why no one turned up. It turns out you’re here chatting away with this vixen!” This sharp voice that interrupted their conversation was quite harsh. Ji Zitong could immediately tell who this voice belonged to.

It was Wang Yanran, Dong Wentao’s wife who was dressed in pearls and looking all high and mighty.

“Yanran, watch your words!”

“How am I not watching my words? How long have you rekindled your spark with this vixen behind my back? Have you forgotten how this vixen almost ruined our wedding back then!? Why? Are you hurt now?”

“Yanran, shut up. We’re in public! Zitong and I just bumped into each other. If you want to cause a scene, do it at home!” Dong Wentao frowned and reprimanded his wife softly.

“You, shut up! Zitong, Zitong, how intimate. No one would believe the two of you bumped into each other! Earlier, you were telling me to go home first. Wasn’t it to ride off into the sunset with this vixen?”

“Wang Yanran, you better be more respectful.”

“How am I being disrespectful? I know that you’ve always loved Wentao, but now he’s my man, Wang Yanran’s husband. You’re terribly shameless by seducing him. Do you even deserve my respect?”

“What an egoistic and dumb woman!” Ji Zitong smiled in disdain. She turned to look at Elder Su through the window and cursed Su Chen inside again.

It was all this bastard’s fault. Otherwise, she would not have bumped into these people.

“What? Are you cursing me?”

“Yes, I am!”

“You’re the dumb woman. It serves you right that no one wants you! Husband, did you know that my friend saw her details at the matchmaking center? Her mother’s still marketing this dumb woman. She’s still going for blind dates like she’s playing house. How embarrassing!”




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