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(Master Mus Status (3)

His noble and handsome expression that contained a hint of unhappiness came into her sight. Xi Xiaye instantly smiled cheerfully. “At least, you’re slightly self-aware. Do you have to be jealous of your own son? He’s just a little baby. It’s our duty and responsibility to take care of him.”

“You also have a duty and responsibility to me,” he immediately said.

“I’ll compensate you well enough in time. When our son grows older, we’ll have a lot of time together.”

“How are you going to compensate me?” When he heard her response, he immediately opened his eyes and looked meaningfully at her.

“I’ll treat you to a meal…”

“Before that, it’s best if you can pay a little bit of interest. One kiss isn’t too much, is it?”

“I… Mmm… our son…”

“He’s not awake. Even if he is, he won’t understand what’s going on.”

This pervert!

He managed to get quite a few minutes of sweetness out of her. Then, a certain someone suddenly squeezed the pillow tightly as he rolled off the bed and ran out of the door.

Xi Xiaye watched the sorry way he ran off and could not help but chuckle. After that, she fell asleep a little exhausted. Poor Master Mu slept on the cold sofa outside for the night. When he woke up the next day, his head felt heavy. In the end, he caught a cold and had a rather high fever.

Inside the chairman of Glory World’s office.

Cough cough!

The suppressed coughing kept continuing to echo throughout the room. Sitting before the window, Mu Yuchen was browsing through a document. He looked up at the few super large screens which were displaying information related to the stock market and company insights while his other hand covered his mouth with a clean tissue.

“Chairman Mu, Chief Su is outside here!” the secretary reported.

Mu Yuchen did not even blink as he said with a raspy voice, “Let him in, and bring two cups of Mao Jian.”

“Got it, Chairman Mu!”

The secretary left quickly. In a moment, Su Chen’s lean figure walked in. As he set his coat down, he sat down and casually tossed the hard disk in his hand onto the table. He said in exhaustion, “I managed to find out. Look at it yourself! It was a car without a number plate, and it should’ve been a woman sitting inside. She wore sunglasses, so you have to find out who it is yourself.”

“More than a month has passed since the incident, and you bring me this half-heartedly. Your skills have worsened.” Mu Yuchen closed the document in hand as he complained in a raspy voice. Then, he could not help but cough lightly a few more times.

“Why are you still at work when you’re sick? Don’t tell me it’s too earn money for your child. Your wealth is enough to sustain the many generations after you! You can’t blame me for this either. I only had people investigate it once work started after the New Year. I don’t manage the administrative region. Do you really think it’s easy to investigate all the cars in City Z without a number plate? Besides, we’re the traffic police, not the Ministry of Public Security. The fact that we could find this is pretty commendable. Besides, the region that this car passed through is my rival’s,” Su Chen said while looking annoyed. He was recently quite troubled by his family. What a bad start to the year!

“Is your backyard on fire again?”

Mu Yuchen had been hearing a lot about the things on Su Chen’s end from Li Si. Indeed, he had gotten into something with Ji Zitong. Back then, when he saw Elder Su and Su Yu appear before Ji Zitong’s flower shop, he already had a feeling that there was going to be a spectacular show from Su Chen. It certainly turned out as he expected.

Su Chen accepted the tea that the secretary served him and carefully took two sips. “Forget it. Let’s not talk about these things. Work’s ending soon. Let’s have a few drinks with the bros. Call Zimo. Oh yeah, a friend of mine’s returned from abroad too, so let’s hang out.”

“Do I look like I can go right now?” Mu Yuchen held back his coughs and asked in a hoarse voice.

“Why can’t you? You don’t drink, so you can just chat with your buddies. Let’s go!” Su Chen urged, and without waiting for Mu Yuchen to answer, he got up to take his coat before casually swinging it over his shoulders. “I’ll give Zimo a call.”

Then, he took out his phone from his pocket and was about to call Zhou Zimo when his phone unexpectedly buzzed. Su Chen looked down and saw that it was Ji Zitong. He already knew what was up. Early this morning, he heard from his sister, Su Yu, that the elder had gone to exchange martial arts moves with Ji Zitong’s father again!

He lifted a hand to massage between his brows as he felt his head ache. The call went through. “What is it?”

“Go to XX Restaurant near my father’s martial arts center right away. Your grandfather invited my father to drink, and now the two of them are drunk. The elder came by in a taxi himself!” It was hard to miss the hint of contained anger in Ji Zitong’s voice.

When Su Chen heard her furious voice, he widened his eyes. After a while, he reacted. “It’s only been a few days. How did the old man and your father progress so quickly to become good friends?”

“Come over right away and explain the whole thing to my parents. Tell them that I’ve got nothing to do with you. You know that I’ve got limited patience.”

Ji Zitong sighed deeply. Without waiting for the other person to answer, she hung up, and then looked helplessly at the two who were sprawled drunk on the table.

Elder Su’s temperament was quite agreeable with her father’s. Ever since the last time Elder Su came to look for her parents at the martial arts center, Elder Su had been coming quite frequently whether it was to play chess with her father or to exchange some moves. In just half a month, the two of them were like friends who had known each other all along. In short, they became close friends.

On Glory World Corporation’s end.

Mu Yuchen handed the hard disk that Su Chen tossed over to him to Li Si. He said in a hoarse voice, “Find that woman in the recording. I want the results tomorrow.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si answered respectfully, and then took the hard disk from Mu Yuchen’s hand.

“Ah Chen, come with me. The elder is drunk and is probably unconscious right now.” Su Chen sighed helplessly and said in bewilderment, “He’s only happy if he gives me nonsense to deal with!”

Mu Yuchen took his windbreaker from the rack, and simply put it over his shoulders. He grabbed the car keys from the table, and looked meaningfully at Su Chen. “The elder’s risking his life to get you a wife, so you should thank him. Let’s go.”

Su Chen found his words rather odd. “What wife? Where did you get this gossip? Ji Zitong and I had nothing to do with each other at all!”

Su Chen quickly chased after him as he explained profusely. At most, he was just hiring her to be his wife. Even when he had proposed that, that woman had looked at him in disdain!

Mu Yuchen, who walked ahead, suddenly stopped in his steps and abruptly turned to look at Su Chen while smiling faintly. “I didn’t say it was Ji Zitong. You exposed yourself.”

“Bloody hell! You bastard, you tricked me again!”




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