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(Master Mus Status (2)

The little thing closed his eyes again moments later. Xi Xiaye took him from Mu Yuchen. This time around, Mu Zicheng only stirred slightly and gazed up drowsily at Xi Xiaye for a little while before closing his eyes and continuing to sleep again.

Xi Xiaye stared at the little guy for a long while. Then, she took a deep breath and glanced at the clock on the wall.

It was already late at night. The breeze outside was getting really chilly. Although it was a busy night, in the end, Xi Xiaye decided to dismiss everyone.

“Aunt Lin, Sis Wang, it’s already really late. You guys can head back and sleep. I guess he’s still getting used to the new environment. I’ll take care of him for now. Mr. Mu, go get your son’s pillow.”

Holding her son, she then walked into the bedroom.

Mu Yuchen frowned as he looked at the third person on their bed. Peering at Xi Xiaye across him moments later, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Xi Xiaye watched her son as she lay down on the bed, and casually combed her messy hair. “He hasn’t been sleeping very well and might wake up at night, so it’s easier for me to take care of him this way. You can help out too. Alright, it’s time to sleep. Stay over on that side since you just recovered from a fever. Don’t stay too close to us.”

She then proceeded to switch the main lights off and only left the dim lights right beside the windows on.

Mu Yuchen felt the throb of a headache coming on as he looked at the two of them for a while before letting out a helpless sigh. He glared at the baby unhappily.

He needed the mother’s slender body, not the baby!

What a nightmare!

He knew this was coming!

His status in this family was becoming lower and lower!

He massaged his temples before he crossed over and grabbed the blanket right behind Xi Xiaye. Ignoring her struggles, he pinned her down. “I didn’t expect you to forget about me once you found something new. Is this how things are going to be now?”

Xi Xiaye turned around and faced him in shock. She then noticed that he really seemed dissatisfied and sounded jealous as well. Now, she finally understood why her man was acting weird the whole night.

She could not help but scold him, “That’s enough, Chairman Mu. I didn’t expect you to be this petty.”

“It’s not about being petty. It’s a matter of attitude. Your behavior will lead to spoiling our son. No matter how well you take care of him, he’ll become someone else’s husband in the future. Then, he’ll only listen to his wife. This is the bad part about having a son. I’m sure he’s not going to listen to you in the future. I told you daughters are always better. Moreover, I’m your husband, so I’ll be the one who walks alongside you until the end of the journey of life.”

“What are you talking about? A daughter will become someone else’s wife as well! So, are you saying that you’re an unfilial son? No wonder you’re not close to your parents. Plus, I don’t think you’ve been listening to me as well! I’m sure our son will grow up to be an understanding and mature person who’ll treat us very well. I expect my son and my daughter-in-law along with our grandkids to visit us frequently, just like how we visit our grandparents now. Mr. Mu, I now realize you can be pretty selfish at times.”

Xi Xiaye shot him a cold and disapproving gaze as a warning.

“I’m the exception. I’m selfish because of you. Fine, I shouldn’t put it that way. Don’t look at me like that! Just leave our son to me. You just worry about work and me.”

“Don’t you like our son?” Xi Xiaye squinted at him.

“How is that possible? I like any child that you give birth to. I just want to voice out my opinion. I’m just worried that you might be overburdening yourself! What do you think of me, Mrs. Mu?” he asked seriously as he hugged her tightly.

Xi Xiaye gave him a serious look and replied, “You’re alright. I used to think you were ideal, but your image is starting to deteriorate, and you’re shifting slightly further away from the ideal.”

“That’s not bad. I was brought up in a peaceful family. The relationship between parents can influence the children a lot.”

“What do you mean? Please express yourself properly.” Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows as she noticed that his eyes were definitely plotting something.

“I mean we have to behave very lovingly in front of our sons. Not only are we in a fantastic relationship, but we also need to have rapport too. If you always ignore me, aren’t you worried that I might…?”

“Worry about what? Are you going to look for a female secretary? Or go out with some movie star for dinner? I heard from the PR Department there’s a new ambassador lately. She’s a young, innocent girl, and quite a pretty one too. Ahem, a certain someone was looking at her for too long during the anniversary dinner and she felt embarrassed. Do you think I don’t know about it?” Xi Xiaye raised his chin with one finger as she looked straight into his eyes.

Mu Yuchen finally understood the terror of a woman who remembered his past faults. He felt a chill shoot down his spine and he quickly said, “Who was looking at her? You were standing right behind her. I was looking at you. Moreover, do you think my standards are that low? How is it my fault if she gets the wrong idea? You know very well I don’t like people in the entertainment industry.”

As he finished his sentence, he was reminded of something and he quickly let go of her. His eyes darkened as he took a deep breath and he pulled the blanket over the two of them. “It’s getting late. Go to sleep.”

Their happy moments were taken over by a gloomy atmosphere. He had already closed his eyes when she looked at him. Starting to feel bad, she quickly snuggled up to him. “I don’t mean that. Please don’t get angry at me, Mr. Mu.”

He grabbed her hands and replied without even opening his eyes. “I don’t dare be angry at you.”

She chuckled. “Really?”

“What do you think?” He glanced at her.




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